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Truss: Aviation Safety Regulation Review

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Truss: Aviation Safety Regulation Review

Old 22nd Sep 2014, 00:06
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Very much inclined to agree with Creamie and Sunny,
It would seem it is impossible to break the "iron Ring".

I wonder now how long it will be before the corruption becomes overt instead of covert.

Those on the bottom of the food chain at CAsA are largely excluded from the "Trough", very little dribbles down to the rank and file.

The victory of their upper management over the IOS must lead even the bottom of the pile to conclude they are invincible and invulnerable.

We may soon have to stock up on brown paper bags.

Given the ever increasing number of separate approvals required for various functions perhaps someone there could publish a clandestine price list to add to the CAsA fee, or even a percentage on top to cover the signature in the box.

Probably not a bad idea really, extra few bucks and get your medical on time, or that $5 million dollar investment off the ground and earning money instead of stuck in the back of the hanger waiting a couple of years for an inclusion on the AOC. What was the old term?? "Grease the wheels?"
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Old 22nd Sep 2014, 00:28
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Time for pragmatism.

If the government is the problem, the opposition is the solution.

Albanese could well be the new leader of The Labor Party given Shorten has lost the plot and probably the support with Caucus. (Albanese did have the overwhelming rank and file vote). Maybe he should be persuaded to attack the cause of this whole aviation mess. It would give him political advantage with a head worth kicking, (like Truss). If one puts aside any prejudices this man has baggage to hide and can easily do what Truss should have done. Blame the other bloke.
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Old 22nd Sep 2014, 04:54
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Albanese and the Labor party the solution??? Based on past performance you are dreaming.

I say again, an "aviation lovers Party" that is able to get candidates on the Senate ticket in each State is the only way forward now.

The purpose of such a party is to get preferences at Senate elections.

The party then uses these preferences to prevent the election of candidates we regard as unhelpful to aviation, generally sitting members.

The sooner you start that movement, the sooner things will change. GA has to become an electoral threat to both Labor and Liberal members to have a hope of effecting reform.
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Old 22nd Sep 2014, 06:56
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TRUTH, TRUST, trussed, truss...wtf????

Letter from mini non- miniscule truss..todays Courier Mail says it all.
"Truss cannot direct CAsA"

Which proves the point that CAsA the Soviet State is free to run its own fiefdom as it sees fit, doing what it does best, buggerizing an industry.

So with NO oversight, no directives, no power to instill change, ...and NO interest,,I think we might be fcuked.

Still the CAsA Anti Corruption Caravan to Canberra will get rolling shortly so we'll see if we can raise an eyebrow or three.
Some PR on this issue desperately needed...so no harm in trying.

Chocks away.!!
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Old 22nd Sep 2014, 07:25
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If the government is the problem, the opposition is the solution
It is that kind of thinking that got us the current government. And come to think of it, the government before that.

What will happen once CASA destroys GA? What will the airlines demand the government do about the lack of skilled pilots? Can anyone say 457 Visa?
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Old 22nd Sep 2014, 08:36
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the whole CAsA "Iron Ring" philosophy was that no aviation accept the RAAF and airlines would occur.

CAsA was first stacked with ex RAAF failures, they then over time manipulated things until CAsA became unaccountable.

Now they are regulating GA out of existence. The theory is, if you want to be a pilot join the RAAF, serve your commission, then move on to an airline,in other words a closed RAAF shop.
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Old 22nd Sep 2014, 11:41
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Sometimes when quoting someone, you should run the whole line to get a grasp on what was intended in the thinking.

QUOTE "Time for pragmatism. If the government is the problem, the opposition is the solution" QUOTE.

Am I being too pragmatic by suggesting the use of an opposition to oppose something.
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Old 22nd Sep 2014, 12:22
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You are not paying attention.

Both 'sides' are the problem. Both 'sides' win when only one or the other gets to take turns sucking the body politic dry.

If you didn't keep electing one or the other, or if at least you scared them both into thinking neither of them might not win, things might actually change in aviation.

