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Air Niugini's subsidiary - LINK PNG

Old 30th Mar 2015, 18:44
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could someone please say something about the latest situation with ANG? how's the mediation? are people still leaving in big numbers?

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Old 30th Mar 2015, 23:25
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This is reposted with permission from the author.

Sums it all up very nicely.

Welcome to 20 fully serviced shared apartments with two separate bedrooms and bathroom facilities, common kitchen and living room at Ela Vista /Gardenia …….Would you like ELECTRICITY with that???

I offer these thoughts in the hope that some of those who make these decisions also read these posts.

Let’s Recap then (please correct me if I’m wrong):

A large group of professionals largely responsible for a reputation of world standard aviation safety over a 40 year period, are told to sign a new non-negotiable employment contract in breach of an existing legal enterprise bargaining agreement; with 33% less annual leave, pay cuts of at least 20% and slashed working conditions by 31st December 2014, or consider their employment terminated in 2015.
These Professionals are now known as ’A’ Scale.

About 65 Pilot’s who did sign (under duress) and who were previously based around the world in New Zealand, Australia, Philippines etc. now automatically become Port Moresby based but externally domiciled.

Then, despite roughly 66 /228 pilot resignations/ terminations/ redundancies in the preceding 6 – 12 months (or approx. Ľ Pilot Staff) in March 2015, ANL’s Board and senior staff arrange to relocate the POM accommodation arrangements of the remaining 65 offshore “Domiciled” pilots.

Despite the objections of the Chief Pilot, Manager’s Durrani and Umanga, at very short notice, ANL provided POM staff accommodation was changed from hotel accommodation with minimal transport delays to the airport and access to 24 hour sustenance; to 20 fully serviced shared apartments with two separate bedrooms and bathroom facilities, common kitchen and living room at Ela Vista/Gardenia; which are also rumoured to belong to a senior politician with a conflict of interest in ANL’s affairs.

That’s 65 pilots divided by 20 two bedroom apartments, which obviously doesn’t work if they are permanent digs for POM based crew. Luckily ANL senior managers don’t regard the Ela Vista/Gardenia complex as permanent accommodation.

According to Rei Lagona


“The accommodation in Moresby is merely transit accommodation for the work period in POM.”



“ANL is providing the accommodation in fully serviced apartments with two separate bedrooms and bathroom facilities, common kitchen and living room. It has been stated that FIFO don’t do this; that is incorrect as there are FIFO arrangements like this in PNG.”



“What is stated above is what the company can provide. Should crew decide not to utilise the Company provided accommodation because they refuse to share, then the crew concerned will have to arrange for his own accommodation at his own cost.”

Right, so company supplied, shared, temporary style accommodation a long way from the airport, with no alternative company option. Got it!

(I believe the FIFO arrangements Rei is referring to are in the Resource Sector, which is very far removed from the International Airline environment; and I don’t believe many resource sector FIFO operations have “Top Up” power or outages!)

Funnily enough, affected Pilots are not happy with what they see as a forced sharing arrangement and understand this accommodation issue is extremely important to every pilot. EVEN PX CADET PILOTS DO NOT SHARE APARTMENTS.

Pilots see it is a basic, fundamental component of employment conditions, not a side issue. In other words, A WORKPLACE HEALTH AND SAFETY ISSUE.

Pilots also see the non-negotiable attitude from senior ANL managers as confirmation of being treated with contempt – yet again.

ANL’s Chief Pilot’s view is reported to be:

“My "advice" was given to Durrani and Umanga after they requested input. They weren't in favour of the move either.
Basically, my point of view is……..no sharing with another pilot. The other issue is transport for shopping etc. I have a car and can fend for myself, not the case for the majority of pilots. If you cannot feed yourself then you will be unlikely to have an adequate rest period.”

Well said.

Although the small bedroom’s are reported to be unsuitable due to aircon and loud laundry noise, ANL managers still regard the Ela Vista/ Gardenia apartments as shared facilities, but neglected to ensure they were provisioned for more than one person; i.e. 1 cup, 1 glass, 4 plates, side plates and dessert bowls. 6 knives forks spoons and teaspoons. medium size sharp knife, spatula, fry pan and pot. (BYO washing powder and dish washing detergent).

