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Truss: Aviation Safety Regulation Review

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Truss: Aviation Safety Regulation Review

Old 23rd Sep 2014, 07:23
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Now having positively and irrefutably identified the problem my guess is we consult Emily's List for a solution. Or the non-major party aligned Senators if they have the balance of power. Someone like Palmer perhaps, he's very non aligned and could do with a balance as well. Should we dismiss Fawcett because he's aligned.

Probably the best short term thing could be a Transport Minister. We appear to be lacking one of them. In the meantime, because we have a government who can't control CAsA, may one ask "Who's watching the watchdog"? (g'day Paul). *sigh*

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Creampuff is right; the purpose of CASA is to insulate the Government from responsibility from anything to do with aviation safety.

Liberal or Labor, it makes no difference, neither side will upset the apple cart.

Let us consider the worst case scenario; a fully loaded Qantas A 380 crashes in Collins street Melbourne or Martin place Sydney in peak hour.

The Government of the day is completely protected because "CASA is an independent statutory body".

The price for CASA assuming that risk is a free hand to embuggerise anyone and everyone it wants to.

The only way out of this mess is for aviation enthusiasts to start their own political party and target marginal senate seats with a view to directing preferences as a way of keeping people OUT of power.

To put it another way, the only law any government respects is the law of the ballot box.

Look for marginal liberal and labor senators and MP's and act!
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Old 23rd Sep 2014, 10:08
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I'll be at the Pub.
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Old 23rd Sep 2014, 11:48
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Govt protection? They have to be kidding!

In the result of a large smoking hole in this country there will be a Royal Commission, or two, no doubt. The "independent statutory authority" rubbish goes out the window in this scenario. Particularly with what is on the government record at present regarding the Senate AAI and ASRR by David Forsyth.

Truss may thinks he's protected by CASA, however that's a bit like saying that the DAS is protected by having a Board. If I was the new DAS I'd be removing myself from the Board to add another layer of personal risk exposure protection. The smart Senators, have unanimously, put a very strong expert view on public record which is not only responsible action and what taxpayers and the travelling punter expect, it demonstrates their own concerns and diligence. Albo, Truss and Mrdak are simply rolling the dice. Gamble responsibly boys!

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Old 23rd Sep 2014, 13:04
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Truss admits he has no testicles - News at 1100

So Truss, as Deputy Prime Minister of Australia has no control of CASA, a government agency? So why then do we have CASA at all? Why have an overpaid public servant like MrDak who reports to Mr Truss on matters that Mr Truss has no control over? All seems like a bit of a waste of time don't you think? And what about other government agencies such as the armed forces, ASIO, and the ATO? Does the sleepy old farmer, aka Deputy Prime Minister have any control over those government departments? Somebody then please remind me why we pay Mr Truss a salary? Poor old Mr Truss, neutered by CASA, in fact admitting that he is CASA's bitch, how embarrassing! Tsk tsk. I will never be able to look at his weather beaten crusty bald head the same way again.

And from one bald buffoon to another;

Terry Farquarson says the process for appointment of a permanent director of aviation safety is well and truly underway, with a rigorous process in place to find the best candidate involving the CASA board, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development Warren Truss “and beyond”.
Ummm earth to Terry, are you sure Truss is involved in the selection process? After all he doesn't have the authority or testicles to direct anything to do with CASA, so why get involved in choosing a new DAS?

And this little dig at the IOS from the A/g Director A380 Safety;

Despite some dire predictions, Monday 1 September 2014 came and went and the aviation world did not come to a halt.
Good to see that Terry is continuing with the McComic style of ever so gently twisting the knife blade between the shoulders of the very industry he has agreed to work with! Good work Terry, top marks.

The full nauseating brief here;

Civil Aviation Safety Authority - September

Oh well, ho hum and all that. Tis all just a game really isn't it? It helps widdle the time away while these mighty men of bureaucratic power count down the years, days and taxpayers dollars until the day they retire fat, dumb and happy.
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Old 23rd Sep 2014, 13:46
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Tezza and his "mates"!

Well said Sot!
Tezza is up to neck in it with SkySentinel. He started the movement, guaranteeing it was going to cost about $40,000, and it was rock solid. What a joke! Plus the IP issues which the Richard Dreyfuss discounted!
Forgive me if I'm wrong, but didn't Herr Skull say "come hell or high water" the regulatory reform project will be complete under his tenure? Well I'm not hot or wet!
And whilst CASA maintains the spotlight, what the hell is going on with the ATSB? The Commission has failed. Beaker is seen as an idiot (cause he is), and yet life goes on! The ASASI are hosting the annual ISASI conference in ADL next month. I suspect Beaker might get thrown a few very awkward questions on the panel in front of an expert international audience. Actually, I don't suspect it, he will! Should be a great evening of comedy!

