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desertrats 2nd Jun 2005 22:04

Air Pac pilots invited to join EK
During a recent interview, Captain Thani Al Thani head of EK recruitment extended an invitation to all Air Pacific pilots to sent their applications to EK. "Tell them to apply..." were the words he used. He further added that things have gotten a lot better since he assumed the position about a year ago and they should apply, or update their CV's. For those with NG, 76, 74 time the courses will be shortened because of the similarities with the 777. Abbreviated 777 courses are the being conducted and with 1 aircraft a month until April 07, the demand is huge. Presently recruitment is condunting 17 interviews a week with the medical centre receiving 6 pilots per day on average for medicals during the work week. They are looking to have a total of 3000 pilots by 2010 with a fleet of 140 aircraft... On a different noteThe A380 production is delayed between 2-6 months for some orders.

ernestkgann 3rd Jun 2005 00:53

How have things gotten better?

desertrats 3rd Jun 2005 01:17

Better? What do you mean? If you mean the interview process, then yes. It is conducted in a more realistic setting. Short tech quiz, followed by a sim brief, followed by lunch and then the sim. Sim was conducted on 777 on the first day. Fairly straight forward. Day 2 consists of group exercises, where you work in groups of 4 to come up with a solution to a problem, followed by the interim assesment where, if they are happy with what they see, you are invited to proceed to the last phase. This consists 2 psyche analysis evaluations followed by an interview with a professional interviewer and a line Captain. After all that they send you to a medical clinic for a full medical and I mean a full medical..ECG, audio, BP, bloodtest, x-ray, vision...everything. One thing I must say..these guys are thorough. Oh and you find your way back to the hotel after that...nice! However if you mean pay, then yes but only slightly...8% across the board and a 3% annual increment. Inflation is high, however compared to 3rd world countries, still much cheaper. Check out the EK website for the pay scales.

Foreign Worker 3rd Jun 2005 03:37

3rd world countries
That will make Al Thani happy to hear that's what you compare Dubai and the UAE with!

ernestkgann 3rd Jun 2005 05:03

I'm interested in why you are advertising for Air Pac pilots specifically, and as to why circumstances are now more attractive for them than they must have been before. You did mention a pay increase so that must be it.

ur2 3rd Jun 2005 05:17

mmmmm, an Xray vision test eh. Bugger, I am pretty sure I chucked away those glasses I bought out of Mad Magazine in the late 60's. Sounds like they would have been handy after all. Besides you couldn,t see through girls clothes with em anyway. :cool:

desertrats 5th Jun 2005 03:34

To EKGhan

Why advertise for Airpac...Why not? The locals I hear have been going through a rough patch and for pilots in general there is a global demand, so maybe opportunities for career advances will be quickened at EK.

To Foreign Worker

Dude, you have totally misrepresented what I have mentioned. The UAE is NOT a third world country although a lot of its work force is, from the third world..try 80%. So when you compare refrigerators in India and other countries and Dubai, other items included, you will see a major contrast in price...Dubai prices still come out cheaper. Thats what I meant. Oh and by the way, if you have not yet been enlightened, the word "Dude" literally means Camels Testicles.

Keep Discovering!

mustangV8 5th Jun 2005 09:03

the word "Dude" literally means Camels Testicles.

to be more specific, the word means Elephant testicles

desertrats 20th Jun 2005 06:46

More airpac pilots to leave for the sandpit soon?

767 to remain for another 5 years, waiting for either the 787 or A350?

Scooter Rassmussin 20th Jun 2005 07:06

But are they going to EK or QR

bluepacific 20th Jun 2005 07:28

If the 767 is staying another 5 years and AirPac plan to get 787 or A350 well good for them, I don't see it happening though, they've been planning to get a lot of things the only thing they are getting is mass resignations.

desertrats 20th Jun 2005 22:08

The Exodus seems to be for EK, Omanair, Qatar, Air New Zealand, Pacific Blue, Virgin Blue. Even Singair.

ROCKSTEADY 20th Jun 2005 23:59

Yeah thats great mate. Hopefully some of these racisit 'Air Pac' pilots will get to feel what its like not being wanted in somebody elses country.

What goes around comes around!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bluepacific 21st Jun 2005 04:41

"What goes around comes around " ???
You must have flown with some real hard line Fijians because most of them are easy going towards expats that blend in and not those that come into AirPac wanting to change things " ... back in our old airline we used to do it like this ...... "

ROCKSTEADY 21st Jun 2005 07:21


Nice to your face, stab you in the back...Mob Mentality!!

Tell me this BP, how can you 'blend in' when your not wanted or not made feel welcome. More over, why would you want to lower your self respect just to be accepted??

I Dont believe a word of it


bluepacific 21st Jun 2005 09:59

Now living the life of an expat I find to get respect you have to give respect , something a lot of visitors to Air Pac didn't . I imagine your time there wasn't nice, thats a shame, most of the expat guys I flew with were good and I never had a problem with them.

flying fijian 21st Jun 2005 10:35


just wondering....... were you in AP on a "work permit" or moonlighting on a tourist visa?be a bit different if we turned up to work in your neck of the woods.

ROCKSTEADY 21st Jun 2005 10:40

Bula Vinaka
Thatís great to hear Blue,

I guess that you must have been one of the good ones then.

If you re-read my initial post, I did say 'some of these racist Pilots'. I was not referring to all of them.

Sadly though, there are too many rants in Fiji, from all ends of the spectrum. This you will have to agree with. Please tell me how local Indian folk would differ from an expat?

I see that you are now out of the Fiji; you now have a different perspective of life as an expat. This is what I am trying to get across. I wish some of these racist Pilots went and lived out of the comfort of their own home for awhile, instead of being spoon fed, just for being a local. Understand. Then they would stop their whinging, and realise, that boundaries and countries are really prehistoric lines in the sand, established for self-gratification. We are all humans and should be treated accordingly. To many cold hearted people in this world. And NO I am NOT racist and in fact far from it. I have much life experience and many years of observation on the front line. I give respect to people that deserve respect. I just cant stand people with heavily inflated ego's, all fake and misleading!!

True, you give then receive! But what if you give and give and donít receive. Im not the type of person that whispers sweet nothings just to be accepted. If I wanted to be like that, id rather do it in Hollywood...Not Fiji thank you very much!!

Even some of your brighter locals will agree with what I have to say too. Instead of turning a blind eye to what really is going on, accept the fact that this really does happen and things are just like I said. If you break free from your inhibitions, you will broaden your mind. Dont just take my word for it.

Could it also be more and more Air Pac pilots are leaving because they cant stand being butchered by expat DEC and DEFO's??

Goodluck anyway.

Whats the difference FF,

Who is working there on a Work Permit anyway????

Im sorry Flying Fijian,

How many Fijians working in Australia. Surely you have relatives living down here, made a life in Australia, or at least know somebody that does???????????????????????


How many Australians legally working in Fiji.????????????

Not hard to do the math mate. If you want to approach it from that angle. You sound just like one of the ones Im talking about!!

bluepacific 21st Jun 2005 10:55

Hey Rocky,
Leaving because of being butchered by DEC and DEFO ??? Please explain ??
As for Indian pilots, there aren't any , we are all Fijians.


ROCKSTEADY 21st Jun 2005 10:56

It was a hypothetical question?

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