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Truss: Aviation Safety Regulation Review

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Truss: Aviation Safety Regulation Review

Old 12th Jul 2014, 21:40
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004 , sounds like fun. For giggles it'd be nice to see Byron return and see some of those frantically trying to hide under rocks in the more remote locations.

I don't understand why the DAS has not been announced by now though. Byron stayed on a couple of months to handover.

Sen X and Fawcett continue to stir things up too.

It's good entertainment.
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Old 12th Jul 2014, 23:21
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Hobson's choice.

LL - If you are willing to accept Mrdak then you also have to accept Beaker.
"If in this Case there be no other (as the Proverb is) then -Hobson's - choice ... which is, chuse whether you will have this or none."
Lefty – "willing and accepting" imply a choice; and mate, like Hobson's, we have little to none. No options and fewer choices, we are stuck with it. The only glimmer of hope for meaningful change comes from the Forsyth report. The really clever folk, like Boyd, Cannane, Fawcett, Hurst, Xenophon et al, read between the WLR lines 'properly'; it recommends changes which imply the top three layers of CASA management must go, the board be changed and the MM department lift it's game.

As much as I'd love to see all that happen, I know it's politically and practically impossible. We can only work with the tools we've got. I do feel time will take care of Mrdak, there are some difficult questions for him to answer on many subjects. Pragmatically though, his performances during estimates questioning define a master of the game and so long as he has the reigns any small changes will be hard won; especially with only limp wrist support from a minuscule who is not oriented toward matters aeronautical.

That only leaves hope the 'new' board can influence real reform; but the facts so far reveal that Hawke is staying put and that the other 'new' board members will be selected from rejected DAS applicants. Which leaves us Jeff Boyd, David Fawcett and Nick Xenophon to drive the changes; of those, only Boyd is a known reformer with a board seat.

So old son, it's not a matter of being willing to accept – but taking the best we can from a long way behind. I personally think the industry has become so used to the 'way we are' they have forgotten the 'way we were' and that's a very long road to return along.

I would fire Beaker from a cannon, in a heart beat with malice, tar and feathers, the works. I would without a seconds hesitation publicly decimate the three top layers of CASA management. But if the MM leopard could see the benefits of changing it's spots, I'd think long and hard before I pulled the trigger. On balance, I'd probably pull that trigger too; just for the airports mischief; but only from a distance and not without serious misgivings.

Time for second coffee, reality fix required...

Toot toot...

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Old 13th Jul 2014, 08:50
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I think Jeff's experience dealing with the owners of Canberra Airport will be useful when dealing with other Board members and the senior levels of the bureaucracy he is oversighting. Its a pity they couldn't get a two for one deal and have Lara there as well.
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Old 13th Jul 2014, 10:14
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Got a very welcome invite by P7. (AKA Tom) to the Bar room Barristers darts night on Friday, if your ever lucky enough to get an invite don't miss it, its a real hoot.

Discussion ebbs an flows all night from the esoteric to at times surreal, to positively shocking.

The theme Friday coalesced into fervent argument of the level of corruption within CAsA.

Some said the regulatory reform project was corrupt because the iron ring had deliberately nobbled it thus costing the taxpayers 300 million dollars and the industry 25 years of mayhem and uncertainty.

Others said it wasn't corrupt, just incompetent, abiet 300 mils worth, but incompetence wasn't necessarily corrupt.

Anyway, the night progressed, much argument ensued about Qadrio's pineappling and how his pineappler had left CAsA to a cushy job in GA. ( Wonder who signed their approvals?)

I heard stuff I'd never heard about Polair and our geriatric A380 CAsA persons involvement in it, Airtex and how evidence was manufactured by a rascally rabbit etc etc, but towards the end of the night I just happened to overhear something that disturbed me greatly.

I am firmly convinced CAsA as an organisation is corrupt, there is just too much evidence out there, there is unfortunately, no place where that evidence can be bought for objective analysis, the police police the police where CAsA is concerned, given the rumours surrounding the DAS and the complaints commissioner that statement could very well be true, but if what I overheard friday night is true there is nothing esoteric about it, it is blatant outright corruption.

