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Reeltime 6th Aug 2008 04:37

What a laughable assertion that you need 777 time to train on a 787! Really genex, you're just losing it now.

Didn't this sort of crap get thrown around in the early days of glass cockpits?...'sorry son that 727 endoresment just doesn't cut it, you need glass time to fly this A310'

I think this was the attitude in the sandpit at one stage from memory.

Ok genex it's now clear where your hatred of mainline pilots comes from. You're still bitter that Qantas pilots didn't go on strike in support of the federation in '89...c'mon admit it.

I think YOU need to wait for spring, and smell those roses. Do it before your bile finally rises too high and chokes you.

blow.n.gasket 7th Aug 2008 09:19

I'd like to see the stats on 1st time jet endorsed pilots of the Airbus variety converting to Boeing, just how well do they do?
Hasn't Boeing got some stats on this?
Aren't there a lot of low time Airbus only endorsed pilots in JetStar?
Can't wait to see the pass rate with min cost endorsements all the rage!:ok:

thosecotos 7th Aug 2008 11:42

Recently J* announced that they were not inviting Qantas Engineering to bid for the 787 contract as they were going to do all their servicing themselves. Where they are going to get enough experienced engineers with a new type license, to handle the 60 odd aircraft they're going to be getting, is beyond us.

I can't wait to see J* flounder out there with inexperienced LAME's and AME's. It should be fun to watch them try and operate on their own with out the support of Qantas Engineering.

You might have to wait quite a while if you think JQ will flounder with Engineering inexperience? Are you really that far up yourself? I know a lot of their LAME's and they are some of the more talented and experienced guys getting around...they'll do just fine without you.

genex 7th Aug 2008 12:07

Why on earth would Jetstar convert "low time" airbus pilots onto the 787?

Almost every Airbus pilot they currently have today would by definition have at least 750 hours more (and that would be say 350 sectors minimum) by next September/October when I guess the first crews would hit the sim. It will take probably 18 months minimum for the 15 787s to arrive so the lowest crews on the totem pole will be racking up even more hours by the time their turn comes.

I've never seen a JQ crew in action in the simulator but I have no special reason to think that they're of any higher or lower standard than anyone else at other airlines. If anything the fact that the young pilots go straight into the 320 right seat and do lots of sectors would mean their skills would develop faster than someone stuck in the back seat of a 744.

As for "Airbus only" pilots converting to FBW Boeings.....at my old airline plenty of guys did it and didn't seem to be a problem. I heard JQ have plenty of 777/744 captains on their books so I don't suppose getting the Boeing flavour into the place will be difficult.

Keg 7th Aug 2008 12:21

Originally Posted by genex
As for "Airbus only" pilots converting to FBW Boeings.....at my old airline plenty of guys did it and didn't seem to be a problem. I heard JQ have plenty of 777/744 captains on their books so I don't suppose getting the Boeing flavour into the place will be difficult.

Given that it's not a problem to convert and that previous Boeing experience is of benefit, why do your previous comments deride the Boeing experience in Qantas? Why too do your previous comments indicate that previous 777 experience is required on the 777 if conversion to the 787 is so easy- even for those who have only have Airbus experience? :rolleyes: I know that when your inconsistencies are pointed out genex you tend to not bother with a real response so I won't hold my breath waiting for one. :E

Chardy 7th Aug 2008 13:05

Not having anything to do with QF or J*
Hi friends - had a chat with a J* Asia F/O yesterday at WSSS...he wasn't aware of the forum so I have pointed him here.

To supplement some of Keg's offerings for our new friend - and as mentioned in the title I am not QF or J* - it's simply a question - are J* Asia tech on the same EBA's as J* AUS?

Cheers - and hey to all of you folks affected in whichever way by the new appointment - best wishes - hope it works out well for everyone concerned.


genex 7th Aug 2008 13:36


As a young genex, I was at an airline where they got their first jet (my dearly beloved 727) and no-one who went on it had ever flown a jet before. They managed very very well.

I'll bet if there were no jets in the world and the 787 was the first, then JQ or anyone else would manage that well too.

The issue is choice....if you had a choice, given the brother/sister relationship b/w 777 and 787, you would choose experienced 777 drivers to be your lead instructors. Its that simple.

In no way am I putting down QF drivers....hardly their fault that the airline never ordered 777s.

I would have thought that a 767 crew would have no trouble going onto the 787. Now that Manning has gone you should all press your new CP to open up the MOU.

Dragun 7th Aug 2008 22:16

Thought this might interest some of you. In the spirit of CEOs actually being active in protecting and nurturing their relationship with staff and the airline (ANZ CEO comes to mind) have a look at this interview on Larry King with the CEO of JetBlue Airways, Dave Barger. Interesting part is how he took a 50% pay cut to prevent staff cuts...

CNN.com - Transcripts

Ka.Boom 10th Aug 2008 00:38

Sunfish ..Password Stolen?
Sunfish you have made many insightful posts over the years .The posts that you have made over the last few days would tend to indicate that someone has stolen your PPrune password.
Suggesting that AJ admires the IRA is a little....shall we say ...silly

Condition lever 10th Aug 2008 01:56


How about taking a slight amount of responsibility for your posts?
If you had actually bothered to conduct even the most cursitory check of the facts you ascribe to the "person" you ran into, you would have found out that AJ has never had anything to do with Ryanair - he was employed by Aer Lingus.

As for then going on to post that anyone is a "fan" of the I.R.A. - I hope AJ does a "Dick Smith" and takes you to court. I can't think of a more stupid statement (in a forum that has many) than this.

Tidbinbilla 10th Aug 2008 10:27

Now that Sunfish has "soiled himself" - let's get back on topic, shall we?

We're not talking about who's dick's bigger, you QF and JQ types := it's about Alan Joyce.

Cranky TID

Sunfish 10th Aug 2008 11:16

I abjectly apologise for alleging that Mr. Joyce is/was a fan or has any sympathies with of the IRA. I have no knowledge of this matter at all except hearsay from a person whose veracity I cannot confirm.

Satisfy you Mr. Tid?

captaintunedog777 10th Aug 2008 11:22

You are a di%#head sunfish.

Sunfish 10th Aug 2008 11:48

I'll watch you rot, tunedog.

flyingins 10th Aug 2008 12:03

You can watch me rot while you're at it, Sunfish.

In not so many words I've suggested this to you before. Please let me do it again;

"Never miss the opportunity to shut-up". Here's your chance.


Fantome 10th Aug 2008 12:20

I'll watch you rot, tunedog.
There seems a whiff of the Afrikaans. Grudge? Grudge? I don't have a grudge. A grudge is where I pork my corr.

Or work a similar accent round - "Where I come from we make fertilizer out of better than you."

Much Ado 10th Aug 2008 12:26

Topic seems to be eluding you lot still...easily fixed.


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