Anyway enough rant. Regarding you comment Soteria,

[QUOTE]So Truss, as Deputy Prime Minister of Australia has no control of CASA, a government agency?/QUOTE].

The minuscule can't "direct" safety regulation (as per the Act), but he can certainly influence decision making and set policy. Also, has the accountability to resolve corruption and collusion within his ranks (including MrDak). THAT'S HIS ROLE!
And where is the beloved Dr Hawke in this mess? Never gets a mention, yet he is Chairman of the Board! Bring on an Inspector General reporting to the AG. The only way to get rid of the current malfeasance. Someone outside the portfolio needs to "watching and reporting".

As for the new CASA Board members, I'd be very surprised if David Cox has accepted. He certainly has enemies, but one of the smartest guys I've ever met. Boeing used to seek his opinion! Enough said.
If the current philosophy stays (under Hawke) maybe they'll look at Ita Buttrose for the role. Good on TV at least. "Clip Clop" Hawke doesn't look good at all on TV - old fart with a beard who mumbles about himself a lot. Maybe get Cate Blanchett on the Board. At least a great look, and a better actor/ress than Wuss, Hawke and MrDak!

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Hearts, minds and testis.

Hmm...I know of at least one individual, who was on the short-list, that was willing & extremely able plus immediately available, so just another piss poor excuse (PPE) me-thinks.
When those who write history seek answers, one of the most telling reasons for Australia becoming the poor man of world aviation will be the selection 'process' for the next DAS and board. That people, the calibre of Cox, Smith and Watson who should have been recruited, but have not, will be a tombstone. A fellah, like Mike Smith in tandem with a Watson would neatly, quietly and effectively clean Sunny's stables, relax the FAA and ICAO; and, with a good team in support regain industry and probably Senate faith; take them about nine months I reckon.

But one, standing alone, has no hope – Cox is smart enough to know that and Boyd bloody well should be. Isolated and outnumbered, the lone reformer will perish; even if the Mrdak seal of approval for change was granted – which it won't be. The only changes young Mike wants to see are clever ones, akin to the fine print on airport paper work, deftly redefining 'air transport' to allow access to those who prefer housing estates on land initially gifted to the Commonwealth, making profits and not paying their stamp duty to the State which was granted the gifted land when the war was over. Shameless and bad economics – look at the contribution aviation makes to NZ economy, the difference is stark and self evident.
Sarcs - in one of those rare moments that McComic allowed the Don to speak.
@# 1331 the clip is solid gold, for students of human nature – watch the first 60 seconds. The look on the Farqu-hard-sons visage (@25 seconds) is a perfect study of a rabbit caught in the headlights. A WTF moment defined and captured.

The minuscule can't "direct" safety regulation (as per the Act), but he can certainly influence decision making and set policy.
A little further along @ about 30 seconds; there is a salutary lesson for our miniscule. Watch carefully to see just how a CASA heavy can easily be intimidated by a politician. The part where Bill Heffernan shuts McComic down with a wave of his finger. McComic backed up so fast he would have fallen over his own feet; had they not been planted firmly in his mouth. You see minuscule, despite your puling, piddling excuses you do have the juice to shut the fools down. Which leaves us the vexed question, why don't you? Even the fearless Wodger the reforming Wabbit nearly wet his pants when a minor State Polly barked at him one day; so Shirley a deputy prime minuscule and a leader of a party and a minuscule of the crown could persuade a bunch of public servants play nice or bliss off.

Just remember – it's not up to CASA to decide if change and reform will occur. The industry demands it, your own research proves it and it is, as the responsible Minister your duty to provide the tax payer with the very best system we can sensibly afford. Now, for pities sake – Crack on.

Watch again as Uncle Bill shows you exactly how it's done. Repeat as often necessary.

Tot toot...Bravo Bill - Bravo.....
Roosevelt – "When you have them by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow".

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Old 24th Sep 2014, 08:55
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The Minister has no control over CASA? Balls, Bullshit, crap.

The Government of the day, advised by The Minister, makes budgetary provisions for CASA. They hold the purse strings. THAT IS THE ULTIMATE AND ABSOLUTE CONTROL OVER CASA. Sorry for shouting.
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So, this question must be asked - Why would the Deputy Prime Minister of Australia say he has no control over CASA, if in fact he does have control over CASA? Why would he lie? What is his motivation? What is his 'intent'? Seems like some shenanigans going on with this obsfucating Minister. Why why why?
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The government can also introduce into the Parliament and pass stuff called "legislation". Governments don't seem to have too much trouble in producing lots of it.

