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New Qantas Uniform

Old 29th Apr 2016, 06:41
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Should have taken the VR. What an embarrassment . Waste money on this crap while the punters can't get a choice of meals. The lunatics are running the asylum fair dinkum.
Oh, will somebody buy the dragon a well deserved drink. Classic....
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Old 29th Apr 2016, 07:05
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I was trying to recall what it reminds me of.

and we all know how that ended.
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Old 29th Apr 2016, 07:27
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Good luck getting your staff to purchase RM's when most EBA's have a clause stating that the company will provide uniforms as required.

Even with the discount, it's still over $300 a pair.
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Old 29th Apr 2016, 07:47
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Jesus H........

What are they trying to do to you Qantas people?????

Does the hat come with a Pony Tail attached too?

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Old 29th Apr 2016, 07:58
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Oh dear.

As a fellow professional aviator, please accept my apologies, because that uniform is just awful.

What can you expect from a designer that doesn't wear socks with shoes.

The thing that I probably object to the most (apart from the fact that unless you are a 22 year old gym junkie the uniform will not be flattering) is the discarding of years of tradition in both the wings and the uniform cap badge.
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Old 29th Apr 2016, 07:59
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This is only when crewing the "retro-roo" machines right?...... You know, when it's time to play "Sullivan's"

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Old 29th Apr 2016, 08:13
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To quote Higgins on Magnum PI...

"Oh my God........what have you done?"
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Old 29th Apr 2016, 08:24
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John Travolta wore a white cap in his earlier days masquerading as a QF Captain.
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Old 29th Apr 2016, 08:26
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Good news is that you'l all get free access to the Woolamaloo Officers bar while in uniform, I hear the beer is $1 a schooner.
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Old 29th Apr 2016, 08:27
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Maybe this will be their new safety video intro..
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Old 29th Apr 2016, 08:36
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Revenge is a dish best served cold

You really piss off your gay CEO by indulging in a spot of mild industrial action, and five years later this is what happens. Well, you can hardly say he hasn't got a sense of humour.

He who laughs last, etc.
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Old 29th Apr 2016, 10:27
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Originally Posted by DirectAnywhere View Post
Turn up, wear it, go home, get paid. Pretty simple.

...ever since the company decided it was cheaper to outsource the flying to everyone else...

If they pay me to wear a monkey suit, that's what I'll do. The rest of the angst is a waste of time and effort.
What he said.
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Old 29th Apr 2016, 10:29
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As per the PR - RMs were only 'showcased' for the reveal.

As for the hat - I think it was said that Qantas pilot wore a white hat from the 30s so it harks back to that.

It reminds me of this however...
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Old 29th Apr 2016, 10:52
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Who really cares.............

Change is a given in this industry.

Get over it and move on.
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Old 29th Apr 2016, 11:19
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I feel sorry that you have to wear it

You should have seen the 'launch'....and how much money was wasted. On the party, the designer, the uniforms..... transformatio costs have been forgotten
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Old 29th Apr 2016, 11:20
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Great hat for those wishing to sell ice creams... Reminds me of the Luton Squadron.
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Old 29th Apr 2016, 12:09
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I thought sailors wore white hats
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Old 29th Apr 2016, 12:39
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Joey, do you like movies about gladiators?
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Old 29th Apr 2016, 12:54
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"2 soft serves and a choc top please."
"Oh you are not an ice cream salesperson!"
"My mistake, make it a burger with fries."
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Old 29th Apr 2016, 12:57
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For the actual Qantas guys and girls having a whinge, suck it up and dry your tears with your last paycheck.

For all the affiliates, bask in the glow of now being perceived as a Sky-God. And go buy a razor.

For everyone else, it's a uniform. Get over it.
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