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toolish 27th Jul 2008 22:50

Joyce the new CEO of Qantas
Wow, I think I am first with some news for once

speedbirdhouse 27th Jul 2008 22:52


Bad news for Qantas that is..........

QFinsider 27th Jul 2008 22:58

I can't believe it more of the same..
I knew a change was in the wind, but that idiot.

I begin the process of looking for a new job.

Keg 27th Jul 2008 23:05

What's the source? :{

S/H 737 27th Jul 2008 23:09

It's official saw it on SKY news
Don't you think it is again interesting timing of the news. D**on again controls a masterfull stroke by announcing the change to save his tail before he is tarred and Lynched for the latest debarcle ....any thoughts ?????

Merlins Magic 27th Jul 2008 23:11

QANTAS has named Alan Joyce, the head of its Jetstar offshoot, as chief executive of the airline group.
Mr Joyce becomes chief executive designate from today and will take over when outgoing chief Geoff Dixon steps down after the company's annual general meeting in November.

Qantas (qan.ASX:Quote,News) chairman Leigh Clifford said Mr Joyce was an outstanding executive with wide experience in all facets of the airline industry.

"Alan will assume the role of chief executive designate from today and will also join the board of Qantas with immediate effect,'' he said.

"Geoff and Alan will work together over the next four months to ensure a smooth transition and continuity.''

Mr Dixon will remain available to Qantas on a consulting basis until March 31 next year.

Mr Joyce has been with Qantas since 2000.

He previously worked for the defunct domestic carrier Ansett and Ireland's Aer Lingus in senior management roles.

"Alan is, we believe, the best person to take Qantas forward in what is a very challenging environment,'' Mr Clifford said.

Mr Clifford praised Mr Dixon, who he said had led Qantas through numerous challenges since his appointment as chief executive in 2000.

"Qantas has successfully adapted and responded to the myriad challenges the industry has faced since 2001 and is duly recognised as one of the best managed airlines in the world,'' he added.

Meanwhile, it's been revealed that US authorities ordered airlines to check on-board oxygen cylinders just months before a huge hole was torn in a Qantas jumbo jet in mid-air on Friday, nearly causing a disaster.

Officials said an oxygen back-up cylinder is missing from the aircraft, and have ordered Qantas to inspect all such bottles on its fleet of Boeing 747s.

The Qantas Boeing 747 was flying from Hong Kong to Melbourne on Friday when an explosive bang led to a sudden loss of air pressure in the cabin.

The plane, which had originated in London and was carrying 365 passengers and crew, plunged 6,000 metres before stabilising, then made an emergency landing in the Philippines capital Manila.

An investigator from the Australian Transport Safety Bureau, Neville Blyth, told reporters in Manila yesterday that an oxygen back-up cylinder was missing.

"It is too early to say whether this was the cause of the explosion,'' Mr Blyth said. "But one of the cylinders which provides back-up oxygen is missing.''

He said investigators had ruled out terrorism.

An initial inquiry would take two to three days and a preliminary report on the findings should be released in two to three months.

Qantas shares closed at $3.49 on Friday.

chockchucker 27th Jul 2008 23:15

I wonder what Peter Gregg and John Borghetti are thinking this morning?:E

Wouldn't be surprised to see a few resume's being updated.

Keg 27th Jul 2008 23:18

Out of the frying pan into the fire. :{

I wonder if Alan knows how to expand the business and improve service rather than continuous cut backs on staff and resources?

steelcraft 27th Jul 2008 23:24

Who will be the new JQ CEO?

captaintunedog777 27th Jul 2008 23:29

Excellent for the Jetstar boys. May the legacy of Jetstar continue to live and prosper.

Lt DAN 27th Jul 2008 23:31

Change in the wind
An insider close friend of mine (legal section) stated that Joyce has been voted in for a specific reason.

QF is going to be transferred over to LCC model within the next 2 years. They want to make this transition for the mainline fleet within 18 months, and then eventually only have international flights with the QF logo relying heavily on business and 1st class to keep the profit in the market.

Joyce was selected as the best person in the current market to control this transition.

I would suggest a lot of internal movement shortly in the lower and upper management sectors, as Joyce will want to surround himself with yes men and advisers to continue the current smoke and mirror's campaign being ravaged at JQ.

dragon man 27th Jul 2008 23:31

i thought the board was stupid, now i know. The airline is so far gone that they needed to go outside to get a new CEO and start a fresh. Not good for the future.

oneday_soon 27th Jul 2008 23:33

Interesting timing! With all the unwanted press about the 747 in Manila at the moment, interesting they announce this now. Not trying to divert any attention are they??

Bumpfoh 27th Jul 2008 23:37

Same M.O.

I would suggest a lot of internal movement shortly in the lower and upper management sectors, as Joyce will want to surround himself with yes men and advisers to continue the current smoke and mirror's campaign being ravaged at JQ.
Has a familiar ring to it, just like the GGM ACS (Line Maintenance) at QF engineering!:E

ron burgandy 27th Jul 2008 23:38

Geez, What's AJ going to do with the 2500 filthy polluted pilots at QF. What a sad day.

stiffwing 27th Jul 2008 23:40

At least that will secure a resounding NO vote for the LH EBA. Only a fool would accept it in its current form with Joyce getting the nod. We need all the protections that we can get, methinks!

golfjet744 27th Jul 2008 23:45

what can i say. :yuk: Outstanding decision. Time to give up on that Aussie icon and start looking after number one.