CASA exists because of one section in one piece of legislation: The Civil Aviation Act.

That Act can be changed. CASA can be given different powers and functions.

That Act can be repealed. CASA would cease to exist if it were repealed.

That is the ultimate and absolute control.

(Soteria: Because Mr Truss and all his predecessors in recent decades don't want to be seen to have any means of control.)
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Angel Flight update - QLD political football.

All good questions Soty and Creamy's answer is fairly close to the mark but there is another element and that is the crazy swings & roundabouts of QLD politics, in particular the internal boiling pot of the LNP. After all why do you think DPM Wuss was drawn out in the first place to reply to an article on what can only be described as a minor voter issue i.e. Angel Flight. Why would he bother?? Well probably because at least half of QLD (North of Wide Bay) absolutely hate the guy and it would appear that they're none to fond of Barnaby...:
Push for Lawrence Springborg to replace Warren Truss as deputy PM

SENIOR Newman Government minister Lawrence Springborg is being touted as a possible replacement for Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss.

The Sunday Mail understands a push is on for Mr Springborg to leave George Street for Canberra and replace Nationals stalwart Bruce Scott as the federal Member for Maranoa so he can be considered for the Nationals leadership - and deputy prime minister role.

TRUSS: Slow and steady wins the race

Federal Liberal and National MPs unhappy with the performance of Nationals deputy leader Barnaby Joyce are behind the push.
Mr Joyce is considered the next in line to replace Mr Truss .

Mr Springborg admitted yesterday LNP figures had approached him previously about switching to Maranoa, but said the speculation about him replacing Mr Truss as deputy prime minister was “intriguing”.

“I’ve never heard about that. I don’t know where it’s come from,” he said.“If I said I was flattered by it, it would probably be an over-exaggeration. I’m more bemused by it than anything else.” {Weasel words for..."my bags are packed just give me the nod"..}

Mr Springborg said he was committed to remaining in the Queensland Parliament.
It would also appear that the Courier Mail has also got the knives out for the Wuss?? Let me explain, here is the CM version of the Wuss reply letter (as supplied by Frank..):

However it would appear that the Courier Mail has taken selective editing to a whole new level...

Apparently this was the true version of the Wuss reply letter (edited parts are in bold which includes the title)..:
Angel Flight well respected: Truss

20th September, 2014

Had anyone from the Courier-Mail bothered to contact my office before publishing ‘Deputy PM turns back on the bush’ (20 September 2014), a few salient facts may have helped your readers.

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) is responsible for ensuring the safe operation of civil aircraft and that objective will not be compromised. Australia has an enviable reputation for safe flying.

CASA is statutory body and, as Minister, I cannot direct it on safety regulations.

From time to time, CASA issues discussion papers when it is considering options to revise regulatory measures. The purpose of discussion papers is to ensure that options being considered are the best available before beginning any new rule making procedures.

This Australian Government is all about removing red tape and cutting regulations that place unreasonable burdens on businesses and community organisations. We are not in favour of creating onerous obstacles where none are needed.

Angel Flight is a well respected and admired community organisation. Its volunteers (including the pilots) give freely of their time and resources so that country people with health issues, who are under financial hardship, can obtain the treatment they need.

Angel Flight does outstanding work across Australia, which is greatly appreciated by country communities. The government is anxious to ensure that this work can continue without interruption.

Angel Flight already complies with all CASA regulations. The Australian Transport Safety Bureau report into an August 2011 fatal accident near Horsham Airport involving an Angel Flight arranged aircraft attributed no fault to the charity.

The report also noted that Angel Flight passenger transport operations were classified as private flights with operational responsibility resting with the pilot in command.

In those circumstances CASA would need to mount a strong argument to justify taking a more heavy-handed regulatory approach to volunteer community organisations.

It is also worth noting that the Government has recently completed a major review of CASA and will shortly respond to its major recommendations. The Government is in the process of appointing new Board members and a new CEO.
Puts a slightly different spin on it I guess but we all know that the Wuss is well known for speaking with forked tongue himself...

Example from last year...:
Air crash investigation needs full throttle response

27th May, 2013“MINISTER Anthony Albanese must urgently respond to the recommendations flowing from a Senate Committee investigation into a ditched Pel-Air flight off Norfolk Island in November 2009,” Nationals leader and Shadow Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Warren Truss said today.

