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Ichiban 3rd Nov 2011 01:18

Senate Inquiry, Hearing Program 4th Nov 2011
Rural Affairs and Transport Legislation Committee (Air Navigation and Civil Aviation Amendment (Aircraft Crew) Bill 2011 - Qantas Sale Amendment (Still Call Australia Home) Bill 2011) (HMS 12)

Friday, 4 November 2011 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM


Live Webcast: http://webcast.aph.gov.au/livebroadc...ventid=2236609

Hearing Program

0900 Qantas Group. Alan Joyce & Bruce Buchanan

1030 Virgin Australia

1130 TWU. Tony Sheldon

1215 ALAEA. Stephen Purvinas & Peter Somerville

1400 AIPA. Barry Jackson, Richard Woodward, Dick MacKerras

1445 Ms Monique Neeteson-Lemkes. Jetstar Cabin Crew

1530 Dept of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations

1615 CASA

The Kelpie 3rd Nov 2011 01:46

Regarding the inquiry hearing tomorrow.

The Kelpie has a portfolio of information which i will not hesitate in sending to the Committee and Senator Xenophon if I witness any contempt. Just like i did with the Sham Jetstar Cadet contracts

More to Follow

The Kelpie

esreverlluf 3rd Nov 2011 01:50

Good work - stick it to 'em dawg.:ok::ok::ok:

Kharon 3rd Nov 2011 06:42

Well done that man; again.
Cheers Kelpie - no popcorn, no sir.

Beers, prawns and if the Senators get serious; dancing girls all around.

More to follow - I hope so.
:D http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...ies/thumbs.gif

The Kelpie 3rd Nov 2011 07:49

No Worries!!

I am just a little dissapointed that Chris Bowen's Department of Immigration did not get invited to the party to be asked the question of why his Border Security teams continue to allow foreign CC who have entered the country and passed through immigration and customs to work as cabin crew on domestic flights without a visa which confers work priviledges.

This goes to the heart of why the Immigration Act exists.

You do not need to go looking for them as they are right under your nose every day at the airports where the border security teams are based!! Perhaps that's the last place you look??

We will see what questions bget asked tomorrow and what the responses are.

More to Follow

The Kelpie

bandit2 3rd Nov 2011 08:03

ALAEA, TWU, AIPA go get em'. Best of luck to you all.

Short_Circuit 3rd Nov 2011 22:13

Link to live broadcast 0900 start today.

Parliament of Australia: Live Broadcasting

Sunfish 3rd Nov 2011 22:41

Perhaps someone might like to look at the Qantas AOC and the requirement to provide REGULAR public transport. That means in accordance with a published schedule.

Why hasn't CASA given them a "Show Cause" notice?

ejectx3 3rd Nov 2011 22:53

Any ideas how to listen when I'm away from home with iPhone + 3G coverage? Those links don't work on iPhone.

Edit: it's on sky now

Utradar 3rd Nov 2011 22:57

Why hasn't CASA given them a "Show Cause" notice?

Something about damaging the National Economy?

crow17 3rd Nov 2011 23:06

Live on ABC 24 now.

ACT Crusader 3rd Nov 2011 23:23

ejectx - download the ABC app and then you can watch the ABC24 live feed.

But I'm guessing tha ABC24 won't cover the whole day, probably just the QF and J* evidence

another superlame 3rd Nov 2011 23:54

That man is Mr Teflon, crap slide right off. So far nothing has stuck.

Cookie7 4th Nov 2011 00:00

Although I do like the fact that AJ keeps looking around for one of his mates and no one is willing to back him up, then in came OW with a scrap piece of paper stating "fact" about new a/c delivered to Q domestic this year.

AJ is seeking to take many things "on notice" or "further clarification from another board member".

another superlame, saying AJ is Mr Teflon is far too nice!

craigieburn 4th Nov 2011 00:02

Is it just me, or is anyone else getting sick of da liddle man using the word amazing?:yuk:

ejectx3 4th Nov 2011 00:05

Needs subtitles, like the hitler video

V-Jet 4th Nov 2011 00:12

He is a very accomplished 'obfuscator'..

Core expertise is getting to management topics he is comfortable with.

His face goes bright red when cornered.

Unfortunately the questioners are not competent to ask with authority as they do not know enough to know. They are politicians, not legal experts.

piston broke again 4th Nov 2011 00:42

Getting hammered by bob brown!

teresa green 4th Nov 2011 00:45

Onya Kelpie, if you are anything like the real thing (I have two kelpies) you will be relentless. Go get em mate.

glekichi 4th Nov 2011 00:46

Joyce just admitted the reason for the lockout was to be able to ground the airline, not the other way around.

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