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Wind up of JetStar Hong Kong

Old 2nd Nov 2015, 05:04
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Wind up of JetStar Hong Kong
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Whats Jetss??
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Over 3,600 views and my comment is number 3.

Amazing! - this site always surprises one, does it not?
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is this a wind-up?
You beat me to it!!!
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Old 5th Nov 2015, 02:22
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On the other side,
the former ugly stepchild Jetstar Pacific seems to have turned the corner, with some growth plans and profitability

Qantas and Vietnam Airlines unveil big growth plans for Jetstar Pacific
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Your right moa999, it certainly is a remarkable turn-around from 2011, in terms of the great Asian Shrinkage.

More classic "wishcasting" from a Jetstar CEO (which one? they all seem to sprout the same mantra)

Bruce Buchanan in 2011 [He is talking about the Asia region, not specific to Vietnam]
He said that the company is aiming to maintain a 20 per cent share of the Asia Pacific low-cost carrier market and might need to have as much as 400 aircraft by 2020.

"The total (fleet size of) the low-cost carrier market (in Asia-Pacific) is about 450 aircraft today and we envisage it to grow to in excess of 2000 aircraft by the end of the decade," he said on the sideline of a media briefing in Singapore.
"To maintain 20 per cent market share by 2020, we need about 400 aircraft," Buchanan added without elaborating when the carrier will start making orders of those aircraft.

to this SMH 2015 from your linked article [specific to Vietnam only]
Jetstar Pacific has made significant progress in recent years, cumulating in the low fares airline being profitable for the first nine months of calendar year 2015," Dr Minh said. "With the increased demand for low fares travel in Vietnam, we expect to grow Jetstar Pacific to a fleet of up to 30 aircraft by 2020."

The two articles (your link) and the old one are most interesting to read side by side. Amazing to compare & contrast the changes between then & now, and the massive roll back of the Pan Asian Franchise growth expectations.

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Wow, an A320 sharklets in mothballs....

PS windup: : the things that are done at the end of something (such as an event or process) : the final part of something
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100/0? Not likely...
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Good in some ways. Jetstar is guilty of assuming it can simply say "we are Jetstar" and get what they want, plus the red carpet.......
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Jetstar Pacific is actually providing some very positive figures to the brand.
Also, due to its "partnership" with Vietnam Airlines there are some "economy of scales".
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I am planning to depart to Hong Kong in Christmas holiday this year with my family. I hope Jetstar Hong Kong will be offering great discount.
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