If the units are to be shared then each occupant will need to bring his own cup and glass if he/she wishes to have a cup of coffee or a beer at the same time!

Almost immediately accommodation faults surfaced, suggesting a hurried preparation from management. I would argue that some of these issues are ANL’s direct duty of care responsibility to their employees. Examples listed in this thread include:

Bad sewage smells; Poor plumbing resulting in water flow and gurgling noises; Noisy neighbours and very noisy dogs for hours at night which is not restful and makes sleep impossible; Poor build quality, such as a hard to open door which didn't allow for an oven door clearance; Cheap glass doors with flimsy locking mechanism which block no noise on balcony and bedroom because of big air gaps; Sliding balcony security screens are difficult to operate & impossible to lock; No security on bottom gate leading to fire escapes and access to units; 2 pin power outlets; Power Points u/s; No hot water; Leaking shower cubicle because the floor is not recessed; Rooms not serviced; Un-reliable appliances….and no power because it had not been “Topped Up”; Ah well, early days right?

Assuming there is one, it could be argued some of the faults indicate serious flaws in the PNG building code. It does raise the question of what due diligence ANL undertook to ensure the safety of its employees before the unprecedented haste in forcing employees to move into the complex. It’s all good until the place goes up in flames and someone gets hurt, only to discover it wasn’t built to an accepted code.

Despite shared accommodation in a Port Moresby based situation being against ANL’s own current housing policy (Section 4.), the board and certain senior manager’s appear to be indifferent to ANL’s Duty of Care, in spite of contrary advice from other senior managers who have specific experience in these issues.

The Chief Pilot himself has acknowledged that as each pilot is exposed to different work patterns, therefore changing flatmates continually creates a level of fatigue which he/she is compelled to address; Pilots must now cook for themselves regardless of their duty times and must be able to access secure, reliable transport to shops to achieve this outcome. Most “New POM based” pilots do not possess motor vehicles in PNG and must rely on alternative transport options.

According to Rei Lagona, ANL recognise this problem:


“There will be a bus provided for an interim period to assist to get to the shops and a daily allowance of K100 per day also for the interim period. We will review this arrangement after a transitional settling period.”

As stated above, the shopping bus and allowance is a temporary arrangement only! After whatever unstated time period, ANL will cancel this service in the expectation that everyone will have access to private transportation and food supplies.

Which is all very good, except the company accommodation is “merely transit accommodation” and everyone knows how stable ANL’s roster system is, right?
No-one can plan to buy more than a few groceries at any one time because they will be expected to vacate their unit when overnighting or returning to their domicile. And depending on duty sign on/ sign off times, maybe not even then.

I never thought I would see a situation where aircrews would look forward to a Lihir or Moro Overnight/ Weekend. I can now!

But let’s suppose for a moment that you COULD do a decent shop and store it in your POM unit until you return, with no worries about food theft by your flatmate:
How can you guarantee the REFRIGERATOR you left your frozen and fresh food in, will not be turned off by Port Moresby’s Unique Electricity supply and lack of Standby Power: or because someone forgot to “Top Up” PNG Power’s Easipay Prepaid Electricity supply.

How would you know that your food had not been spoiled while you were way – even for one day? As all pilots know, food poisoning, is a very real issue.

In 1980, (yes, 35 years ago) Port Moresby’s Electricity Outages were World Famous. All hotels had standby power even way back then. PNG Power (Elcom) has possibly the world’s longest running electricity supply issue and is also possibly the most consistently mismanaged utility provider in the world. And it’s now broke!

So, does anyone know if the Ela Beach Gardenia Apartment complex has Standby Power generators to protect against the infamous and inevitable daily power outages?

But, even if there IS Standby Power, with “PNG Power’s Easipay Prepaid Electricity” your electricity may still be turned off! And exactly how much electricity does K400 / Month per apartment buy you anyhow? Apparently, not enough to support the operation of trivialities such as lights, aircon and REFRIGERATION.