Get it?
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Old 22nd Sep 2014, 13:55
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Creampuff - post #1324 - end game

Folks, Creampuff has really really laid it out very plain and simple in his last post. Now creamy is a bit of a diplomat, somewhat intelligent in his commentary, one could say 'even gentleman like'. Creampuffs comments probably resonate well with the more intellectual end of the aviation scale.
My approach is different, a more grass roots working class style, so here it is for the rest of the viewers - both Liberal and Labor do not give a handful of monkey crap whether aviation in this country lives, survives, is profitable, is safe, or is nuked out of existence by some kind of rogue country that is hell bent on world dominance! Get my drift? The industry is fukced because nobody else gives a toss about it. Why would it bother them if GA fails? They are politicians - they are crooks, multi millionaires and part of the privileged 1%. Chairmans lounge and 1A is all that they will ever use, and it's all they care about. They won't be travelling on Shitbox Airways in an 8 seat scud runner, indeed not! They do not care because they don't have to.

Now, there is always a glimmer of hope, and here it is - Creampuffs independents. Why? Well they are the minority. Many have an axe to grind. They need votes, and lots of them, so they are always looking for an edge, an angle, a way to gain support in an effort to work their way up to the golden trough - Parliament House. Don't get me wrong, some are genuine, but most are interested in what every other politician is interested in - becoming extremely rich and eternally fed from the taxpayer trough. But that's fine with me, we all have an agenda don't we folks? So let's all use each other I say. Let's support the Independents. We will help them attain that golden trough by giving them the votes and support they need, but in return they need to give us back our aviation trainset and comply with numerous other demands, and trust me the IOS list is long and non-negotiable. It's a partnership made in heaven. Thoughts?
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Old 22nd Sep 2014, 14:20
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If you didn't keep electing one or the other, or if at least you scared them both into thinking neither of them might not win, things might actually change in aviation.

Get it
A good illustration was the panic in London last week caused by the Scots indendence vote resulting in all 3 leaders racing to Scotland. They all had a lot to lose and suddenly Scotland was important to them.
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Old 22nd Sep 2014, 22:23
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Is it a flock or a cluster.

Ben Sandilands - on Plane Talking dares to say what the rest of the pathetic media will not, or dare not say. What we have is a 'cluster of ducks' a big one, there's the airport ducks, the Senate ducks, the Rev. Forsyth's ducks, the Canadian ducks, the industry ducks, the bored ducks and the DAS ducks. All huddled together awaiting minuscule action; but alas, they wait in the wrong yard – the minuscule admits – he cannot control air transport in the country he is sworn to serve.
It’s reasonable to persist with these questions, and to sharpen the focus.

Why does Minister Truss think it acceptable that a second rate and deeply flawed and compromised accident investigation by the ATSB be allowed to stand?

Why does the Minister embrace second rate as good enough for Australia?

Does the Minister give a damn that one person was seriously injured in this crash and has not been compensated for her injuries and loss of income, while the operator goes unpunished?

If the Minister does give a damn, what is he going to do about it?

Does the Minister accept that the parliament of Australia ought to be as concerned with the welfare of air accident victims as it appears to be with a culture of protection and cover up among public bodies charged with protecting the safety of users of air services conducted under the laws of this country?
First, the questions, gently phrased, but lethal. Then the summary.

The crash of a small corporate jet may not seem material to the interests of the travelling public, however if neither CASA nor the ATSB can be trusted to honestly and professionally deal with their obligations in relation to the Pel-Air accident, what peril or risk does this pose to the users of the larger Australian airlines for which those bodies have legislated obligations?
Then conclusion;
The Minister has a second rate administrative scandal on his hands. It needs a first rate response.
Hope the minuscule is going to get the good ducking he richly deserves, perhaps the Murky Machiavellian crew can assist to make the slaughter as painless as possible; what a shambles, what a mockery, what the hell are they thinking.