“The recommendations, handed down last Thursday by the Senate Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport References Committee in their Aviation Accident Investigations Report, make disturbing reading.

“The Senate Inquiry was established following the release of the Australian Transport Safety Bureau’s (ATSB’s) report into the Norfolk Island incident almost three years after the event.

“The circumstances of the flight were both a disaster and a miracle. Despite mistakes being made by the pilot on the air ambulance trip from Apia (Samoa) to the Australian mainland, all four passengers and two crew were saved, the aircraft successfully ditching at night off the coast of Norfolk Island during bad weather.

“However, the purpose of the Senate Inquiry was not the incident itself, but the alleged breakdown in investigation and reporting by the ATSB and the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).

“Specifically, the report states:

‘The committee accepts that the pilot in command made errors on the night, and this inquiry was not an attempt to vindicate him. Instead, the committee’s overriding objective from the outset was to find out why the pilot became the last line of defence on the night and to maximise the safety outcomes of future ATSB and CASA investigations in the interests of the travelling public’.

“The report makes 26 recommendations to improve the conduct, regulation and procedures governing aviation incident investigations, which the Committee argues were not up to scratch.

“People have every right to expect world’s best practice when it comes to aviation safety, which includes comprehensive investigation and reporting of incidents. The community is entitled to have confidence in our aviation safety regulations and the conduct of our regulators.

“Similarly, it is vital that through comprehensive incident investigations and reporting, industry and regulators are accorded the opportunity to learn from past mistakes and improve systems to overcome existing weaknesses.

“The Report raises serious issues of process that must be addressed. Minister Albanese must restore public confidence in our accident investigatory bodies and deal with the concerns raised in the Inquiry as a matter of urgency.”
Meanwhile the plight of Angel Flight is starting to come onto some more MSM radars (i.e. other than QLD):

Air angels under threat, warns founder

Angels fearing clipped wings

Angel Flight anger over proposed CASA changes

Somehow I don't think this will be the last that the Wuss will hear about Angel Flight..

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Truss and denial

Truss has to approve the new DAS! Seems like "total control" to me. The Truss logic makes no sense - he approves a person who has serious powers, yet has no control over them! ABSOLUTE CRAP!
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Dreyfuss caught out.

If you watch the video posted by Sarcs closely, you'll see the Skull bail to Dr Voodoo (aka R Dreyfuss) and he talks about transparency and the ability to improve reports through open communication. He didn't know the Senate Committee were full throttle on the Chambers report at the time. Fool!
Watch again! Its in the last 20 seconds of the video. Gold!

Senator Heffernan Person at the back of the room 150213 - YouTube

So how did all this honesty result in keeping critical documents and information kept secret? Mmmmm.

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Australia has an enviable reputation for safe flying.
This always cracks me up, and is the first thing CASA and the ATSB wheel out in their glossy brochures - as if they were responsible for it!

I think the truth is that Australia is essentially a flat country with benign weather. Transplant our regulator over to NZ with Mountainous terrain and shit weather and they would be parking aircraft into the hills every week…

I've also been told that the US has more aircraft movements in a day then we have in a year. So our statistics are vulnerable to one accident which would completely blow our rate through the roof to 'African' levels of safety...

I wish someone would smash this little piece of mis-advertising...
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a comparison between Australia and the USA statistics reveals just how big a lie regarding Australia's so called enviable "safety" standard is.

Bureaucrats are experts at massaging statistics to suit their agenda.

Compare the NTSB reported accidents per 100 thousand flying hours in the US against the ATSB reported accidents per 100 thousand hours.

Might give you a shock.

Using those statistics our billion Dollar rewrite of aviation reg's (it'll end up being a billion if they ever finish them) has been a complete and utter failure in achieving a single benchmark of what the government directed CAsA to do, nor has it had the slightest affect on safety, if anything the exact opposite.

In fact the industry is more likely to be completely gone long before the rewrite is completed.

Which sort of makes you wonder, why not just stop where they are?

The current reg's are very effectively grinding the GA industry into oblivion, why waste even more money?

The RPT guys are bleeding, maybe foreign operators will be given unfettered access to our domestic market, either way it won't make much difference, under Australian reg's our airfares will go back to the old unaffordable two airline days.

Minuscule and his mates better start saving now, widening highways is a costly business. We could end up with the pacific highway as wide as its long...Oh yeah someone else already thought of that!

Regardless of CAsA's failure and the corrupt waste of taxpayer's money, minuscule Wuss states he has no control over them and by inference neither does the government.