Top Up Power? In An International Flag Carrier’s Company Supplied Staff Accommodation? Less than ideal before or after a reasonably busy day I would suggest.

Regardless, the current accommodation arrangements can only encourage poor eating habits due to lack of access to quality meats and good fresh fruit and vegetables; or just lack of access to food; and will make short term fatigue and illness issues inevitable. Chronic Fatigue also becomes an issue.

ANG Mis-Managers have now set a new World Record in Airline Standards: Low, Very Very Low, even by PNG standards! It seems ANL’s Industrial Relations Policy and Duty Of Care to it’s Professional Staff is beyond repair.

The important thing for ANL’s Board and Senior Managers to realise is that it is not just the pilot’s problem! It’s theirs also because their decisions created it!

Just my two cents worth.
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Old 31st Mar 2015, 18:51
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very concise information

thank you for your response
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Old 19th Apr 2015, 22:54
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I have just been reliably informed that PX standards are now close to those of poorer operators in the GA sector.

Following a recent unserviceability at a mining camp a replacement a/c was sent out. Crewing and operations insisted that the original crew continue with the flight to Cairns knowing that they would break flight and duty limitations.

No amount of protest by the crew to crewing and operations meant anything. Fatigue and safety were ignored, the job had to be completed.

Finally the Captain contacted very senior management and had them intervene. Sensibility then prevailed.

My informant says this is now not an isolated issue.
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Old 23rd Apr 2015, 03:38
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PX are due back in court today.
And I'm told there is a board meeting.
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Old 24th Apr 2015, 03:48
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Word is the train wreck moves on.

Interviews recently held in Melbourne and Singapore.

From a candidate - PX were unable to confirm any of his questions and were quite vague with giving exact details. Also that the 'new' guys that were being interviewed had not seen the contract and didn't know what their salary would be.

As for the ongoing industrial case - mediation did not occur. Apparently PX is appealing the original decision again.

Interesting to note that it is legal for the expats to take industrial action and rumour is that they may be heading down this path.
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Old 24th Apr 2015, 10:26
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Talking to some PX older hands this afternoon.
Mediation last month did not succeed due PX recalcitrance mainly.

Court hearing yesterday was apparently for the report from the mediation days last month ,but it did not happen because of either court admin stuff up (matter listed by lawyer but did not appear on the days list of events) or judge removed it for some reason, perhaps knowing that dispute/arbitration is pending anyway.

PX would want to avoid arbitration at all costs because matters will be finally ruled on (judges decision is final and all that) and they wont be able to spin it out with endless appeals and any other delaying tactics they can think of.
Yes PX is still appealing the first judge's decision (the one that sent them to mediation in the first place).

No, I don't understand that either."The land of the unexpected" they used as a tagline for years--yep there's a reason for that.

Another gem from the people who have been given management titles---PX Cadets are now being told that when they check out for their first command --they will be on the "B" scale pay.

This despite the fact that their new "contract' says B scale is for "employees engaged by PX after 1st Jan 2015".
A 10 years-with-PX cadet just starting his command training was told this last week --not a happy camper--and understandably so.They treat their people very badly nowadays if they think they can get away with it.

An extra bonus gem--- the fact that new cadets were called individually to the office a few months ago and told to resign from the National Airline Pilots Union if they wanted job security, or words to that effect.

I reckon good contract lawyer in a normal first world jurisdiction would have an absolute gold-plated field day with all the "new PX contract" irregularities.

B scale Dash 8 Capt = 108,000 AUD gross then top level PNG tax taken out
B scale Dash 8 FO = 46,000 AUD gross --go figure.....why anyone would apply??

Latest news just to hand, well latest rumour actually, but that is what we are all here for, right?

An APNG pilot was remarking to another pilot on the electronic media the other day..the context being that there were many unresolved contractual issues in the APNG pilot world..."we are supposed to join up with Link PNG in a couple of weeks , and they still haven't got xyz sorted"

What did he mean?
Rumour or Fact?
That one needs an investigative journalist!!
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Old 6th May 2015, 22:02
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Seems like the word is out.

