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QF to Haneda

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QF to Haneda

Qantas will begin daily flights to Tokyo’s Haneda Airport in August 2015, making it the only airline in Australia with direct flights into the near-city airport.
The airline will continue its daily flights from Sydney to Tokyo's Narita Airport flights, although it suggests that the timing of that flight may change "so that the combined services offer better flexibility for customers."
Like current Sydney-Narita schedule, the Haneda service will be an overnight flight from Australia to reach Tokyo in the morning.
However, the new Haneda flights are not expected to be anchored in Sydney, with Qantas considering other capital cities to anchor the route – opening the possibility of new routes such as Brisbane-Tokyo or Melbourne-Tokyo.
Qantas has also not yet revealed what type of aircraft will fly the route. The Sydney-Tokyo service is currently operated by a Boeing 747, and the airline says the new Haneda service "will be made possible as a result of improvements in the utilisation of our fleet."
While Narita is Tokyo's largest and busiest international airport it's also a long way from the city, taking almost an hour on airport express train services to the city centre compared to less than half an hour from Haneda on the Tokyo Monorail.
Travellers will also have access the recently-revamped Japan Airlines Sakura Lounge at Haneda Airport.
“This is great news for customers travelling from Australia to Tokyo and popular destinations across Japan" enthused Qantas Group CEO Alan Joyce.
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This really is a blast from the past, QF original jet services were to Haneda.
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...and BA have recently started LHR-HND again....
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Haneda is convenient for getting into Tokyo and Yokohama area.

One problem, is that the slots for international flights are quite restrictive. They seem to allow arrivals, either VERY early, 4 to 5 am or around 9 to 10 pm. The departure slots are also quite restrictive.

This may change as demand grows for this service.

If QF get decent slot times, it may well prove to be a popular flight for them. Hopefully they won't let J* do the Narita flights.
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Even Nagoya to Tokyo CBD is quicker than Narita.
After all (or almost all) international flights were ejected from Haneda, it has taken a lot of political pressure, and aviation gridlock at Narita (not to mention ground transport gridlock), to gradually allow international services back into Haneda.
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Cathay went back to HND over 2 years ago from HK.
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Many airlines have gone to HND after it was re-opened to international ops. Just took Qantas a while to get on the bandwagon (and is anyone really surprised?). Can two separate markets be maintained by Qantas with both NRT and HND being serviced?

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Like YVR, perhaps it is a trial to test popularity before ditching one or the other...
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I should have added CX serve both NRT and HND. Seems to work out ok....
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SQ also have 2x daily flights to each of HND & NRT.
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...and BA have recently started LHR-HND again....
recently being February 2011, and possibly the first European airline to do so!

arrives HND ~ 0730 local, departs ~1000 local
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I think the long term plan, is for Japan to use HND primarily for premium international carriers, and NRT to be used for low cost.
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Delta, United, and Hawaiian operate direct flights from the USA (Seattle, San Francisco, Honolulu) to Haneda.
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Good to see Qantas ahead of the pack but Haneda already served by following carriers:


Air Canada
Air China
Air France
British Airways
Cathay Pacific
China Airlines
Chine Eastern
HK Express
Philippine Airlines
Shanghai Airlines
Singapore Airlines
Thai Airways
Vietnam Airlines

Many of these carriers operating double daily.

Cathay has two a day out of Haneda and 5 a day out of Narita and it works fine. Most airlines charge a little more out of Haneda than they do for the same city pairings ex-Narita.
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If operating into HND late at night be careful:
Northerly Wind Operation,
Southerly Wind Operation,
Night Operation.
Day Operation,
Usually a runway closure,
Narita curfew,
LDA Approach,
No approaches onto 34L/R
No circling @ night.
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Hi Bypass

Not quite correct, yes at the bewitching hour of approx. 2300 Local until 0600 Local there are specific listed arrivals in order:

North wind arrivals ILS 34R then ILS 34L (no reverse)
South wind arrivals LDA 23 then ILS 23
If none of those are available:
VOR circle 16L
LDA 22 (no reverse)

as well as potential route changes if your arrival happens to be approaching 2300, you think you're early enough to have margin however ATC may beg to differ and advise rather late in the game!!

Also specified runways for departures with a report required if you use 34R.

All approaches have speed and/or altitude requirements, the LDA's (technically due local regs?) can't be done in Vnav so it's LOC and V/S etc.

Certainly a good briefing (maybe more important good cheat notes) required, especially for "late night ops" but some catches during the day for the unwary as well.

Cheers all.
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