S/H 737 27th Jul 2008 23:46

A No Vote
Don't you think the long Haul union already delivered a low cost cabin crew to the company seems like they might become the norm, I am not sure if a no vote will get a look in ???

jet.jackson 27th Jul 2008 23:52

One Word
Phuck!Phuck! Phuck!
Joyce is aligned with no one...except Dixon...they are the same height.
There will be some executive resignations in the next few months
Borghetti and Gregg will be pissed off !

Capt Fathom 27th Jul 2008 23:55

If Qantas was a dog, you'd put it down!

Transition Layer 27th Jul 2008 23:57

Ah f*ck it!!! The worst possible outcome...a little leprechaun.

Autobrakes4 28th Jul 2008 00:00

That job "flying rubber dog*#$#" out of Hong Kong is starting to look good now! :{

Bug Smasher Smasher 28th Jul 2008 00:07

A sad sad day for what once was a great Aussie institution.

:eek: :* :( :{ :ugh: :uhoh: :yuk: :mad: :mad: :mad:

Clipped 28th Jul 2008 00:07

Leigh Clifford said Mr Joyce was an outstanding executive with wide experience in all facets of the airline industry.

He can start by displaying his flying skills then show us how to inspect an oxygen bottle.

OMG, what has Clifford done?:{

DEFCON4 28th Jul 2008 00:11

More of The Same
Joyce is a dixon clone...short, angry,dysfunctional.
At 42 years old he is going to be around for quite awhile.
Just when you think things at Qantas couldnt get any worse..this happens.
VR is being touted for November....definitely time to go.
Give it 6 months and Qantas will have a new name and livery.

QFinsider 28th Jul 2008 00:14

It was a perfect time to bring together the organisation. Appoint someone to be force forgood. As the storm clouds gather bringing the staff together would be a good way to face the oncoming challenges. Instead they continue the direction of divide and conquer ably assisted by a short camp wannabe pilot who didn't make the grade...

Sad really

mohikan 28th Jul 2008 00:22

Every Mainline pilot is a dead man or woman walking.

The JQ guys must be wtting themselves laughing at the opportunities this now presents to them - A380, B747-400 - all on 50% less.

The skys the limit

flyer_18-737 28th Jul 2008 00:23

Can you all shut up

This is great, Go Joyce

Islander Jock 28th Jul 2008 00:25

He is not very popular in some airport management circles either.

assasin8 28th Jul 2008 00:28

My watch must be wrong! The date display says it's July 28th! But now I really know it's April 1st!!!:ugh:

blackguard 28th Jul 2008 00:30

Flyer 18-737
What are you?.....a relative.
Or has there been a laying on of hands?

Transition Layer 28th Jul 2008 00:34

I'm pretty sure Flyer_18-737 is "Aircraft" reincarnated...

genex 28th Jul 2008 00:36

Dear gloom and doomers,
  • Your new CEO has opened up new routes for the Qantas Group for the first time in recent memory
  • Helped persuade the Board to buy 787's when previous management had missed the entire 777 era
  • Fended off low-cost competition and bought a whole new market segment and it's revenue onto Qantas Group premises and airplane
  • etcetera
His height and accent are only relevant to this topic as insofar as they are the catalyst to show the venom and insularity that inhabits a few small corners of the mainline world.

For those of you who want a good future in JQ and QF and hence rely on an injection of drive and purpose at the very top, this is a great day. Those who prefer to see the downside, even of a win in Lotto....get lives now. This is not a rehearsal.

AlphaLord 28th Jul 2008 00:36

Suitable Applicants
The appointment of Alan Joyce as the CEO of Qantas is an indication that there was a distinct shortage of suitable applicants.

Qantas 787 28th Jul 2008 00:37

I think it is a good choice. I have a lot of time for Joyce - I think some f you need to talk a cold shower and cool down.

I am just happy Gregg was not the choice- it would have been a disaster if he got the job. JB wouldn't be happy - this was his chance so I wonder if both will be trying to get jobs elsewhere.

arkmark 28th Jul 2008 00:42

Boy this makes things look good for Virgin.

As Qantas inevitabely adopts the Low Value Carrier model, all Virgin has to do is have the flexability to move to appeal to the market that QF will inevitabely leave behind.

The LVC model was fine in it's day but it's getting old now.

For all you boys and girls at Qantas this is a sad day.

You might recall that Jet Star's web site used to pay homage to Impulse and it's culture. The minute Joyce began his reign over impulse, he squashed the culture with total disregard for those who had worked so hard for so long to keep the place running through the hardest of times.

This is what you have to look forward to and there is no use fighting it.

As a passenger, my opes are that I will still have some sort of choice in the future not to have o fly the low value model.

cuzzybro 28th Jul 2008 00:43

Weather report Just In for November 28th 2008
FOG, lot's of FOG, Glorious FOG!!!! :}

Muff Hunter 28th Jul 2008 01:01

To all our brothers at QF...welcome tho the world of the LCC..:sad:

He will not stop until he has driven the T&C's of every pilot in this country into the gutter...

This will be an interesting next couple of years..

The Professor 28th Jul 2008 01:08

Joyce has proven himself to be able to ballance the demands of the business with strict cost control while growing jetstar substantially. He is viewed within the industry as being extremely capable and like Walsh at BA, is being bought in to wield a cost cutting axe with a sharp edge.

Dixon was not as effective at cost cutting as Joyce will be.

DutchRoll 28th Jul 2008 01:14

Future Wikipedia entry?


Qantas, originally an abbreviation for "Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services", was the largest Australian airline from its small beginnings in 1920 until its breakup and demise in 2010.........

Hey Prof, does that praise for Joyce's abilities include Jetstar flying half empty aeroplanes on its international routes, or cooking the books to hide the cost-shifting to its parent company?

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