Heigh ho – Toot toot.
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Old 23rd Sep 2014, 00:28
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Out of control or In control?

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Old 23rd Sep 2014, 00:35
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A monster once created.

Sunny on Augean stables IMO hit the nail on the head..
I also suspect that the candidates on the short list, having done their due diligence on the current state of affairs, have declined the offer of the position.

Anyone with substantial business experience can read between the lines of the review, it's published submissions and the Senate Estimates minutes and reach a conclusion about what must be done. Then of course the existence of unpublished submissions, the unpublished report into the ATSB and the Senates threats regarding parliamentary privilege and retribution by the regulator would not have gone unnoticed and are enough for anyone who has ever held a senior executive position to conclude that there are Augean stables to be cleaned.
Hmm...I know of at least one individual, who was on the short-list, that was willing & extremely able plus immediately available, so just another piss poor excuse (PPE) me-thinks...

Just like the one the miniscule used in his defence for not stepping in to stop the embuggerance of Angel Flight:
Truss - “CASA is a statutory body and as minister, I cannot direct it on safety regulations.”
The Ferryman's blast to that statement is priceless...:
BOLLOCKS !! - Then who can, you painted, decrepit clown? What a deceitful, despicable, back sliding road to take; and this to further disadvantage the disadvantaged, who can't fight back. Further empowering an organisation the minister freely admits, he can't control. Porridge for brains and the backbone of an amoeba. What's next then, hit squads in bush to exterminate those who inconveniently get sick and cannot travel to hospital? or will the minuscule now pay for 'free' RFDS services; or, subsidised air fares? Yeah, right. You may still drink the water here, but don't get sick or be poor; not in Warren's version of the bush anyway.
Indeed absolute BOLLOCKS!!

This PPE for a miniscule, plus some on here, will say that the Board system and the CAC Act (1997) is to be blamed for the creation of the uncontrollable law unto itself behemoth that is our disgraceful NAA...

However you don't have to look too far to see where another Federal agency operates quite satisfactorily and without much vocal criticism under that very same system...

A media release from the same PPE miniscule that can't get off his backside & help Angel Flight (or indeed CVD pilots):
MUA all at sea over shipping facts and the need for reform
Media Release
19 September 2014

Predictable but erroneous claims by the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) that changes to coastal shipping regulation will cost Australian jobs or maritime skills are not only wrong, but expose a desperate bid to stifle debate on vital industry reforms.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development Warren Truss confirmed the Australian Government is actively considering a raft of reforms to turnaround the stark decline in coastal shipping to rescue and, ultimately, rebuild Australia's domestic maritime sector.

“Recent hikes in Australian shipping freight rates have seen shipping sink as a transport mode, with customers reporting increases of up to 63% in coastal freight charges in just the first year of Labor's botched Coastal Trading Act,” Mr Truss said.

“Between 2000 and 2012 shipping's share of national freight fell from a paltry 27% to less than 17% at a time when Australian freight actually grew by 57%. That means more congestion on roads and rail, which drives up their costs too.

“The Australian Government makes no apologies for working to remove the red tape that is unnecessarily burdening our coastal shipping industry, so we can reduce freight costs for shippers and their customers and bring shipping back on an even keel with road and rail.

“My address to the some 300-strong audience at yesterday's Shipping Australia Luncheon drew a sigh of relief from an industry under the pump and heralded a wave of support from the Minerals Council of Australia, the Business Council of Australia, the National Farmers' Federation, the Australian Logistics Council, the Australian Mines and Metals Association and the Port of Brisbane.

“Current protectionist regulations are burdensome and ineffective. Even when an Australian shipper prevents a foreign ship getting a licence, the cargo often may not be awarded to an Australian carrier. The sale goes offshore. How can that be good for Australian business?

“Yesterday, the MUA claimed reform would cost jobs. On the contrary, the Government's agenda of removing red tape is expected to boost activity in the sector and grow the economy, which means more jobs in this country.
“Claims of 2,000 direct job s and 8,000 indirect jobs on the ‘chopping block’ are ridiculous.