What I overheard concerns a certain FOI, who tested a certain CFI, and busted him back to acting "blank file".
All his approvals etc, the lot, gone! his whole career down the toilet.

Not unusual these days, I mean think of the RFDS in Melbourne, Hardies in Darwin, plenty of examples, which led to whole companies shutting down, throwing countless people out of work, to considerable financial penalty to others trying to defend themselves, where they are condemned as guilty before they even start.

In this particular case however this FOI, bless him, sacrificed his only begotten son to expunge the sins of the former by putting him into the role of CFI!!

What choice did this company have? without a CFI the company was Kaput.


I mean this is way beyond the Adelaide FOI who insisted on an International "Proving flight" so he and his AWI mate could get a free couple of nights in the Darwin Casino, this is getting very close to the friday arvo brown paper bag!!

Minuscule WUSS...tick tock

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Old 13th Jul 2014, 11:57
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the Darwin Casino

I think you will find it was to fine tune the price for his return to his previous job, where the characteristics that led to the failure of his own business in Adelaide many moons ago signal a desirable flexibility in Territory RPT, coupled with an insider connection with CASA in the centre region
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Old 13th Jul 2014, 13:09
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The games bureaucrats play......

I am in agreement with the majority of CAsA's critics - the ridiculous Board must also go. These individuals have also presided over the past 5 years of aviation decline, CAsA cronyism and systematic buggery of all things aviation.
It is ironic that Hawke is clinging on so tightly? Why? A life long bureaucrat who knows how to play the system would have no problems slipping into some other government agency where he can write glossy brochures, spin up a few pithy letters and meet 3 times per year for his $150k! The whole lot of them are a bad joke. Unless there is a clean sweep from the top, nothing will change. And to date the Miniscule has silently sat on his thumbs, Pumpkin Head has been reappointed and Hawke is meant to be staying.....that is not a good start folks, not by a long shot.

Thorny - that is a nauseating story mate. However it is just another example of the level of secret men's business that goes on behind Fort Fumbles closed doors. Although not familiar with that travesty, there are myriads of other cases where the level of malfeasance is nothing short of breathtaking.

Halfmanhalfbiscuit - yes it would be interesting if Byron came back. However the Iron Ring had him shackled once before and they would do it again. They've been puppeteering CEO's/DAS's/Big Kahuna's or whatever you want to call them for years. Mr Smith also tried to implement some positive changes during his tenure but was also sideswiped, and very covertly might I add, by the Iron Ring.

As I said in an earlier post, the beer is on ice and popcorn in the microwave. Lots more chess moves to come yet. No real change will eventuate, I am a realist, but it is still fun watching the deck chairs being arranged, watching the rats scrambling around looking for a safe hiding place, watching individuals as they play the political game inside Sleepy Hollows musky walls, and watching Xenophon and Fawcett eagerly trying to take the field in umpiring positions! Oh boy I would like to see that, the Senators with whistles and striped shirts with the power to sin bin Fort Fumbles most slippery snakes

"Game on"
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Old 13th Jul 2014, 23:37
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This article from Ben Sandilands – Plane Talking – is worth the read; and it's very nice to have men in government who keep their word.. – Xenophon -.

The abuse of bureaucratic power is arguably, part of life. However the unwillingness of Government to do anything about it, other than to regurgitate statements by the same authorities that are accused of the original wrong doing, is something that ought to be of concern.
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Old 13th Jul 2014, 23:44
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Smokin' guns and cannon fodder.

Lefty is going to get the blame for this post – I have been much taken with the notion of shooting Muppets, tarred and feathered from cannons toward parliament house, since our last conversation. It provoked much hilarity at the Friday BRB QLD. (Quiet Little Drink). Thorny in attendance:– glad you enjoyed the evening. I will make no mention of the lampshade, nor false moustache episode (that's not where you wear 'em by the by) – promise. Heh, heh, heh. Neither will I post a picture of a dignified old school Captain being hauled home on the back of the Gobbledock' s beloved elephant. It will however be carefully kept in the 'family' photo album; for future reference and reunions.