One thing seems very evident, CAsA can happily go on squandering public money, completely embuggering an industry and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

Was someone right to call for civil disobedience?

Australia is an example of how inane very poor legislation can hobble an industry.

New Zealand is an example of how good legislation can let an industry reach it's potential, contributing significantly to the national wealth and wellbeing.

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On minimum Trusst.

BRB last evening – there being no darts challenge to meet, was a fairly routine affair; the big topic of course – the extraordinary statement made by the hush power minuscule who, even at the best of times, operates on minimum thrust, which well and truly buggers up the OTP figures.

Most of the BRB are 'practical' folk, not naturally inclined to spend sunny days pawing through legal tomes, getting all dusty. But the existing high level of outrage relating directly to the manner in which matters aeronautical, of some importance are being brushed aside created a fairly hostile atmosphere. It would not, not initially at least, have been a good idea for Truss to 'pop in' for quick one on his way home. However, good sense and sage advice managed to sooth the beast. It seems 'technically' one of the very few parts of the letter to the BCM was quite factual. Enter the legal eagles: herewith, the potted version, you will I hope forgive any inaccuracy due to my translation and reporting; so E&OE:-

The 'Angel Flight' conundrum for CASA is the 1988 Reg 2 (7) and 7A. It seems that by effectively having to turn a blind eye, CASA are exposed, in the event of death or injury. The 'problem' is make sure that the 'operations' are clearly outside the direct responsibility of CASA. This by either a change to regulation; or, some form of self administration system established and probably some minimum qualification regime. Note: there was a modicum of sympathy for the CASA position expressed and that says something, coming from the BRB..

The minuscule playing his 'get out jail card' works in this instance, the weasel words in the rest of the published missive just dump the whole shooting match back on the CASA doorstep (more sympathy). But in fairness, there is little he can do – upfront for Angel Flight, however it does indicate a general shout of like it or lump it as he slithers out the back door. The 'kicker', CASA must be satisfied, does not bode well for AF, but so far no blood on the minuscule's hands.

Next, as CASA is a statutory body, CA Act sections 8, 12, 12A and 12 B, seem to define the ministers role in CASA affairs. It's a top flight legal job to decode as there are more by-ways and back alleys leading to the wriggle room and although it all borders on the old 'constitutional' wrangle; (State v Commonwealth) it would take a brave, young, very wealthy individual or group to tackle it.

It was agreed that it all comes down to willpower; or in the minuscule case – won't power. He can issue broad directions (interpreted to suit) and in matters regulatory directions of a 'general' nature; CASA are obliged to obey those; but, and once again, the 'interpreted to suit' trump card is played and it's back to court. Much to the general satisfaction and future well being of the legal teams.

A stronger, more determined man could shake this all loose, some of the past ministerial types have had an impact and cracked the whip. Is Truss such man? – BRB verdict a resounding, unanimous NO..

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~

The MoP remains a 'hot topic' and served well to restore the usual bonhomie; theories abound. One of the crew suggested a new 'wrinkle' and a couple of questions which generated some discussion. (Q) Was Mike Watson interviewed by the Canucks ?, if not why not? (Q) Are the ATSB are playing footsy with the Canucks, swapping 'fact' checks and doing all that collective executive team and investigator in charge input crap. As this is a family show, the speculative comments and agreements may not be published, being as how we've gone all PC and coy. But the notion that Beaker and his merry band of word benders are going to get off, Scot free is a whimsical dream. If the lid is ever blown off this little lot, even the media may get beyond just publishing well crafted media releases, edited to suit.

And that's about it, for on topic subjects that is; unless you want the on going saga of TB's beloved lampshade?? Recherché?, of course it is.

Toot toot....

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Back in the good ‘ol days, when Dick had their attention because he threatened to campaign in support of Tony Windsor in John Anderson’s seat, and Dick got to play with airspace:
Mr ANDERSON —The person who asked the question now asks me for my professional advice on air safety. It needs to be recognised that the model set up by the member for Kingsford-Smith, when he was the minister for aviation, clearly set up CASA as the body responsible for air safety in this country.

Ms Kernot —So you're in charge now?

Mr ANDERSON —I suggest that the member for Dickson should go and have a look at how the model was set up. It makes CASA responsible for air safety.
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Falling Leaf;

Any "enviable" safety record, we may have, is in spite of CAsA, not because of CAsA. If there were no regulatory bodies as we now know them, there would be no impact upon safety, only financial industry security. EDIT to note Ceampuffs contribution that spells out clearly who is in charge of the asylum.

