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Skywest out, Skippers in.

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Skywest out, Skippers in.

Tourism slump blamed on dumped airline

January 18, 2011, 6:20 am

The State Opposition and tourism operators have warned of a slump in tourism to the Coral Coast after the Government decided to dump Skywest Airlines as the exclusive operator for flights to Carnarvon and the growing centres of Monkey Mia and Kalbarri.

Transport Minister Troy Buswell will announce in Geraldton today that Skippers Aviation will take over flights to the centres from Skywest from March 1.

Comment: Stability needed in flight routes

Mr Buswell, who could not be reached for comment, will also announce Qantas 717 jet services to Geraldton and Exmouth from the same date.

Yesterday, shadow tourism minister Ljiljanna Ravlich criticised the decision as "poorly thought out" and warned that it would have a negative impact on tourism.

Ms Ravlich's concerns relate to "downgrading of aircraft equipment" and Skippers' apparent lack of international connections to bring in tourists.

Skippers plans to use 30-seat Brasilias on the routes, supplemented by 50-seat Dash 8s on some Carnarvon services, whereas Skywest is using 50-seat Fokker 50s on all flights.

Skywest has been serving these loss-making routes as part of the Coastal Network Contract, which includes the profitable Geraldton and Exmouth routes.

However, the Government has de-regulated Geraldton and allowed Qantas to operate on the Exmouth route from March 1.

Skywest and Skippers declined to comment.

Aspen Parks, operator of the Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort and nine other tourism facilities in WA, has called for a guarantee that the existing minimum level of service and standards will be maintained.

A past winner of the Sir David Brand Award for tourism, Kalbarri Edge Resort director Jon Jessop, said the decision was the final nail in the coffin for tourism on the Coral Coast.

He said the Government had given no priority to ensure that the local tourism industry survived.
With FIFO competition heating up, could this be the saviour for Skippers?
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With FIFO competition heating up, could this be the saviour for Skippers?
3 x basket case RPT routes? Would not have thought so... bad news for these 3 towns me thinks, the Skywest service shits all over Skippers...
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On the upside, at least they'll get an APU


Whats the bet they'll be running Metros by years end?
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All very interesting stuff...

Yes the skywest service is better.
Yes bras's and dash's have APU's which will make for a nice change on those hot days....
and yes skippers used metros the last time they had a crack at sharkbay etc when they had it last time. 2004 ish ?

A few questions that people could help me with....
Are skippers going to recieve additional renumereation from the Govt to operate kalbarri and shark bay, or simply tie them in with Carnarvon trips to make money ??
Do skippers hold a high cap RPT AOC ? Ie will we see anything bigger than a dash-100 going into carnarvon ?

so much going on in the west ............
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they operate the -300 model but is that just on charter?

State Government announces preferred airlines for WA regional air services
Portfolio: Transport

Transport Minister Troy Buswell today announced the preferred airlines to provide regulated air services to Western Australian regional centres.

The announcement follows a review of intrastate air services and two Request for Proposal (RFP) processes undertaken for airlines to provide services to 14 regional communities.

The following airlines have been nominated to provide air services on the regulated networks and routes below:

o Perth/Albany, Perth/Esperance
Skywest Airlines

o Perth/Mt Magnet/Meekatharra
Skippers Aviation

o Perth/Laverton/Leonora
Skippers Aviation

o Perth/Wiluna/Leinster
Skippers Aviation

o Perth/Learmonth
QantasLink and Skywest Airlines

o Perth/Carnarvon/Monkey Mia/Kalbarri
Skippers Aviation

o Broome/Derby/Fitzroy Crossing/Halls Creek
Golden Eagle Airlines

“Skywest will offer additional direct flights on the Perth to Albany and Perth to Esperance network, as well as extra services connecting Busselton with Perth and Albany; and Ravensthorpe with Perth and Esperance,” Mr Buswell said.

“Albany and Esperance residents will also continue to get a special fare that provides a significant discount on the normal full economy fare.

“People travelling on the Perth to Learmonth route will now have a choice of flying either QantasLink or Skywest - both of which will provide jet services.”

The Minister said Golden Eagle Airlines would continue to operate the subsidised Kimberley service linking Fitzroy Crossing and Halls Creek with Broome.

“Under the new arrangements a link to Derby will be added to the Kimberley network, which will provide valuable connections for local communities and give access to the regional hospital, local government and cultural centres,” he said.

“Kimberley passengers will benefit from Golden Eagle’s planned introduction of an aircraft that is pressurised, powered by turboprop engines, and bigger, faster and more comfortable than the current aircraft.

“Skippers Aviation will continue to operate the Perth to Goldfields network, serving Mount Magnet, Meekatharra, Laverton, Leonora, Wiluna, and Leinster, similar to the previous service.

“The biggest change to the State's regional air services is opening the Perth to Geraldton route to competition.

“Skippers Aviation will provide services to Carnarvon, Monkey Mia and Kalbarri, ensuring that regular public transport air services continue on these routes.”

Subject to successful negotiations, airlines selected to provide services on the protected routes will have their rights and obligations codified in a deed, with the new arrangements to be introduced from February 28, 2011.

The new system will operate for an initial term of five years with a possible extension of up to another five years, subject to a review undertaken midway through the first term.
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Umm, didn't the Kalbarri and Shark Bay routes go to Skippers (as well as a share of Geraldton) a few years back only for them to dump them after a few months?
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Wait until Buswell starts sniffing the seats of a Metro after a run up the coast in the middle of a west coast summer.......

He won't know what hit him
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Carnarvon, Shark Bay and Kalbarri. Three locations that would have found it very difficult (read costly) indeed to make the necessary infrastructure changes, purchase equipment and employ trained screening staff for the 2012 change to >20 Tonne MTOW trigger for screening.

Simple answer, go to a smaller aircraft such as Q300. Just a thought

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good point YPJT the F50 being just over the 20T cutoff
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Yes there was much angst when that line in the sand was drawn. Despite their protests though, once the white paper was out, there was little that could be done to change it.

Rex and a few others around the country along with the airports they serviced breathed a collective sigh of relief.
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CVQ will only be seeing a q300 if Skippers has a High Capacity RPT AOC though.

Whats a Braz like with wheelchair and DPL passengers?
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budgies getting a twin turboprop?

times are a changin'!
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Budgie, twin turboprop, tell him he's dreamin!!! Believe it when I see it! Let me guess, it'll be there in 8 weeks time!

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Whats the goss for budgies? What are they getting?
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"Skywest didn't comment" Must be the first time HD didn't give GT something to report! That's news in itself!!
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Wait until Buswell starts sniffing the seats of a Metro after a run up the coast in the middle of a west coast summer.......
Very clever GG!

200nm sector in the 717. No rest for the wicked on that one. "Come on girls, where's my brekkie?! We're going down soon!"

Plenty of time available coming back home though, I suppose.
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200nm sector in the 717. No rest for the wicked on that one
Getting soft in your old age bloggs ? Try 100nm in an A321
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Budgie with pressurised turboprop, has the company got a new owner and GM, wonder where the money is going to come from for a Turboprop.
probably looking for a Q400 or ATR 72.
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ATR's is what I have been told by a little birdie.
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200nm sector in the 717. No rest for the wicked on that on
Bloggs, don't your colleagues do an 80nm sector in a Bae146?
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