One of the best bits (IMO) of the evening was the discussion on ways and means to get the ATSB some real teeth, horse and fire power. The argument that the NTSB, TSBC, AAIB etc do not go cap in hand to the 'regulator' and slobber about tactfully suggesting that 'perhaps' some minor adjustments could be made. They simply tell the regulator what's up, sometimes there is a negotiation or discussion but when, say the NTSB for example, 'crack the whip' and say jump; the regulator simply asks "how high".

The analogy of a 'Uriah Heep' style, begging and grovelling approach seems to fit. But why is it this way ?– it can't just be 'money'. The old BASI was fiercely independent and would, when the need arose go toe to toe with the 'regulator'. I keep coming back to the Miller review and the endless manipulation of the ubiquitous MoU. Anyway – it does not need an act of parliament to sort that little mess out. Just some gumption and old fashioned honesty. I and many others agreed; this wussy PC approach is uniquely different to that of other democratic countries. I'd like to see what the NTSB would do with the Pel Air incident; I'd bet a round of beers they would not be dancing about the daisies, wringing their hands and assisting in a solely pilot error load of old bollocks.

One of the really serious safety issues is fear of reporting; we all agreed on that at least. This invasive CASA generated 'sub-culture' where what's in book, don't happen on line and the lengths people must go to, to cover their arses is extreme. Then there's the shortage of valid 'educational' material; just risible reports so artfully nugatory as to provide little in the way 'useful' information. Not to mention that the ATSB spokesperson at a recent press conference could not explain why straight line tracks on a Mercator projection appeared curved; and, then proceeded to generally make a goose of it'self in front of the international aviation media. Some of the comments from 'aviation savvy' commentators were hilarious. In the end, I think they all went for a rehash of old material, rather than risk being seen as foolish enough to print the guff they were given.

While everyone is watching the CASA snakes and ladders show, the ATSB must not be allowed to slink off into anonymity, keeping their heads down and believing they have managed to slither, unnoticed out of the back door.

Minuscule – in very real terms, the ATSB is an essential part of air safety much more so than the 'regulator'; but don't rely on the BRB, ask the Americans, the Brits or the Canadians how they would feel about a toothless, irrelevant Transport Safety Board. Make the ATSB independent, free of obligation and funding wrangles: Oh, and please, lend me a cannon from the lawns on parliament hill, for a short ceremony; you can watch.

Toot toot.

The abuse of bureaucratic power is arguably, part of life. However the unwillingness of Government to do anything about it, other than to regurgitate statements by the same authorities that are accused of the original wrong doing, is something that ought to be of concern.
Sandilands - The defective and shameful Pel-Air crash report issued by the ATSB remains in place because of this Ministerial and self protective bureaucratic inertia. And this is unjust, and contrary to the public aviation safety interest.
My bold...

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Old 13th Jul 2014, 23:53
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CAsA = Corrupt Authority, Safety an Afterthought.

CAsA is CORRUPT morally and IN FACT.

AND I can prove it ...but who's listening and who will deal with it.?

NOBODY...as we know.

When a competitor company with ex employees within CAsA want a job done on someone...and do it. THATs CORRUPTION.

When AWIs (dopes?.. or just dope smokers?) concoct false testimony with a view to a criminal conviction, and are protected by the DAS and CAsA system ... THATS CORRUPTION.

The skullduggery and serious bureaucratic buggery that has gone on in the Quadrio Event is CORRUPTION with a capital C

Trouble is Govermnents of all persuasions have left CAsA to go more rotten as the years go by, all camouflaged by the mystique of "safety" with bs covering phrases like "not fit and proper" or " a serious and imminent threat to "safety"".

We have now reached the diabolical stage where those statements belong entirely to CaSA itself, which is now not a fit and proper "agency" to oversee the industry, and is itself a serious and current threat to real safety.

While there are good people within CAsA , and Ive met some .I can count them on one hand, but I need to qualify that as I used to work in a sawmill and I dont have many digits left.