The BRB verdict on "Noddy Trust" was too kind in the reporting I would say. Having failed to gain admittance to Leftlegs group therapy class, the waste of my time was exaggerated by the lack of darts comp called off at the last minute. The absence of logic on the Trist question defied all attempts to reach any sane objective agreement except maybe the wheels had fallen off his mobile meth lab and the resulting vapors had him in a perpetual comatose state. He is dwelling in an induced intellectual comfort zone, (see Kharon post), and although having no control over CAsA, believes their invidious pious and sanctimonious policy's will see him through to his retirement at the Pete Slippery sanatorium where there is a work program to keep him busy. The Ills Of Society, (IOS), put forth a motion of name change to "aviation organized crime" (AOC), but was narrowly defeated under the anti terrorism clause in the constitution. The irony of risk of continued use of that acronym was not lost however.

Meritorious mention was made of the senior public service robot who has been added to the "I told you so" list of responsible identities.

Kicking a cat on the way home I mused at the mention of the minuscule living in the outback. In fact he was born at Kingaroy, the home of the nationals I guess, and lives and works near Hervey bay. There is more chance he has salt on the brain than cranial exposure to the outback sun. He did get a centurion gong I think, being one hundred years old or of Roman descent and drives a chariot. Something about being a centurion. (tank perhaps).

Anyway, the pub opens in half an hour.

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PG rating - Smoke, mirrors & weasel words (MOAS).

This always cracks me up, and is the first thing CASA and the ATSB wheel out in their glossy brochures - as if they were responsible for it!
Good point you make Falling Leaf, it is called the MOAS (mystique of aviation safety) and is the said agencies first line of defence when potentially threatened with any bad press. Just take a look at the PG missive trotted out two days ago when the MSM began asking for responses to the Angel Flight embuggerance...:
No move to shutdown community service flights - CASA

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority rejects claims it is moving to shutdown community service flights.

CASA recognises the importance of community service flights such as Angel Flight to rural and regional Australia.

However, CASA makes no apologies for canvassing issues that relate to the safety of community service flights.

It is CASA’s role to continually look for ways to manage aviation safety in the most effective manner. It is this commitment that has helped to ensure Australia’s proud aviation safety record is maintained and improved.

In the case of community service flights CASA has issued a discussion paper which looks at safety issues relating to these flights and puts forward options for consideration.

Options include taking no action at all, special passenger briefings on community service flights, additional pilot training, a volunteer registration system, an approved self-administering organisation model and operations under an air operator’s certificate.

No decisions have been taken on any of these options and they have been released in order to promote informed discussion.

CASA will carefully consider all submissions in response to the discussion paper before deciding what-if any-further action may be appropriate.
If any changes to the current safety management of community service flights are to be proposed these will be subject to full consultation with all stakeholders.

Currently community service flights are considered to be private flights and the safety rules do not take into account the special characteristics of these operations.

CASA is well aware rural and regional communities benefit from the generous donation of time, expertise and money by all the volunteers and
donors to the community service flight charities.

However, CASA has a duty to ensure all Australians are provided with the most appropriate levels of aviation safety.
Read the community service flight discussion paper.

Media contact:
Peter Gibson
Mobile: 0419 296 446
Email: [email protected]
Ref: MR10614
Still don't know why they even bother?? The IOS seem to be the only ones that know that such missives are just weasel words for the fact that Angel Flight's days are now numbered. What are they trying to protect their integrity, their reputation, they simply don't have any..

These days the industry don't believe any missive coming out of Sleepy Hollow, still I guess PG probably feels the need to protect his corner of the trough..

Here you go Jinglie Hansard for you..:

Mr McCormick : I will just ask Dr Aleck to add a little bit to that.

Dr Aleck : The thrust of much of the discussion this morning has been, fairly enough, on the importance of ensuring an open and frank exchange of information between two agencies. The purpose of that has to be to bring to the attention of one agency or the other the view that maybe you have got something wrong or maybe you need to think about this or maybe this needs to be different. I would be concerned if the product of those exchanges did not from time to time lead to agencies changing their—

CHAIR: I accept that, but I would be concerned if it lead to a jointly agreeable neutral position.

Dr Aleck : I would share that concern, but I do not think that is the case.
And it is at 04:10 :

And the email passages to which the Heff refers are all linked in my post from the Senate thread: Part three – Late entrants to the MoP Stakes

{Comment: Interesting part in the Hansard prior to the Heff person at the back of the room vid......which I think needs further investigation... Perhaps (for the sake of not drifting) not here but on the Senate thread....