At the recent Singapore interviews only 3 turned up. None suitable.
In Melbourne, 10 turned up, either ex retrenched PX pilots, unemployed ex PX pilots and a couple of local PNG guys. 3 failed the sim

Roaring success.

Oh and 2 more experienced pilots resigned. Will make for an interesting DHC8 sim. Bit thin on checkies now.

And it is now common practice to roster in excess of 12 hours duty and PRINT it on the roster! Where is CASA and Senior PX management pilots???

No word on the non mediation meetings.
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Old 8th May 2015, 16:41
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PX were unable to confirm any of his questions and were quite vague with giving exact details. Also that the 'new' guys that were being interviewed had not seen the contract and didn't know what their salary would be.
At the recent Singapore interviews only 3 turned up. None suitable.
I was invited and asked to bear all the costs including airfare,hotel etc which would be reimbursed ONLY IF I WERE SUCCESSFUL. I sent an email asking for the package on offer and I was informed that
We do not provide complete details of the package by email and this is discussed in the interview.
I didn't think twice before refusing to attend. Now when I read about what happened there, I think my decision was more than correct.
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Old 9th May 2015, 14:34
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Guru 8904

I had a friend email me the following in relation to the current ANG T&C’s. It is posted to given an idea of what you would have been offered.

As soon as the 2015 contract came into existence it was reduced to PDF and should be freely available. Admittedly PNG Employment agencies do not have any online facility for such things, but I am guessing that "someone" would know "someone" who had a copy to pass on.

The main points of the contract are as follows:

The Contract of employment lasts for 2 years, the Contract Conditions last for 6 years

All those employed from 2015 will be paid the “B” Scale salary.
It is paid in PNG Kina, but below figures have been converted into USD at the current rate. The USD figure will fluctuate with the value of the kina, which can be a little volatile.

Tax in PNG is quite high, so both Gross and Net have been given to give an appreciation of take home salary. I believe that ANG will be interviewing for the DH8 Classic and the F100/70 fleets.

$USD 8,428 Gross a month, $USD 5,248 a month after your tax is paid.

First Officer
$USD 3,596 Gross a month, $USD 2,446 a month after your tax is paid.

$USD 11,000 Gross a month, $USD 6,740 a month after your tax is paid.

First Officer
$USD 7,638 Gross a month, $USD 4,790 a month after your tax is paid.

(reducing pro rata over 2 years):
DH8 $AUD 25,000
F100/70 $AUD 30,000
If already endorsed you will be bonded to the value of $6,000 pro rata over 12 months.

Everyone is based in POM, although you can be domiciled elsewhere. Y Class ticketing is provided 2X a block if you are domiciled elsewhere. You travel in your own time, which if connecting flights do not fit your roster mean you will travel on your days off.

No-one has seen the revised housing policy, however in the past if you were POM based reasonable accommodation was provided. This was free of cost but rumour/gossip is that that may very well change once the new housing policy is released. There is a taxation and company charge that MAY be applied.

For those that are domiciled elsewhere other than POM, accommodation is provided at a large apartment complex. The 2 bedroom apartments whilst small are secure and modern with reasonable facilities (cable tv, pool, BBQ area gym, aircon etc). The finish is somewhat “shoddy” when compared to 1st world countries, but still OK.

ANG runs the individual rooms like a hotel room. You “check out” of your room and another “checks in”. Your roommate "checks out", another checks in. There is no permanent room, nor is there any permanent roommate.

You may very well “check in” late at night only to wake your roommate, who may wake you in the morning with his early start. Your roommate may be one that has a partner or child residing/overnighting in the apartment as well.

Both bedroom have their access off the loungeroom, so unless you wish to be inconsiderate, no more watching late night TV if your roommate is in bed.

The only way for privacy is to lock yourself in the room, or hope roomate overnights elsewhere.

