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Qantas Skytrax Rating Falling

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Qantas Skytrax Rating Falling

World's best airline named as Qantas slips in rankings

Craig Platt

June 23, 2011 - 11:47AM
  • Qantas has again slipped down the rankings of the world's best airlines in the annual Skytrax World Airline Awards, but remains in the top 10.
Qantas was named the world's eighth-best airline, down from number seven in last year's awards. The airline has dropped every year since 2008, when it was named the world's third-best carrier.
Qatar Airways was named the best airline in the world. The Middle Eastern carrier has climbed steadily in the rankings from eighth place six years ago.

High flyer ... Qatar Airways has been named the world's best airline in the annual Skytrax awards.

Skytrax CEO Edward Plaisted said the award was significant for Qatar Airways, because it "reflects opinions of passengers around the world, and is based on every customer type across all cabins - be they business or leisure, frequent or first-time flyers".
Qatar Airways was followed by 2008 winner Singapore Airlines in second place, with last year's winner, South Korea's Asiana Airlines in third position. Cathay Pacific Airways retained fourth place from last year.
Thai Airways was the big mover, rising four places to fifth position.
In the Australia-Pacific region rankings, Qantas ran second to Air New Zealand. Jetstar was rated third-best for the region. Air New Zealand's new premium economy offering was also rated the best in the world for that class.
Jetstar was named the best low-cost carrier for Australia-Pacific.
Asiana Airlines won for the best cabin crew, while Emirates won the best in-flight entertainment award.
The annual awards by Skytrax are based on surveys with more than 18 million passengers, carried out over 10 months.
The awards were announced today at the French Air and Space Museum at the Paris Air Show.
1. Qatar Airways
2. Singapore Airlines
3. Asiana Airlines
4. Cathay Pacific Airways
5. Thai Airways International
6. Etihad Airways
7. Air New Zealand
8. Qantas Airways
9. Turkish Airlines
10. Emirates
World's Best First Class Airline Seat
1. Cathay Pacific Airways
2. Etihad Airways
3. Singapore Airlines
Best Airline Inflight Entertainment
1. Emirates
2. Singapore Airlines
3. Cathay Pacific Airways
World's Best Business Class Airline Seat
1. Oman Air
2. Singapore Airlines
3. Qatar Airways
Best Premium Economy Class Airline
1. Air New Zealand
2. Turkish Airlines
3. Qantas Airways
World's Most Improved Airline
1. China Southern Airlines
2. Air China
3. Aeroflot Russian Airlines
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Asiana third? thats a surprise! well, going on my experience with them 10 yrs ago
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But Jetstar has been voted the 'best lowcost airline in Australia and the Pacific!!' Ahead of Vigin and Tiger, also voted No.2 best lowcost carrier in the WORLD only behind Air Asia. I don't think the 'awards' are worth the paper they are printed!!
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Perhaps you should try some LCCs? Jet* may not be our cup of tea or carrier of chice but they aren't that bad when compared with a couple in Europe that I have used!
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Being voted best LCC is a lot like coming second........First place for losers
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Even though it is at great pain that I say this, I traveled business class on Jetstar from Auckland to Singapore the other day, my wife laughs at this as I have always slagged Jetstar off. Look out Qantas, the service was just as good, if not better, the meals were excellent! The only gripe was the seats were quite uncomfortable but still better than economy. It left me puzzled how they could put on such a full on service for so little you pay for the ticket? Are they going overboard to try to secure business on this route? Or is this the norm when traveling business class on Jetstar?
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Why are you puzzled Fruet?

it's not as if it is costing JQ anything! As usual QF will pick up the tab.
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Qantas was named the world's eighth-best airline, down from number seven in last year's awards. The airline has dropped every year since 2008, when it was named the world's third-best carrier.
Of interest;
- Leigh Clifford was appointed to the Qantas Board in August 2007 and as Chairman in November 2007.
- Alan Joyce was appointed Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Qantas in November 2008 and CEO Designate and to the Qantas Board in July 2008.
- Richard Goodmanson was appointed to the Qantas Board in June 2008.
- Paul Rayner was appointed to the Qantas Board in July 2008.
- Barbara Ward was appointed to the Qantas Board in June 2008.