Might help explain why the original Norfolk ditching IIC was apparently not referred to by the TSBC (bottom of last Kharon post), nor involved in the ATSB fact check review of the TSBC DRAFT report. Might also help firm up the odds for the MoP stakes..}

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Plight of the Angels saga cont/-

MMSM Steve has strangely descended from the Flight Levels this week......maybe it has something to do with being trumped by a fellow MMSM stablemate a week before and then by the MSM opposition only three days ago, who knows?? Also surprising is that SC has not simply regurgitated the CM opinion piece but put another spin on the POTA {IOS selectively edited...}...:Charity group Angel Flight battles CASA regulation bid
ANGEL Flight is appealing to local governments to lobby state and federal MPs as it moves to head off potential plans by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority to boost regulation of its operations.

Founder and chief executive Bill Bristow said the community organisation had written to rural councils last week in all states except Tasmania and the Northern Territory asking them to explain to parliamentarians the importance of the service and the difficulties that shutting it down would cause.

Angel Flight co-ordinates non-emergency flights provided free to transport needy patients, relatives and carers, and medical supplies. It has about 2600 pilots on its register and has helped more than 2500 people across the country.

The charity depends on donations and, to help offset pilot operating costs, it negotiates the waiver of landing fees and air navigation charges.

“The local councils really are where the rubber hits the road,’’ Mr Bristow said.

“These are ­people dealing with the sick ­people in their community. They know them, they meet them down the street, so I’m hoping they will be an impassioned pressure group and they’ll talk to the federal politicians, ideally, and make them aware this is significant.’’

Angel Flight has also written to health professionals alerting them to a CASA discussion paper suggesting organisations under which it could be brought.

CASA says its preferred option would be to set up an organisation responsible for functions such as assessing and authorising pilots, requiring pilot proficiency checks and assessment, and approval of aircraft types.

The authority argues it could monitor safety standards under this system without imposing undue regulatory burdens such as an air operator’s certificate.

But Mr Bristow argued there were no problems with his organisation that needed addressing.

He said he had yet to hear from CASA, although he had seen “unsatisfactory’’ responses from the authority’s spokesman to media articles.

“Disappointingly, the Deputy Prime Minister and the minister whose department it is was just recently quoted as saying he doesn’t have any control over CASA,’’ Mr Bristow said.

“So he can’t help us.’’
More bad press for 'the WUSS!'

Part 61 - 'Cold War' rhetoric

While SC was strangely down in the weeds (must be a poor news week for the Sky Gods) he must of bumped into IOS lifetime members Aerialag Phil, Rotor Head Crook & some 40 year CFI/owner boffin...:Pilot licensing rules put aviation sector in a tailspin

Again I have used editorial privilege but this time there is a different reason, I'll call it the 20:4 ratio..

First the complainant 20:
SMALLER aviation operators say they have been plunged into confusion by new pilot licensing rules that are hard to comprehend, not backed by education and contradictory in places.

Sections of the industry representing segments such as flight training, helicopter operations and aerial agriculture lobbied hard to have Civil Aviation Regulation Part 61 delayed because neither side was adequately ­prepared.

The Australian Aviation Associations Forum described Part 61 as “an overcomplicated and overweight document’’, while the Australian Helicopter Industry Association has raised safety ­issues and called for a “safe, cost- effective and operationally sound” version of the new rules.

Appeals to Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss to intervene were unsuccessful, and less than a month after the rules were introduced, industry members say their worst fears have been ­realised.

Aerial Agricultural Association of Australia chief executive Phil Hurst said the lack of education was a big problem.

“It’s just appalling as in CASA has been caught with their pants down not having any educational material that’s easy to understand,’’ Mr Hurst said, noting the association had raised this issue in submissions in 2012 and 2013.

Mr Hurst said there was some advisory material but people were unable to find information unless they already knew the regulations and exactly what they were looking for. “I’ve been sitting on working groups since 1999 on this issue and I’m struggling to find stuff,’’ he said. “Imagine what some poor bastard with a flying training school’s going though. They’re looking at it and saying, how do I train?’’

A veteran flying training operator with almost four decades in the industry said there was a lack of background, forms that didn’t yet exist and information that was still in draft form.

“The industry is crying,’’ the operator said.

He said the industry had been promised there would be no ­additional cost but there were “horrific costs involved’’.

“There are government guidelines saying there should be the removal of red tape, that there should be stuff done in simple ­language,’’ he said.
“Everything’s been done in legal speak again that we can’t understand. There are actually things in different parts of the regs that contravene each other.’’

AHIA president Peter Crook said rotary- and fixed-wing flying schools had told the association they could not understand the new regulations because of ­unclear and ambiguous wording.

