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Jetstar NZ

Old 17th Jun 2015, 23:13
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Jetstar NZ

Have heard rumour Jetstar NZ Domestic announcement today any ideas?
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Old 17th Jun 2015, 23:48
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Heard it is significant, NZ Prime Minister and Transport Minister along with QF CEO Alan Joyce in attendance!
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Old 17th Jun 2015, 23:51
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Coming to NZ, and maybe Tasmania ..... Propstar! | Plane Talking
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Old 18th Jun 2015, 01:12
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Announcement due at 1400 18 June 2015 according to the local news station.
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Old 18th Jun 2015, 02:05
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Regional shake-up: Jetstar to break Air New Zealand's domestic stranglehold - Business - NZ Herald News

5 Q-300 apparently, still confirming route network with them
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Old 18th Jun 2015, 02:10
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Alan mentioned to be operated by QLINK (Eastern) but branded as JQ. Similar operation in the USA with the majors.

Jetstar branded aircraft and interiors. Interior to be revamped to JQ style.
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Old 18th Jun 2015, 02:12
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"The low cost carrier will use a fleet of five 50-seat Bombardier Q300 turbo-prop aircraft to fly to at least four regional centres initially.

Those cities being considered include Hamilton, Rotorua, New Plymouth, Napier and Palmerston North in the North Island and Nelson and Invercargill in the South Island."

Due to start in December.
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Old 18th Jun 2015, 02:18
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Do they have enough Q300s for these shenanigans?

EDIT: just read the other thread, I now understand...

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In negotiation with regional centres!

That is code for "how much will you subsidise our entry into your airport with cheap leases and landing fees".
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Old 18th Jun 2015, 02:20
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Big question is how they will crew them..

Are they going to be crew seconded to NZ on Eastern terms, or are they going to be employed in NZ with NZ terms which will be less than Eastern?

One way means this expansion into regional NZ will fail.. The other could mean the end of the current terms in Australia..

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Last time Ansett/Qantas tried this it wasn't until the creditors report came out that it was obvious no one running a turboprop against AirNZ has ever made any money doing it. The accountants spun the numbers for on-travel pax to make the turboprop operation look better than it was.
Good luck and hope there's lots of new jobs but unless the main trunk is happy subsidizing the turboprops, this venture is doomed.
There isn't the population increase outside of Auckland over the past decade to change the numbers much from 10 yrs ago.
But , as I said, good luck anyway. If you're unconvinced, have a look at the creditors report for AnsettNZ/Qantas NZ and crunch the numbers.
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Ewan Wilson must be spewing ... headshot by the big boys AGAIN, before he's even got off the ground this time
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And Tasmania?! Qantas pulling jets out of TAS again?

Joyce must own shares in virgin or something
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Jetstar operating turboprops on NZ wages and conditions??? Guess it won't take so long for pilots in this part of the world to be on food stamps!
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Regardless, it'll be nice to see more jobs for Kiwi Pilots on the horizon
QLINK (Eastern) but branded as JQ
Pick one...
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All the 300s are operated by Eastern on the register, and all the 400s are operated by Sunstate.

It's local terms so possibly a new company using the Aus AOC.

QLink pilots may be able to go on LWOP to NZ "subject to crewing requirements in Aus" so read that as a no expect for a few token ppl.

Not that there'll be a big rush of ppl to head to NZ except for a few homesock kiwis.
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Old 18th Jun 2015, 05:48
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I am sure AirNZ top management will scratch their heads when looking at their share price drop of almost 10% after the announcement.
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Or for a few of us that are still banging around in the piston pounders!
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Qlink AOC and operation, flown by pilots employed by a new local entity (separate to both Eastern and Jetstar NZ), managed by Jetstar NZ.

Clear as mud.
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I reckon good on them for giving it a stab.

Years and Years have gone where AirNz have been the only domestic carrier flying regional routes and as a result have stabbed the residents in the back with hefty fares. Now with Q300 of Jetstar NZ coming in it is really going to shake up the market.

Just shows you that the Air NZ investors are getting itchy with a 10% drop in the share price today and I wonder how long it will go on for, with American Airlines coming in and providing a better service than whats offered is really going to knock AirNz.

Its about time they have had some competetion - the likes of Qantas or Virgin Australia would love to be a sole operation airline
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