If one were to analyse these statistics and compare them with QF's performance since 2008 as far as 'reputation for worlds best airline' is concerned one could be somewhat cynical and even jump to a conclusion that there is some type of common thread here ?
Oh dear, seems that the Shareholders really aren't that concerned with their investments I think..
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Still a good effort considering there are approx 200 airlines in the world. Also interesting that Emirates placed 10th considering the Oz Joe Public think they are the Bees Knees. Infact, they dropped down from 8th position, but that wouldn't be a newsworthy headline, would it?
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Lesley Grant.

Head of customer service for two failed airlines

Ansett [gone] and Air NZ [who required a government bailout]

She's now sitting on a hat trick....
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Past winners.

Aegean Airlines
Air Arabia
Air Arabia
Air Berlin
Air Canada
Air New Zealand
Air Tahiti Nui
Asiana Airlines
Bangkok Airways
British Airways
Cathay Pacific
China Southern Airlines
Continental Airlines
CSA Czech Airlines
Etihad Airways
Garuda Indonesia
Hainan Airlines
Jet Airways
jetBlue Airways
JetStar Airways
Kingfisher Airlines
Kingfisher Red
LAN Airlines
Malaysia Airlines
Malev Hungarian Airlines
Porter Airlines
Qantas Airways
Qatar Airways
Singapore Airlines
Skymark Airlines
South African Airways
Spring Airlines
Swiss Int'l Air Lines
TACA Airlines
Thai Airways
Thomson Airways
Transaero Airlines
Turkish Airlines
Virgin America
Virgin Atlantic Airways
Virgin Blue
Volaris, Webjet
Wizz Air

What does a good ranking in this actually mean? Even a couple of LCC's have won it.
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Look on the bright side; at least the skytrax rating hasn't fallen as much as the share price.
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look on the bright side; at least the skytrax rating hasn't fallen as much as the share price.
pure gold !!
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From an AIPA press release:

Mismanagement at Qantas has seen the airline fall in the Skytrax World Airline Awards rankings for the third time since 2008, it was revealed today.

The flying kangaroo was rated as the third best airline in the world by the globally-respected list when Alan Joyce became CEO in 2008.

Yet under Mr Joyce’s stewardship the airline has tumbled five places to eighth. Airlines now rated as superior to Australia’s flagship carrier include Thai Airways, Air New Zealand and Etihad Airways.

AIPA President Barry Jackson said the rapid descent of Qantas’s reputation under Mr Joyce has been painful to watch because there have been so many clear opportunities to avoid it.

“The idea that Qantas, traditionally one of the strongest and most trusted brands in the world, could fall so rapidly from grace would have been unthinkable even a few years ago,” Captain Jackson said.

“It has taken a truly perfect storm of management blunders to get to this point. Yet there is one mistake that continues to rise above all others - a failure to understand the core strength of the Qantas brand: the internationally recognised quality of Australian pilots and crew.”

Captain Jackson warned that Mr Joyce’s upcoming announcement of a shift in Qantas International operations to Southeast Asia would exacerbate the situation rapidly.

“Aside from Mr Joyce, is there anyone in this country who seriously thinks that stripping Qantas down to minimum standards and basing it out of Southeast Asia will do anything to arrest its current slide?” Captain Jackson questioned.

“The only serious way to reverse the current trend is to start valuing the Qantas brand by building from its point of strength: quality Australian standards.

“This is not idealism. It is the most sensible business strategy. Yet instead we are scrapping Qantas’s only genuine point of brand differentiation.

“When a passenger purchases a Qantas ticket they want a Qantas pilot in the cockpit. It’s not a tough concept to understand, yet it still seems to elude our current CEO.

“Pilots, and the Australian travelling public, are desperate for Mr Joyce to see the light and start valuing and building on the once-proud Qantas brand, instead of talking it down publicly to justify a poorly-thought out move to Asia.”

“The Qantas board’s primary function is to enhance shareholder value. Mr Joyce’s current plan is simply not going to achieve this in the long term.”

Contact: Anil Lambert 0416 426 722

Published in AIPA Media Releases - 2011
Well said.
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Evidence of Management Failures

All the indications are there......falling share price,declining market share,falling ranking in surveys,disengaged staff and a media that is just starting to twig that something is amiss.
The egotistical,arrogant,myopic incompetents who run the show cannot and will not admit their failures.With their snouts in the trough they cannot see the real world
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