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Jetstar loading issues

Old 5th Dec 2015, 04:31
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I've had a similar problem before where the turbo-prop I flew rotated about 10 knots before Vr on the take-off roll. It turned out, since the flight was not full, that passengers took their own liberty to change from their allotted seats to sit closer to the exit at the back of the aircraft.

Maybe flight attendants should have a basic understanding of aircraft weight and balance so they can at least recognize a balance issue if the passengers moved seats before departure?
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Old 5th Dec 2015, 09:50
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The system would seem to hiccup from time to time. Boarded a QF 747 in MEL bound for LAX via SYD some 15 to 20 years ago to find someone else had my allotted seat. We both had boarding passes specifying the same seat. A check of the manifest by the FA (first class should it make a difference) and no mention of me. Alternative seat found and all was well. Would the flight deck have been advised?
Possibly. It depends on whether there was going to be a delay.

However, the situation was resolved so the load system would have been updated and accurate.
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Old 5th Dec 2015, 13:03
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Dead right westjet

No commitment by the Company? No commitment from the staff. Airlines need the old heads. They did in my day and they do now, but that means employing humans. Humans cost money. Bugger - let's not!

Head count out by 16 is inexcusable. That shows a totally broken system of checks and balances. That aeroplane should never have rolled. The industry has more than started to scare me. As for self checkin there is no longer a crosscheck at all to see if the passenger booked as John Scrotumwarbler III is indeed Achmed bin Bombin. Security is now zero.

Training wheels

Totally agree.

When I left TN after they left North West Tassie and joined as Airports Manager (also bag chucker, loco and checkin dude) for East West the system they brought in was free boarding. We produced a sheet showing how many per zone we required but the F/As obviously knew better.

We had a nasty habit of actually checking where they were vs where we wanted them and on one occasion I pulled down the F/A seat inside the rear door, sat my arse down and put my feet up on the galley. Advised the girls that we go nowhere until you get this right. Gutsy for a then contracted agent but I stuck to my guns. I was signing the aeroplane out and wasn't budging. One of the girls got the skipper who came back and when told why I was being pedantic gave them both a roasting. Problem fixed, load corrected, aeroplane rolled.

That was unusual for East West but may have been caused by rapid expansion at the time.

We have lost the culture obviously. Too many old heads gone. Too few people actually interfacing with SLF and no commitment to an airline when you actually work for Grace L Ferguson Airline Handling and Septic Tank Cleaning Pty Ltd.

Quel domage

Best all

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Old 6th Dec 2015, 02:31
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At least they HAD W&B issues - unlike Red Q, Jetstar Hong Kong etc etc etc... Can't help being facetious.
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Old 6th Dec 2015, 10:18
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Hear hear, Ron (EWL)!!
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Old 6th Dec 2015, 11:31
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Sometimes the old science is best.

It doesn't lose anything as there is no translation.

Now if you mention AIRIMP or SIPP codes (which they all use through click on boxes) you hit a glass mountain.

I realise there is no fix as things have gone too far.

Bloody idiots!

Best regards

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Old 6th Dec 2015, 12:11
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A significant problem with the way of the modern world is that people are box tickers without having any understanding of 'why so'. Knowledge today is so superficial, and that applies to those who are supposed to be imparting knowledge as well as the recipients thereof. Most can say 'yes' or 'no' but they simply don't know 'how' or 'why'. If more critical though was applied in the workplace, most ***k-ups would never happen.
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Old 6th Dec 2015, 19:12
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For once Ken I can agree with you. I see this with some of the newly trained.
EWL you are spot on the money!
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Old 7th Dec 2015, 02:09
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Latest rumour around the place is that Jayne is leaving to join Woolworths or possibly BIGW.
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Old 7th Dec 2015, 06:50
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well she came from there so she can go back

no one will notice

and at least the replacement may use their real name and one we can pronounce...
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Old 9th Dec 2015, 00:42
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I would not be surprised to see managers jumping ship. With the FRMS rules threatening to reduce their margins they will jump from the crest of the wave.
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Old 9th Dec 2015, 10:21
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Still waiting PoppaJo,
5 incidents. You can use your hand to count off your 5 fingers. Thats if your not busy using it for something else.
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Old 9th Dec 2015, 22:33
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I was always wondering why the WOW sensor could not be made to provide the actual WOW...