“The 2013 industry census identified some 10,000 seafarers employed in Australia. Of that number, the largest single group are, in fact, Navy personnel (4,158), and many of the remaining seafarers (2,893) work in industries unaffected by our proposed reforms, such as the offshore sector, pilotage, dredging or in ports.

“Shore-based jobs in associated industries can only benefit by increasing shipping activity in Australia and reforms to the Act are the only way to have more ships operating around the Australian coast.

“The claim that 500 jobs in towage could be lost is simply not true, as towage workers are engaged regardless of whether a ship is Australian or foreign flagged.

“The Union's claims of an increase in the number of ships licensed as proof of the system working are a fantasy. There are 47 Australian-flagged general licence vessels under the Coastal Trading Act 2012, of which only 18 are major coastal trading ships, 28 are small coastal vessels and one is a scientific vessel.

“The five additional major vessels mentioned by the MUA have capacities of between 2,000 and 3,400 deadweight tonnes, which service the Torres Strait Islands. While this is an important local task it does not significantly add to our coastal trading capacity.

“More telling is that over the two years of Labor's Coastal Trading Act, Australia's coastal shipping capacity fell by a massive 64%.
“There is no basis for the MUA's speculation that is ‘highly likely’ we have seen increases in activity following changes in 2012.

“The Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics confirms that Australian ports loaded 49 million tonnes of coastal freight in 2012–13, but that five years earlier (2007–08) it was over 59 million tonnes—a 2.4% average annual decline. This is the proof that the system does not work and the slide has continued.

“Finally, the MUA's claim that ‘no such regulation exists’ in reference to the industry example of ships remaining idle in port for a day before loading can begin exposes an appalling lack of knowledge of the sector in which the MUA operates.

“The system implemented by the previous Labor government includes a mandatory minimum 24-hour period to approve a variation, which means vessels can wait in port for a day for a variation to be approved before cargo loading can commence.

“The system is broken and we must act to fix it.

“Without action, coastal shipping will continue to lose market share to road and rail, adding to congestion in our cities, spiralling costs and causing extra wear and tear on land infrastructure. Only rapid reform will help to rescue coastal trading as a viable freight option.”
The hypocrisy of this PPE miniscule knows no bounds...


{Comment: Ironically the only reason that the miniscule has replied to the CM opinion piece on Angel Flight is that he knows that this is one aviation issue that could potentially effect the Nationals voter base in upcoming State elections...}
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Creampuff, I know you're not "fick" but please pay attention when I say using an opposition to oppose is not advocating anybody elect any, either or both poltical party's. It's simply being pragmatic enough to use the limited tools that are available to you. CAsA do this all the time, called divide and conquer or something, so why not set Albanese to kicking Truss' head which is eminently kickable right now. This will come to the attention of the press gallery, who have a limited attention span I know, but this will get the matter to the general fare paying passenger, who out numbers pilots by hundreds to one, and, importantly garner more votes than us, and doesn't impinge on any anti terrorism laws that may disturb somebody if pilots were to hand out leaflets at airport terminals.

How bloody hard is that?
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Old 23rd Sep 2014, 01:07
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Addendum - Angel Flight an INDIpendent view

Ms McGOWAN (Indi) (16:10): Charity organisation Angel Flight flies rural and regional patients and their families to vital medical appointments. For more than 10 years Angel Flight has carried out $50 million worth of mercy missions in isolated areas throughout Australia.

However, the Civil Aviation and Safety Administration is proposing changes that will increase regulation and have a serious impact on this volunteer service. These changes include setting up an organisation to be responsible for assessing and authorising Angel Flight pilots and requiring pilot proficiency tests and assessment. This will be costly and time-consuming.

The regulation is a duplication of what is already being completed by pilots volunteering within this organisation and the proposed changes would add red tape and compliance costs. These changes pose a real threat of forcing the closure of this valuable organisation to rural Australia.

