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woollcott 18th Apr 2014 02:24

Virgin ATR grounded in Albury
Interesting article by Ben Sandilands on Crikey:

Virgin Australia's leg breaker flight under double inquiry | Plane Talking

Anyone know what the story is?

Prince Niccolo M 18th Apr 2014 11:20

padlock please
I don't think that it is advantageous to run two threads on this. Let's stick with http://www.pprune.org/australia-new-...akes-vara.html

ramble on 18th Apr 2014 20:55

Story I heard on the ground at Albury is that the tail of the aircaft was badly bent in the encounter with turbulence.

Paragraph377 18th Apr 2014 21:20

My sources have told me that yes indeed the damage is much worse than was first thought. Of concern is how the aircraft could operate all those sectors post incident, without any damage detected?
The investigation by the ATSB and the actions of CASA yet again point to a pair of organisations that simply refuse to act in a transparent manner, but instead scramble to protect the 'big end of town'. This incident has the potential to turn into yet another complete clusterf#ck to add to the ATSB and CASA history pages. They just don't get it do they?

CAR42ZE 18th Apr 2014 22:57

VARA certainly aren't the big end of town and have been on shaky terms with our Canberra overlords for sometime now.

Not too sure what CASA could come out and immediately do - personally a bit of the ol' Tiger treatment would have been good to see, just to show that CASA weren't bullying Tiger a few years ago and they are trying to be consistent... But you're probably right, that big red virgin on the fin makes those decisions very hard to make.

thorn bird 19th Apr 2014 07:35

"CASA weren't bullying Tiger a few years ago"
Of course they were!!!

PoppaJo 19th Apr 2014 09:24

You are right, the Virgin tail gets them across the line. No doubt people at CASA also have some association at Virgin.

If the tail was striped it would have been grounded quite some time ago...

Slippery_Pete 19th Apr 2014 10:20

"CASA weren't bullying Tiger a few years ago"
Of course they were!!!
And I thought Tiger were trying to bully some terrain... With an A320.

Engineer_aus 20th Apr 2014 01:46

Is there any photos?

004wercras 20th Apr 2014 02:10

E_A, yes mate, there are some photos. However they are under lock and key due to the sensitivity of the subject. Doing my best to source one or two, if I succeed I will post them.

Lookleft 20th Apr 2014 05:41

004 (welcome back BTW) you might need to have a chat to Para377 who also seems to have sources about the extent of the damage.:ok:

004wercras 20th Apr 2014 06:46

Lookyloo, thanks for the warm welcome :ok: I missed you also. I would say para377 has a different source to myself, perhaps you can make your own contact, I'm not overly interested, but thanks anyway.

VH-FTS 20th Apr 2014 06:53

How are CASA and the ATSB hiding things? I didn't realise they were the ones obligated to tell the press every time there was an accident or incident? Once the report is finalised, yes, but not during the initial investigation. I'd say they are probably doing their job properly behind the scenes - just because you, the pruner, doesn't know about it doesn't mean it's being handled poorly.

Which organisation handles the ATR's engineering in SYD?

Engineer_aus 21st Apr 2014 02:14

Cheers for the possible photo post.

Little NOTAR 21st Apr 2014 05:11

It wasn't turbulence....

josephfeatherweight 21st Apr 2014 05:36

In this day and age, why is more info not forthcoming? The apparent secrecy surrounding these circumstances only serves to encourage discussion of a cover up. Methinks somebody porked it up, big time!

mightyauster 21st Apr 2014 05:40

^^^One needs to be careful in this day and age. Comments on public forums could get you the sack. I too, have seen photos and it is not pretty.

training wheels 21st Apr 2014 11:01

This article has a photo of the aircraft in the hangar, but taken some distance away.


TBM-Legend 21st Apr 2014 11:45

No leading edge on the horizontal in the pic...:eek:

Chadzat 21st Apr 2014 22:44

i dare say that would have been removed for inspection purposes TBM.....

The issue here is very much who did the post- overstress inspection and why wasnt the tail damage picked up then.

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