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QF, ANZ, Star Alliance and One World...

Australia, New Zealand & the Pacific Airline and RPT Rumours & News in Australia, enZed and the Pacific

QF, ANZ, Star Alliance and One World...

Old 27th Nov 2002, 10:12
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Exclamation QF, ANZ, Star Alliance and One World...

So if QF (one world) buys 25% of ANZ(Star Alliance)....

Will QF dump one world and join Star?

Is this why SQ have gone all quiet about the 3rd Airline?
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Old 27th Nov 2002, 12:46
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It probably won't happen while BA still holds its QF stake... in addition to the strong ties QF is building with AA. Jumping to Star will also only provide one alliance operating trans-pacific, which would be a situation difficult to justify. UA are facing serious problems, so a tie with them may not be the best move at the moment.

If QF stay OneWorld, and NZ with Star, with a 25% stake QF gets an edge into Star without absorbing any of the other ramifications of actually jumping the alliance.

Mind you - it's anyone's guess in this game

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Old 27th Nov 2002, 21:59
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My guess is that this time next year there will only be one alliance ........."One World Star Alliance "
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Old 28th Nov 2002, 01:18
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and if UA go under, QF and AA go to Star...

Who knows....?
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Old 28th Nov 2002, 01:24
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Chapter 11 bankruptcy is different than receivership. United will not go under, just reorganized with debt moritorium until new business plan is approved by creditors.
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Old 28th Nov 2002, 09:28
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sorry if this is really stupid, i don't know much about alliancesand the like, but....

wouldn't there be a benifit in QF/ANZ having a finger in each pie so to speak, they get the traffic from 2 alliances rather then picking one and splitting the traffic between them?

and does code share allow, fo example, a oneworld pax to fly on a QF flight number, but on an air new zealand aircraft?

i'm probobly way off, but i would still think there is a benifit of the QF/ANZ tieup having both alliances involved instead of one
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Old 28th Nov 2002, 09:56
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There is a rumour that Air NZ want to base a320 crews in Australia when they arrive.That will have Q doing the Oneworld oncarrage and Air NZ doing the Star oncarrage. It wont matter in a few years , because Qantas will own all of Air NZ(I am sure that is there plan) . I wonder how the logo on the tail will look with a
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Old 28th Nov 2002, 09:57
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Question STAR

Why does everybody favour STAR, surely one world is the better choice with all its airlines intact .
Why would QF move to star, it would be a much better move for Air NZ to go to One world as STARS reputation, especially in the Southern Hemisphere is tainted.
If STAR is to survive only SQ can fix it down here and it would be quite an easy task starting with brand new aircraft , low cost, high level of service and profit in the first year....:o
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Old 28th Nov 2002, 21:27
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No new operation makes a profit in its first year of operation, not even SQ. No US company has ever survived its 2nd Chapter 11 declaration with the exception of Continental Airlines under the stewardship of Gordon Bethune. The board of UA better start calling Texas!

Bets on that GD will play both sides of the coin as long as possible. Until he moves his next piece on the board no other player will be willing to move theirs. Hope QF swallow ANZ, mongrels deserve everything they get after what they did to AN.

You can't rely on anyone in this world but you can always count on Karma!
Old 28th Nov 2002, 21:36
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Just a couple of points we (Airnz) wont be basing any A320's in aust when they turn up, they are going to be used for the tasman & islands, etc.

It's no secret that BA want to sell there shares in QF, I'd be surprised if SIA don't buy them and then QF join the star alliance.
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Old 29th Nov 2002, 09:14
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Whilst it was true that there was a rumour that BA were considering selling their stake in Qantas after 9/11 I doubt this was true, particularly now that BA seemed to have turned the corner and are starting to make money again.

There is far more to be gained in the long term in keeping the share in Qantas rather than a short term profit in selling it.

Cathay and Qantas are two of the big three players in Asia/Australasia and both members of One World, and although at one time the Star Alliance was seen as bigger and better I think the opposite is now true with the One World alliance consisting of much stronger airlines. Its intention now I think is not to admit any other airlines unless they meet very strict criteria and to concentrate on increasing the strength of the brand with the existing airlines in the alliance.

To that end with Qantas being a very strong and profitable airline in the current world climate, its position in the One World alliance is very important and I cant see any possibility of BA selling its stake in the airline.

On the other hand a day in aviation is a very long time.
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Old 30th Nov 2002, 21:24
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Take the blinkers 0ff boys. Anything is possible. A year in the life of aviation is an extremely long one.
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