Angel Flight plays an important role in my electorate of Indi. As an example, a gentleman from Mount Beauty regularly needs chemotherapy in Melbourne. Angel Flight ensures his travel time is minimised and he is able to spend as many of his last days as possible at home in Mount Beauty.

The financial impact of implementing more bureaucratic measures would be catastrophic for this volunteer based organisation. Angel Flight is totally dependent on private donations and receives no government funding. I call on the CASA to reconsider this proposed change and find a way to ensure that Angel Flight can continue its important work.

Trough update - A word from the 'Don is good'...

Warning BYO Bucket..
Business as usual at CASA as search for new DAS continues

{Double speak for the flogging of all current & suspected IOS members will continue..}

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority’s (CASA) acting director of aviation safety says it is business as usual at the regulator while the industry waits for a successor to John McCormick to be named.

Terry Farquarson says the process for appointment of a permanent director of aviation safety is well and truly underway, with a rigorous process in place to find the best candidate involving the CASA board, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development Warren Truss “and beyond”.

“The completion of this process takes time – time that is well spent making sure the best possible person is selected to lead CASA,” Farquarson wrote in September’s CASA Briefing published on Tuesday.

“I have told CASA that during this period we must, as always, work hard and continue to execute our plans in accordance with our set priorities. No aspect of CASA’s work is being put on the backburner or ignored during this transition time.”

McCormick stepped down as director of aviation safety on August 31 at the end of his contract term after five and a half years in the job.
Farquarson, the deputy director of aviation safety, was named acting director.

CASA was also due to receive three additional board members shortly.
Memories??? Remember this one....in one of those rare moments that McComic allowed the Don to speak...:

Hmm...do you believe this man??

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Old 23rd Sep 2014, 01:19
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Now they are regulating GA out of existence. The theory is, if you want to be a pilot join the RAAF, serve your commission, then move on to an airline,in other words a closed RAAF shop.
Which will probably work until the replacement to the F-35 arrives, as it most likely be a unmanned fighter.
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Old 23rd Sep 2014, 02:27
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I agree, but that would release a lot of RAAF pilots for airlines,
Problem then would be the next generation of pilots.
Probably have pilotless airlines by then and there's always 457.
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Old 23rd Sep 2014, 03:55
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As evidence in todays CAsA "blurb" Terry Farquarshon came to work sober today.
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Old 23rd Sep 2014, 05:06
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Truss and control

If Truss admits he can't direct CASA, surely this gives credence to the Senator X submission to the AAI, aptly entitled, "WHO GUARDS THE GUARDS THEMSELVES"? Not Truss obviously! Senator X called for an Inspector General of Aviation Safety, with the powers, resources and expertise to oversee and independently review the activities of CASA and the ATSB. This position to be completely independent of the Minister and Dept.

In the current void of control, maybe this is the solution to sort out the current disgrace.
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Old 23rd Sep 2014, 06:01
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[ S]o why not set Albanese to kicking Truss' head which is eminently kickable right now.

Because Mr Albanese knows that Mr Truss knows that Mr Albanese created as much of the mess as Mr Truss did, and therefore it’s in neither of their interests to point the finger at the other or suggest the government should intervene.

Both ‘sides’ long ago abdicated, to CASA, responsibility for the setting of standards for and regulating aviation safety. Neither 'side' has any political interest or need to get the resulting Frankenstein under control.

The people being damaged by the Frankenstein don’t matter to the power base of either ‘side’. The people who matter to the power bases of both sides are RPT-flying city-dwellers in NSW and Victoria, because they determine what ‘side’ gets its snout in the trough from time to time. The rest are paid lip service. And that includes their representatives in the Parliament (with the exception, of course, of the non-major party aligned Senators if they have the balance of power…)

The probabilities of a major hull loss are infinitesimally small, it could just as easily happen one ‘side’s’ watch as the other, and in any case the scapegoat has already been tied: CASA.

Why would any government be silly enough to take control of aviation safety regulation?
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