10 days off a month. You can request these in blocks such as 1,1,1,7 or 4,1,5 or 4,2,4, etc. Remember that you will most likely travel on some of these days so they will most likely not be full days at Domicile. Domicile elsewhere is not as good as it sounds as you have to travel in own time to and from work. Single days off will obviously be spent in POM as it will be impractical to travel anywhere.

28 DAYS (accessible after 12 months of continuous service).

15 days for each 12 month of service, cumulative to 3 years.

Both the Citizen and Expat Pilot bodies are currently involved in Court Action against ANG relating to the implementation of the 2015 (present) contract.

Since this contract was introduced around 40 pilots have left. Some just walked without jobs to go to.
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Old 11th May 2015, 11:53
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Since this contract was introduced around 40 pilots have left. Some just walked without jobs to go to.
...yep...and haven't looked back! Sooner be broke than work for the current idiots in charge, although I picked up work pretty quickly...there is life outside of PX...we're actually quite employable it turns out!
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Old 11th May 2015, 16:46
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Having received the formal letter of successful interview in the last few days, the offer is at best vague and well below acceptable, not only to undertake the job in a day to day role, but also with the main fact that you are PMO based.

Not here to slag anyone, but just puting my two cents in.
Pleasant experience all round, sim and interview were both pleasant and relaxed. Seem to be a nice bunch of guys to work with.
The T and Cs now on B scale leave alot to be desired. Accommodation, paxing, rosters, general flight and duty times all still a mystery.

Was really looking forward to my next challenge and adventure.

Back to the drawing board
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Old 12th May 2015, 11:22
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capt available

curious, did you let ANG know your thoughts, and if so, was there a response?

Understand if there are "In Confidence" issues.
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Old 25th May 2015, 06:08
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Word from up North is that National F/O cadets on the F100 who have completed their cadetshipp time have now been put onto Dash 8 F/O B scale wages!

Also whispered to me that a PX 767, Captained by a management pilot, flew to Brisbane a couple of days ago and is now "tech" due to skin damage from a loose emergency escape step flapping in the breeze at 500 kts.

Told they decided to get the aircraft to Brisbane rather than a far quicker return to Port Morseby. All "gossip" at this stage but does seem to fit their current way of thinking.

Anyone in the know from up there able to confirm this?
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Old 3rd Jun 2015, 20:48
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Latest from PX insiders, court case is still progressing. PX challenging court decision to allow for the pilots to be combined. Mediation cannot commence until this is sorted out.

In the meantime EMFO rumoured to be threatening Q400 drivers who are refusing to be training captains that they will not get Fokker commands.

Harmonious relations continue.

And rumour HR have advised that from the interviews etc 8 have been offered jobs but with no command prospects.
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Old 4th Jun 2015, 14:50
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Sadly had to say no thanks

Finer details hazy to say the least
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Old 6th Jun 2015, 01:34
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Also whispered to me that a PX 767, Captained by a management pilot, flew to Brisbane a couple of days ago and is now "tech" due to skin damage from a loose emergency escape step flapping in the breeze at 500 kts.

Anyone in the know from up there able to confirm this?
Anything to do with the GIRT Bar?

Blue Skies, and keep the faith.

Regards to ya all, Big E.
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Old 7th Jun 2015, 23:24
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Girt Bar. On a 767? I thought that they had left the Boeings after the 737's.
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Old 30th Jun 2015, 23:55
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Latest from up north:

The court case is still being delayed by PX. How long can they do this before the court says enough is enough?

BIG battle looming cos pilots are not returning keys to Ela Vista (they do not want to change rooms/beds) and company is threatening to charge K500 to replace the keys AND charge for electricity to those offending. And because of missing keys pilots are being put up in the Gateway again!

Question is, will the troops invoke industrial action (strike) that is now allowed under the industrial system? This one may set it off.

More pilots have left and more to follow very soon. The bed issue will further increase this number.

Stay tuned.
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I would imagine any such industrial action during the next 3 weeks would not go unnoticed, especially if flights to the neighbouring Island Nations were effected.
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