Seems like a very simple solution to the issue...
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Old 10th Dec 2015, 01:20
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mppgf Still waiting PoppaJo,
5 incidents. You can use your hand to count off your 5 fingers. Thats if your not busy using it for something else.
You seem very defensive of your employer judging off your previous posts.

Last month one of your A320s rotated full aft sidestick due to poor seat allocation of pax.
Last month an A320 left with 16 more pax than on the manifest.
July of last year an A320 departed with incorrect takeoff configuration. Happend again into coolangatta in the same year.
Alpha Floor was activated twice in 2014, Auckland and above Mildura.

A similar pattern of events occurred at Tiger. That was put to a stop basically overnight.

Plus you have the obvious internal problem with the safety culture of the carrier where these issues usually originate.
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Old 10th Dec 2015, 03:53
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PappaJo it's sounds like the safety culture there isn't that bad seeing as these things are being reported, it's when incidents like this aren't reported and things are quiet that safety culture should begin to be questioned

I personally think this happens more than is actually reported,I just heard another carrier last week being asked by ground to check seat occupancy on behalf of their company...then a return to the bay. I blame the new automated check in and boarding procedures, and don't get me started on the security side of things.

I must admit this was a big mistake by J*( 15 pax!), would a swap from and A320 to an A321 cause this issue (or vice versa)?. Having been on one of their A321's and asked to moved seats before the doors where closed to " keep the aircraft within balance limits" I am sure the pilots are just working off the information they are given, not intentially operating out of limits.
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Neville, you are wrong. All Airbus load calcs are completed by the flight crew from information spat out from the gate scanners. If something goes wrong with those scanners then it is the old rubbish in rubbish out scenario.

Let's not forget that Tiger were grounded as their safety system wasn't addressing the incidents NOT because of the incidents themselves. As said above the safety culture at Jetstar seems to be quite good since the crews are self reporting these things and the ATSB are getting notified at a very early stage.
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Old 10th Dec 2015, 07:27
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I am currently flying from MEL to OOL on a freq basis, all on Tiger.

I would have to say that the crew appears to be hyper-vigilant on loading, I have noticed on several occasions where the crew have asked for tickets, either due to a male-female passenger difference or empty/full seating, at one point even calling out a pax name to locate, who had sat in a different seat.
Due to loading or perhaps revenue, carryon baggage weights are very, very strictly enforced, as is checked baggage.

I have noticed that on gate, DEP pax are not directed to front/back, so most tend to flock and wait at the front, which so far, tends to stop imbalance issues on loading.

I have only noticed one issue, on RW16 ARR, the ac came in real fast, and missed the high speed exit and had to go the long way, not certain if that caused a GA upstream...

Flying the same route, the Jetstar ac have been of a 2000 vintage, (one even had the signage in German and English, so you know where that came from) while the Tiger ac has been either a 2003 or a 2013 vintage...
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Old 10th Dec 2015, 07:58
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Originally Posted by underfire
I have only noticed one issue, on RW16 ARR, the ac came in real fast, and missed the high speed exit and had to go the long way, not certain if that caused a GA upstream...
The RWY16 high speed exit Gulf has been NOTAMed out of service from time to time recently, so the crew may have actually deliberately kept their speed up on the runway. In doing so, minimised runway occupancy times, and thus reduced the potential of a GA.
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Old 10th Dec 2015, 08:14
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Regulatory agencies, worldwide, have been remiss in establishing load auditing procedures in order to insure aircraft weight and balance calculations are correct.

Department of Transportation inspectors, using portable scales, conduct random tests on tractor/trailers.

Couldn't the same inspection techniques be applied to aircraft for gross weight and C/G analysis?
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Clearly you have never been involved or have seen a large aircraft being weighed? I'm not sure that the pax would take kindly to being forced to stay on board for the extended process or that the pax that are delayed by it for the rest of the aircraft day would be too impressed either.

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