Why does CAsA ride roughshod over GA. Because it can, because CORRUPT they are bum up, heads down in the trough snuffling self interest and with NO interest in the survival of GA.
And they CORRUPTLY believe the law doesnt apply to them.
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Old 14th Jul 2014, 04:47
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AMROBA Concerned.

AMROBA express concern for new DAS selection process.

Like many members of the IOS AMROBA has concerns with the current malaise of the miniscule (yet to blink) and the rumours going around that the next DAS will be selected by Hawke & the, largely, old board that has a history of poor choices when it comes to the CEO/DAS:CASA DAS Selection Process.

CASA DAS Selection Process

AMROBA has written to the Minister with regards to the process of selecting CASA’s next Director of Aviation Safety (DAS). Many members have raised concerns that the ASRR Report recommendations have not yet been accepted/rejected by the Minister prior to selecting the next DAS.

Considering the Victorian “head hunters” that recommended the last 3 CASA DAS are processing the current selection process, what criteria are they using to recommend their selections to the CASA Board?

If the report is endorsed by the Minister the DAS will need to be a person that understands the kind of regulator that the report recommends. If the report recommendations are rejected by the Minister then we will get a DAS that will serve up more of the same from CASA.

So what criteria are the 'head hunters' using to recommend a new DAS to the Board?

There are, we believe, 12 applicants that have made the final selection and the “head hunters” will be conferring with the CASA Chairman of the Board prior to having face-to-face interviews.

If the current Board repeats the selection criteria of the past, then the chance of CASA becoming a mature safety authority as proposed by the ASRR Report will have little chance of becoming a reality.

AMROBA has also written to the Minister and suggested that the Civil Aviation Act will need amending to permanently implement many of the report recommendations if the Minister adopts the report recommendations.

The more time that elapses, the more uncertainity is created in this industry.

Our biggest concern is that the Minister has not publicly stated the he supports his ASRR report recommendations. Therefore One can only assume that the selection criteria being used will be the same criteria that selected the last 3 CASA DAS. This is a worry.

If the Minister had publicly supported the report’s recommendations, then the selection criteria should have been changed to find someone that can implement the recommendations. However, the selection process started before the report was made public. Are we being given expectations that wont happen?

Lastly, AMROBA congratulates Mr Jeff Boyd being appointed to the CASA Board – he has a lot of industry experience.

FO (DF): “Captain (miniscule) you must listen!”
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Time for the ATsB to stand to account

While everyone is watching the CASA snakes and ladders show, the ATSB must not be allowed to slink off into anonymity, keeping their heads down and believing they have managed to slither, unnoticed out of the back door.
Agreed. Although most attention is on CAsA and its misuse of power for decades, we cannot forget Beaker. He has managed in less than 5 years to take the once well respected and well reputed ATsB and turn it into a spineless limp wristed penny pinching accountancy firm. The quality, content and effectiveness of its investigative reports and processes are laughable and lamentable, with Bangladesh and Zimbabwe providing a higher quality and higher standard than our ATsB. Dolans experimentation with 'beyond Reason' methodology is a failure and a complete joke. Placing budget ahead of the Pel Air aircraft retrieval is outright lunacy and incompetency at the highest level, not to mention having 3 commissioners of whom none have an aviation investigative background
The true nuts and bolts of the ATsB are still there below the surface, thank god. What we need is for the top layer to receive a robust colonic irrigation and have all the shite and amoebas flushed away, and a new directive including a new top tier, increased budget for investigator training and for actual investigations work, as well as a renewed focus on 'balls out' reporting including facts and recommendations is needed. I believe the ATsB of old could be returned in less than 2 years with a little elbow grease and less use of the temporary product called 'turd polish'.

'Tick Tock Miniscule, tick tock Mr Mrdak, do something soon or your A380 smoking hole awaits you'
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Old 14th Jul 2014, 12:59
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i believe I almost died last week along with four others in a C210 on a dodgy take off. I was a passenger and my evidence is, as such, inconclusive. Would I report ir? No. All that would do is destroy the business for zero safety outcome..

