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Duke16 1st Sep 2004 00:59

Bindook.com back on air
Has anyone seen this site re National Day of Action?


tobzalp 1st Sep 2004 01:18

And they wonder why noone takes them seriously.

VH-Cheer Up 1st Sep 2004 01:36

I'll just mark that date in my diary "No Flying Thanks"

Why don't they suggest flying under the hood too? Might as well blank off the external visual senses while you're shutting out any helpful auditory info.

They could at least leave the transponders on ALT to give anyone half a chance of avoiding the deaf halfwits.

I despair...

Duff Man 1st Sep 2004 01:44

Numbnut. Go to jail. Directly to jail. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.

Dick Smith 1st Sep 2004 01:58

I have received a number of private emails asking if I am involved in this protest. I can categorically say I am not. I have no involvement in any way. I have no idea who Bindook is.

I draw the attention of professional pilots and air traffic controllers who read this thread to the fact that there are many thousands of private pilots and sport aviation pilots out there who believe they have been disenfranchised. They believe that the independent CASA report by Professor Terry O’Neill from the ANU shows that the Airservices safety case used to wind back the reforms is sheer bunkum.

These people have not been given evidence that Australia cannot benefit from the US airspace system as used in radar coverage and the US airspace system as used outside radar coverage.

It looks to me that when a large group of people are not listened to and consider that they are not treated fairly, they will support radical action.

I believe it is a great pity that it has come to this.

tobzalp 1st Sep 2004 02:15

The pity is that it is due to your incompetence and lack of intelligence that this state of affairs has gone on.

5miles 1st Sep 2004 02:32


I draw your attention to the fact that there are many thousands of private pilots and sport aviation pilots out there who believe they have been disenfranchised by your personal crusade to degrade the safety of Australian airspace. They believe that the independent CASA report by Professor Terry O’Neill from the ANU is sheer bunkum.

About as valid and substantiated as your own claim.

Now, isn't there a mountain somewhere awaiting your attention.

So sad... :sad:

Dehavillanddriver 1st Sep 2004 02:56

How does it feel Dick?

We have been ignored for a long time when it comes to airspace reform.

You and your cronies have been riding roughshod over the opinions of professional pilots and air traffic controllers for over 10 years now.

its about time that it started to swing in the opposite direction.

EVERY cent that has been spent on aborted airspace reform should be refunded BY YOU.

You are a rich and influential amateur who quite frankly doesn't know shit from brown clay, yet your opinion gets heard and as a result many millions of dollars are spent on your folly.

You are obviously incapable of seeing the other side of ANY arguement and as such are a failure as a manager - yeah sure you made millions but I wonder where your businesses would be today if you were still at the helm?

Get back into your box and be quiet for a while - I believe that you are developing nautical interests - go and annoy the boaties we have had quite enough!

Kaptin M 1st Sep 2004 03:03

Whoever the twit is, who's responsible for the bindook.com website, and has posted this advice:

Who can take part?

Anyone and everyone with access to any kind of flying machine should drag it out of the shed on Saturday 27 November to participate in the national day of action. Whether you fly a Cessna or a hot air balloon, a helicopter or a hang glider, an airship or a parachute, it matters not. Just be sure to get yourself airborne on Saturday 27 November to participate in the national day of action and stake your claim on Australia's skies.

Imagine the possibilities :

* Wollongong direct to West Maitland.

* Moorabbin direct to Kyneton.

* Southport direct to Caboolture.


Is, imo, setting himself up BIG TIME for legal liability in the event of any of the aircraft following his "directive" becoming involved in
i) A mid air collision or near miss;
ii) Infringement of controlled and/or military airspace;
iii) Violation of prohibited/restricted zones.

Is it possible to have the author tracked down, and a joint application sent to the Licencing section to have his licences cancelled for reckless, irresponsible behaviour which poses a threat to the public and Australian aviation?

I'll gladly co-sign!


Transition Layer 1st Sep 2004 04:48

Is it just a co-incidence that this day of action is going to occur on a Saturday? :yuk:

Why not hold it during the week? Oh thats right, none of the lunatic NAS supporters will be flying because they are all weekend warriors who think that because they have a PPL, the sky belongs to them.

Who's joining me at the pub safely on the ground as we watch the mayhem unfold!



Uncommon Sense 1st Sep 2004 05:53

How disengenuous Dick.

You had a praiseworthy link to the bindook.com site on your own www.dicksmithlyer.com page.

Or have you edited that one too?

Must be hard to remember which personality is at the tiller at times?

NAMPS 1st Sep 2004 09:00

Perhaps one of the reasons why NAS is so dangerous is because of morons who propagate shite on websites, the like of bindook.com, that have access to aircraft :yuk:

Ultralights 1st Sep 2004 09:05

and everyone has a go at me and the Ultralight fraternity! but even we would never get involved in something THAT STUPID!
all we want is Lower costs! not lower safety!

Foyl 1st Sep 2004 11:49

There will be no danger of bumping into anyone else simply because the limited number of people who would even contemplate something so bl00dy stupid.

Rather maliciously, one hopes that they go ahead and encounter something heavy and military as a result of failing to obey directives. Particularly if it's heavy, military and goes "bang" when it arrives.

Jerricho 1st Sep 2004 17:03

It seems the page has been changed.

That picture looks very similar to somebody........hmmmm........can't quite put my finger on it.

Obiwan 1st Sep 2004 23:11

That picture looks very similar to somebody........hmmmm........can't quite put my finger on it.
Its a scene out of the movie 'The Dish'

oh.. wait a minute - I get you ;)

OZBUSDRIVER 1st Sep 2004 23:29

:( This is strange the guy who started that website passed away a couple of months ago.So who is running this site now? From memory BINDOOK did not advocate civil disobedience. All his protesting revolved around the supposed practice of ATC refusing clearence to light aircraft. To me this appears to be a gross slur on a man who can no longer defend himself.

gaunty 3rd Sep 2004 06:30

And now the AOPA President "understands the sentiment behind the call for a General Aviation Day of Action" :rolleyes: blah blah and the usual "whiteanting by a minority unprofessional airline pilots their unions and the Air Traffic Control Unions" routine follows.

Light Aircraft to stage a day of action

I'd love to hear what the membership, outside the loony fringe, feel about being joined in this disgraceful idea.

Nobody asked me yet and I certainly didn't vote for it, I think they must be entertaining the idea that you have to "correctly" answer a whole bunch of questions, before you may become a member and therefore eligible for election.

And on reflection, I'll be insisting that none of my family, friends and business colleagues will be anywhere near an airline or any other aircraft on that day, I think evry one would be wise to do likewise until the AFP have got to the bottom of what is, in reality, is fundamentally a "terrorist" threat.

If it has come to this by the actions of one man with one agenda we need and must insist on a Judicial enquiry. Common sense the lives of every traveller in Australia and the very existence of our Airservice provider and their dedicated staff demands it.

Shitsu-Tonka 3rd Sep 2004 07:58

Does this philosophy of No Radio, No Transponder extend to your flying school Mr. Bertram?

I am sure business will just be knocking down your door after such a stupid statement.

A sign of what a pathetic excuse AOPA has become in Australia - mores the pity.

NAMPS 3rd Sep 2004 07:58

...perhaps that is why AOPA membership has dropped off substantially. Those in AOPA who think NAS is safe appear to hold positions of influence.

Any organisation expressing empathy or endorses the 'national day of action' deserves to perish.

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