Mr Crook said fixed-wing schools had calculated the cost of an endorsement on basic light twin-engine aircraft would rise by about $1000 and a helicopter training organisation said they could add $7000 to each of its ­endorsements because of the need to hire an approved testing officer.

The AHIA has questioned the move towards a European-influenced regulatory system given the US accident rate of 3.94 crashes per 100,000 hours compared to 10.8 accidents per 100,000 hours in Australia.
Another problem raised by both rotary- and fixed-wing operators is the amount of untested material in the new regulations that relates to the competencies pilots are required to demonstrate.

The AAAA’s Mr Hurst said the association wrote many of the competencies in the new regulations for the aerial application ­rating and fire fighting endorsement. “But then they weren’t ­actually tested,’’ he said. “We ­expected there would be some quality assurance to say we’ve been out and we’ve tried to teach someone this sequence and we’ve found this problem or that ­problem.’’

Mr Hurst questioned whether the new rules were better than those they had replaced.

“I think the industry will give you a pretty firm view that this is just so overcomplicated for the task it does that we’ve actually gone backwards,’’ he said.

“I’d challenge anyone to get their head around the 800 pages of regulations and clearly enunciate how all of those rules work ­together.’’
Love Phil's plain language...

“Imagine what some poor bastard with a flying training school’s going though. They’re looking at it and saying, how do I train?’’

Now for the respondent 4, first a pic to lighten the mood and IMO best describes the R4..

A CASA spokesman referred the operators to the authority’s website and said it was doing ­dozens of face-to-face presentations on the changes.

In the latest CASA briefing, acting chief Terry Farquharson said the introduction of the new rules, which heralded a four-year transition period, had happened without the world coming to a halt. “In fact, rather than a welter of problems caused by the new regulations our main challenge has been keeping up with the number of people keen to move their licence over to the new regime as soon as possible,’’ he said.

“CASA’s licensing team are doing their best to keep up with the influx of applications but I do ask for your forbearance during this initial busy period and remind everyone that it is not essential to have a new Part 61 licence ­immediately.’’

Mr Farquharson said CASA had engaged research company Colmar Brunton to conduct an online survey during next month about its safety promotion activities and called on the industry to provide feedback.
{Observation: Passing strange is that less than a month ago it would have been totally unheard of for their to be a 20:4 ratio from SC for the complainant??}

Finally, as noted on the Senate thread, the AQONs are out:
Addendum - AQON links

By the way for those interested the AQONs for the last Budget Estimates have finally been released...

Here are the relevant links of most interest:

229 - 240 Aviation and Airports (AAA)(PDF 180KB)QoN230A-B (PDF 106KB)

241 - 257 Airservices Australia (AA)(PDF 256KB)

258 - 262 Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB)(PDF 92KB)

263 - 273 Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA)(PDF 157KB)
One AQON that I found interesting (that may give credence to Frank's Albo idea) was an answer to a QON from that loud mouth clown Senator Conroy:
Question as clarified by SE Committee:

What areas within CASA and AMSA have been identified to assist the Portfolio with making savings in order to meet the red tape or regulatory cost reduction target of $60 million per annum?

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) is progressing initiatives to change a number of regulatory and service delivery processes to minimise the regulatory compliance and/or administrative burden and costs on aviation industry participants.

These initiatives include:
- amendments to Part 141 of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1998 (CASR) to reduce the complexity of flight training organisation approvals;
- amendments to CASR Part 61 to remove the requirement for a student pilot licence and reduce requirements for pilot proficiency checks in certain cases;
- limiting the need for aerial work operators to apply for and operate under an Air Operator’s Certificate and/or other authorisations for certain low risk and non-complex operations;
- developing proposals to provide administrative relief for small aircraft operators conducting local scenic flights as well as domestic freight operations;
- amending CASR Part 21 to expand the list of recognised countries for the purpose of mutual recognition in relation to airworthiness engineering and airworthiness approvals;
- permitting CASR Part 42 and Part 145 organisations to manage and maintain non-regular public transport aircraft, in addition to regular public transport aircraft, which avoids the need for organisations to hold both approvals (CASR Part 145 and CAR 30) and maintain two sets of manuals and other documentation;
- improvements to Advisory Circulars for aviation-related manufacturing industry participants to provide better guidance on application processes and the required supporting documentation; and

- streamlining medical administrative processes including enabling Class 2 medical certificates to be issued at the time of the medical examination by a Designated Aviation Medical Examiner.
There is plenty more AQONs of interest so fill your boots...
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