I just hope that the pilot learned from their mistake..
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Old 14th Jul 2014, 13:54
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you didn't almost die.
the stall warning sounds about 5 knots faster than the speed at which a stall is inevitable.

it is good that you got a scare.
you'll learn from it perhaps.

during the course of this thread I have finally worked out what a not fit and proper person is.
quite simply a fit and proper person agrees totally with the "we know safety" nutters in CAsA.
since I happen, as a result of experience over a period of 41 years, to hold the sincere belief that CAsA are totally incompetent of the needs that an aviation community has. I am thus a not fit and proper person.
however I am right and they are wrong. Like Galileo before me I hold true to my beliefs and expect one day to be excommunicated by the lords of the religion of safety.
Until that day I shall continue flying and ignore them totally.
after that date I shall continue flying and ignore them totally.

in 300 years time I'm sure my position will be vindicated, as was Galileo's.
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Old 14th Jul 2014, 20:09
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A lot less than 300 Dubya, I believe the industry has less than 10 years if things go on as they are, unless our luck runs out and a smoking hole appears.

I hope miniscule WUSS has briefed the cabinet on how much they will have to find to subsidize CAsA's safety, so essential services can continue.
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Old 15th Jul 2014, 11:48
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12 Apostles

Sarcs, AMROBA,

Any word on who the chosen 12 may be? 12 seems an extraordinary long shortlist. I know in previous cases when the job has been offered, they got down to the 4th or 5th choice before someone would sign a contract!

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Whiff of grapeshot and reek of cordite.

I do wish the Senate could crack on and get the current business cleared away; it's slowing down the Forsyth debate and giving the murky Machiavellian's time to hatch cunning plans. But, before they get to Forsyth though there is the tasty morsel before the 'Privileges committee' and CVD and, (drum roll) the DAS selection to consider. Busy, busy, busy.

But, alas, it's all to no avail. This review and reform is now as well ducked as the previous ones; perhaps even more so. IF the information related to the way in which DAS selection process is being executed turns out to be accurate. Impossible to ignore the ominous signs. The forces of evil have stolen the march and are, as we speak, grooming and primping the selected McComic clone candidate; the 'runner up' to be appointed to the Hawke controlled board (Trifecta). Boyd may well be clever, tough and well supported but will become a token gesture, a sop to the IOS, one lone voice sitting in the back row watching the performance, powerless to do anything else but applaud politely; when the 'wrong man' appointment is allowed to proceed.

Unless Boyd, Fawcett, Xenophon step in now (as in Now, now) and demand complete transparency (soup to nuts) of the DAS selection and appointment process, any meaningful reform will wither and die once the spotlights have been turned off. Truss did not pay the 2008 electricity bill and is equally disinclined to pay the 2014 one; in darkness the forces of evil will flourish.

With 'their' man's feet neatly tucked under the table the brakes will come on and slowly, but irrevocably the reform bus will grind to a halt. "Major changes cannot be made overnight; first we must do our homework, then we must consider, then we must hasten slowly". Imagine in five years time, no ATSB reform, no CASA reform, no regulatory reform, embuggerance enshrined as the national standard and the IOS shutdown; for ever.

Don't expect the Senators read much PPRuNe or are even aware of it's existence, but FWIW - the warning signs are all there; easily read by those who have watched and studied the form guide compiled from the many, long past, dismally failed attempts at reform. If those who can act don't; this proposed reform will end up down the same drain as every single one of the last dozen or so have. This one all starts and ends with the murky DAS selection process. It's no wonder no one at Sleepy Hollow seems worried about anything else but how high they can climb up the toilet chain.

Just add another five or six million to the 'dead pool' of aviation reform for this last little pantomime, and ignore it until the next 'inquiry' and the next round of mugging the punters begins, again, in a bout five years... Again....


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Hooray hooray we love the ASA

Imagine in five years time, no ATSB reform, no CASA reform, no regulatory reform, embuggerance enshrined as the national standard and the IOS shutdown; for ever.
Naughty Kharon, have you been peeking into the Australian governments mystical aviation crystal ball again, and with CVD rose coloured glasses, may I add?

