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CASA color defficiency

Old 20th Aug 2021, 09:27
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CASA color defficiency

Recently as a student pilot, i have received a restriction on my class 1 saying Not valid for night flying. The color test done initially is the Ishihara which i failed. but then i proceeded to do the D15 test which i passed but then CASA says it is not a valid test however NZ sees it as a valid test that meets ICAOs requirements as well. I then did the Lantern test which is quite difficult where even some people with normal vision struggle to do. I am on my last thread with testing with only the CAD or Operational color assessment to do. I appreciate all the work done towards CASA on allowing more tests but I do not think that the tests that CASA has is fit enough to diagnose someone properly. I have wanted to go to an Ophthalmologist to do extensive testing and to send a report to CASA for review but I got denied this. I honestly have no idea what to do now.,
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Old 20th Aug 2021, 10:15
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Don't know if the Colour Vision Defective Pilots Association is still active or not but probably worth checking out.
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Old 20th Aug 2021, 10:30
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The most important first step is: Don't lose hope.

You're dealing with the remnants of a mess left behind by a bunch of crusading zealots who were allowed do whatever damage they chose to inflict.

Unfortunately, CASA's corporate competence and integrity in cleaning up the mess is being tested. I strongly urge you to contact the Colour Vision Deficient Pilots Association as soon as practicable. And join.

(Declaration of interests: I am not a CVD pilot and am not a member of the CVDPA. I just don't like it when zealots are left to destroy lives and careers on the basis of their beliefs rather than science.)
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Old 20th Aug 2021, 21:47
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Definitely do the OCVA. I did it in NZ a couple of years ago. I struggled with the other tests but the OCVA was a very straight forward exercise. Send me a message and I can let you know what I was assessed on.
Please also get in touch with CVDPA, fantastic group of people and their work got this OCVA over the line with NZCAA and CASA.
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Old 21st Aug 2021, 00:51
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White Dingo, unfortunately you need at least ten posts before you can avail yourself of the messaging/email service.
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Old 21st Aug 2021, 01:55
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Hi DIngo u can send me an email if u like at @[email protected]
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Old 21st Aug 2021, 01:55
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Thanks a lot. I tried contacting CVDPA in the first place but i had no contact with them. cheers
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Old 21st Aug 2021, 05:12
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Hey there. I had trouble when i was first getting my medical 3 years ago. Failed the ishihira plates and then also maringally failed the lantern test ( a wierd one for sure). Then did the CAD as last resort and passed that, and no limitations on medical or license in terms of day/night or ATPL. Every medical i still dont pass the ishihira but they then reference the past CAD test and all gets passed. Maybe investigate this pasth but the test is expensive from memory.
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Old 23rd Aug 2021, 21:31
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IFR Dayrating only?

So sorry and really surprised to read this.
It takes me back to 1987 when my Class Three was daylight rated only and my instructor was threatened
with legal action by CASA if he allowed me to take night flying instruction.
We successfully put CASA on notice that if I could not due to weather get back to base by last light and crashed attempting a night landing
that casa would would be liable due to me being denied minimum flight instruction to land safely at night.
So at around 1700 hours in command and 70 ifr hours, I have a Solo Stamp in my log book.
I completed 10 hours of circuits and 2 cross country flights. NVFR.
I do not have a nvfr class 4 never did the test.
My licence was thrown back at me stamped restrictions lifted.
It was upgraded to Class 1 Command SE
I flew 8000 hours in my life 1000 ifr 500 plus night including long distances xci outback, primary and secondary night ops into and out of MB EN AD BK BN TW WG AY MIA PF etc recency ops into MTG NHL HSM WBL
For the life on my cannot understand this casa ruling on you.
Go find an advocate imo. I had Arthur Pape, Bill Bell and Dave Henry
but like me now at 75 yo are not on the scene,
I also obtained Canadian and FAA Airmans Licencing and flew in Alaska Canada Yukon 1997-1999
Do not know what more I can say but precedence has been set by protanopes like me flying for decades.
23 renewals and a CASA whos who in signatures in my log book.
Henry, Hardy, Greenblough, Weeks, and six or so with Sharps.
couple with Matt now CASA and his offsider
why not ask there opinion why I was allowed to fly from 1987 -2017 at night on condition I hold an ifr rating ?
sold fourth plane due covid, all were kept in and flown IFR, last had no auto pilot and still maintained my flying standards.
my lic still current no one has written to me or banned me no mail nothing..
so legally unless notified I still can fly at night holding a CIRSEA. and PIFR SEA.
I choose at 75 yo to hang up the goggles so wish you the luck and mentors I had in my flying life, taught by experts and flew to those standards..
I will ask my DAME his opinion, he passed me since 1987 every 2 years.
Last time was a stress ecg more the point targetting my Heart not my eyes!
And a hearing test and to make sure my bi focals legal..
ah getting old is a bummer..
I am PPL not CPL..
go figure?
Johnny Five is still alive.

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Old 23rd Aug 2021, 21:50
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Arthur Pape is a good man, and he puts the incompetent bureaucrats at CASA to shame. Sadly though, when you have narcissists like Aleck at CASA guarding the fortress there is no chance of any real reform or commonsense in this area. One day, hopefully, they will remove Sith Aleck and his apprentice and replacement in waiting, AA, and the (R)egulator can be rebuilt with a modern approach rather than have geriatric dinosaurs who are 30 years behind the year 2021.

Címon Pip, sign off on Jonathanís redundancy package and show this white anting expert the door. Allow commonsense and modernisation to flourish at CASA HQ.

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Old 24th Aug 2021, 05:56
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Are you mad, ZAZ? You were just an accident waiting to happen.

On a serious note...

The problem with Avmed over the last dozen years or so has been the delegation of powers to people who either don't understand the law constraining the exercise of those powers or who simply disregard those constraints as being unimportant, confident not only in the knowledge that very few individuals would have the resources to take them on, but also in the knowledge that no adult supervisor is going to step in and take their powers away until they understand the law and comply with it. All in the name of safety, of course.

And if someone does take them on, the regulator will swing into scaremonger mode and actively advocate for the decision and put the applicant in the worst possible light, rather than behaving in the way in which government agencies are supposed to behave in these matters. All in the name of safety, of course.

The CVD zealots in CASA and NZCAA carried out the most intellectually dishonest and unnecessarily disruptive and destructive campaign I've ever witnessed. The scariest thing is that - as with all zealots - they're sure they're right.

The scum who ran the robodebt system seem to have learnt a lot from CASA Avmed. Whether individuals actually owed the money was neither here nor there. The zealots were on a crusade. Beast and demonise the weak, knowing that few would take the Commonwealth on, then capitulate in the AAT when it looked like one of the dole-bludging welfare system-rorting upstart nobodies who took the Commonwealth on might win.

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