Meanwhile, last night, at an undisclosed IOS frat house the topic of ASA raised its head. While indulging in smutty banter, aviation war stories and enjoying watching a buxom barmaid pulling pints of Guiness, our collective noted there appears to be a level of stability since Frau Staib came onboard and subsequently allowed the Hooded one off the leash since his arrival. It seems TIBA issues have quieted down, training for ATC has improved, all things fibre optic continue to improve, and importantly the $800 million dollar man Russell has become a distant memory. Is this evidence that a government organisation can morph into something tangible when the right people are Captaining the ship? Or are we being tricked by some Machiavellian smoke n mirror pony show, as we have been before? Perhaps our aircraft guiding tower boys and girls could provide us with a current scorecard for ASA? Personally I think it could be the fact that Hoody was already respected as a senior manager, and combine this with his frontline experience, and perhaps his penchant for nipple bling, we could be on to something? Even the Senators have gone quiet on ASA so perhaps one of three boxes have been ticked off, with just CAsA and ATsB to go? However I do feel that as long as the overweight turd massager Dr Hawke remains firmly planted within the CAsA Board there will be no long term adequate changes.

Either way, it's all a game really, just a bit of fun that pays pretty well. I mean sure, lives are at stake, lives have already been lost, investigations and findings ignored or twisted by the powers to be that earn taxpayer funded salaries, but jeez after all these years wouldn't things be boring if we suddenly had ethical, transparent, safety conscious governments and their departments caring for our industry??

Toot toot and a mighty fine morning to our fearless leaders in Canberra on this crisp early morning....(and make sure your willies don't shrink any smaller. Safety first and all that )
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Nail, head and hammer mate. Good managers value intelligent troops and use them. An unleashed Hood, for ASA can only be a good thing for all. It's the very best thing to watch a good pro at work. He impressed last estimates, relaxed the Senate crew and hopefully has found a niche where his good qualities are appreciated, rather than being the object of derision and slurs. (Guinness and nipple bling not withstanding).

Toot toot y'self...Fur lined jock straps and silver spurs all round I say...._.
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Old 17th Jul 2014, 21:55
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Bump. Don't let this topic die. That is what the Minister and his Department is hoping for, reform fatigue.
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Old 18th Jul 2014, 00:40
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No chance Sunny!

We hear your concern Sunny, just at the moment trying to get my head around the MH17 tragedy...MH17 down near Donetsk...which appears to have been shot down by a SAM. Tragically there was 20 odd Australians on-board very disturbing & condolences to their families. PT covering here: MH17: Malaysia Airlines 777 ‘shot down’ over Ukraine 295 dead

Okay back to the thread...

Apparently the miniscule will not be responding to the Forsyth report till the Spring parliament sittings which, according to the parliamentary timetable, means the earliest we can possibly get a Government MAP will be 26th of August.. However indications are that industry stalwarts will not ease up the pressure on the miniscule for strong, effective regulatory reform and adoption, with some tweaking, of nearly all 37 ASRR panel recommendations.

During the breaking news of flight MH17 the Oz released their Friday aviation articles and I'm afraid there is more bad press for Fort Fumble and (by association) the miniscule..

Starting with: CASA shortage left aerodrome unchecked
A SHORTAGE of Civil Aviation Safety Authority aerodrome staff meant at least one regional airport did not receive an in-person inspection for eight years, according to a new submission to the federal government’s safety review.

The issue is one of several raised by the Australian Airports Association in response to the recommendations released last month by the panel conducting the review into safety regulation.

The AAA said it understood that inspector staffing was down by as much as 30 per cent due to a combination of resignations, long service leave and retirements.

While these would normally be handled through the course of business, it said this had not happened due to budget restrictions and the federal government’s efficiency dividend.

The shortage and its impact became evident during recent consultations, according AAA chief executive Caroline Wilkie.

“Given the size of the airport and the size of aircraft that service that airport, this is a very concerning outcome,’’ Ms Wilkie said in a letter to review chairman David Forsyth.

“Whilst the AAA is confident that the internal processes at that particular airport are sound and that inspections are regularly under*taken by an accredited third party inspector, it does raise questions about the scope and validity of the CASA inspection regime.

“To avoid potentially compromising safety in the future, it would be prudent to introduce a maximum allowable timeframe between aerodrome inspections, with any aerodrome inspections falling outside that timeframe to be reviewed as an urgent priority.’’

CASA said it had 17 aerodrome inspectors or associated roles and denied that “several vacancies’’ were adversely impacting on regulators’ functions.
It said a risk-based approach meant airports used by the majority of air travellers were “audited frequently’’. “For example, CASA aerodrome inspectors visit Sydney airport multiple times a year,’’ it said. “In most cases airports serviced by regular public transport operations are visited by CASA at least once a year.’’

The AAA also called for a person with airport experience to be appointed to the CASA board and reiterated its view that the Manual Operations of Standards Part 139 , which specifies the requirements of aerodrome and fire fighting services and defines a safety framework, needs to be quickly reviewed.

The association said a post implementation review of the standard had not been undertaken since its inception in 2008 despite the fact it was supposed to happen two years after implementation.

“By any standard, the review of MOS Part 139 is in incredibly overdue,” Ms Wilkie said, noting that plans to conduct the review announced last October had been further delayed. “The apparent ongoing lack of concern displayed by CASA, given the important need to undertake a review of MOS Part 139 is alarming.

“The industry has identified more than 100 issues that need to be urgently addressed in the document, through our paper titled ‘AAA Review of Manual of Standards 139’.

“This was provided to CASA in May 2014.’’

The association said it was comfortable with the report’s 37 key recommendations and strongly supported recommendation 18, allowing the use of discretion in inspections.

“The AAA believes that this would allow for a much more collaborative approach between CASA and aerodrome operators, allowing for a practical and *efficient outcome to be achieved in remedying any perceived breaches,’’ it said.

The Aerial Agricultural Association of Australia supports or strongly supports 21 of the recommendations and another 13 with reservations or conditions.

It opposes a recommendation that the Australian Transport Safety Bureau and CASA use the bilateral memorandum of understanding to accredit CASA observers to air crash investigations.

The association cited “significant ongoing concerns with CASA and its lack of understanding of a ‘just culture’ ’’ in its response to the report. It said its concerns about the importance of maintaining and enhancing the de-identification of safety information provided to CASA would remain until this changed.

Here is a link for the AAA letter to Forsyth: AAA response to ASRR report

"...The AAA has reviewed the ASRR report and is comfortable with the 37 key recommendations that have been proposed. Safety is of paramount importance for airport operators and the aviation industry as a whole, and it is pleasing to see that this issue has been identified as a priority.

In particular, the AAA strongly supports recommendation 18 of the report, which provides for CASA to reintroduce the ‘use of discretion’ procedure in its inspection processes. The AAA believes that this would allow for a much more collaborative approach between CASA and aerodrome operators, allowing for a practical and efficient outcome to be achieved in remedying any perceived breaches.

While many of the recommendations arising from the review are wide-ranging, they fundamentally highlight the importance of a more productive and collaborative relationship between the regulator and the aviation industry in the interests of improving the aviation safety regime for Australia. This is timely given that the industry has recently voiced its distress in relation to the current resourcing and operation of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA)..."

While on the subject of industry responses to the Forsyth report, here is the RAAA response: RAAA SUBMISSION - AVIATION SAFETY REGULATION REVIEW REPORT

Which is (unsurprisingly) pretty much mirrored by the REX response, which can be clicked on HERE; or summary viewed HERE

{Comment: Maybe the miniscule could task RED (PH), much like the submissions, to publish the industry response submissions for ease of IOS reference...}

Agree with Sunny...don't get complacent now when we're rapidly approaching the vinegar stroke, the miniscule has a long history of slipping out the back door when the spotlight gets flicked to the next actor on the stage...

Much more to follow for the Sarcs weekly wrap...

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