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Jetstar Singapore Contract

Old 7th Oct 2010, 05:48
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Post Jetstar Singapore Contract

Latest word on the street is training supposed to commence in Nov and Jet* finally sends out contracts to sign.

Only problem is the cheap [email protected] renegged on a little matter of a 10% yearly bonus

Said bonus now comes with an extra clause "payment at the Companys discretion".

Out of the 20 interested only 1 has signed
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Old 7th Oct 2010, 06:01
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What amazes me is that 20 people signed up to it in the first place!!
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Old 7th Oct 2010, 06:42
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"payment at the Companys discretion" = Not paid by J* if they can think of any reason.......
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Old 7th Oct 2010, 07:12
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As with most rumours, there is an element of truth to this one, but apparently not the whole story.

The initial contract did state at company discretion - this was apparently due to it being treated as a "bonus payment" rather than as a relocation allowance by the contracts author.

After it was pointed out, the contract was immediately revised and the 10% is now as per the EOI - ie a relocation allowance - guaranteed - no discretion.

From what i've heard, the only other changes between the EOI and the contract are an increase in guaranteed minimums.
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Old 7th Oct 2010, 10:07
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Well Done You Guys!!!

What a great way to undermine all of the effort gone into developing pilot unity of late. Enjoy Singapore!!!
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Old 7th Oct 2010, 11:10
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I hope the blokes accepting this offer have thought long and hard. I havent seen anger amongst the troops like this EVER. Interesting to note they did not get one person for the 23 F/O postions.Rumour has is the company was willing to offer up to 30 percent more if there were no takers first time around. When will these people learn.
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Old 7th Oct 2010, 11:27
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Unity at Jetstar, like that will ever happen!!!!
From what I hear, its more like 50 guys, not 20. (They did get f/o's applying, but are still short on the numbers required)
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Old 7th Oct 2010, 14:34
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Its makes you wonder alright...

I bet the same guys that take the SIN offer fully expect thier EBA and commands in the original bases to exist when they want to come back home.

Well, news for you fellas... you sure are doing your best to undermine your own future back in Aussie.

Not to mention everybody elses...

Its not even a payrise FFS
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Old 7th Oct 2010, 14:46
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Hope the suckers, sorry, volunteers, have done their homework on living in SIN, not just looked at the $$$ and the tax rate.
In fact, with the cost of housing alone and the exchange rate, I trust you are getting around 20% more than Oz.

BTW, congrats on driving the T&Cs in Australia further down, oh, thats right, it's not in Australia
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Old 8th Oct 2010, 00:32
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But what are current Jetstar pilots doing about it- or anything?

What is your multi-pronged industrial strategy? Launching attacks by educating or deterring potential employees via PPRuNe has merit. As long as you are doing something else concrete.

Just looks to me as Jetstar pilots ( and everyone else in OZ bar QF ) have lowered the bar happily, then get shirty when someone else does similar.

Get some balls.....
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Old 8th Oct 2010, 01:13
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Very hard to do anything about it when the same workmates helped vote up a crap EBA. IR laws here, dont give much scope before the bargaining period either Gnadenburg.

As someone else has said elsewhere. there will be no unity until everyone puts their own self interest second.
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Old 8th Oct 2010, 01:33
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wait till the boys see the next EBA theyll wish they had gone to SIN on A330.
Its unwinnable losers if you dont like it leave , simple solution really..
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Old 8th Oct 2010, 01:50
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Can you inform everyone as to how many cancelled flighs there was in september and what was the OTP like?

I'll answer it for you..OTP around 30% and a sh#t load of cancelled flights. (30 in 3 days at one stage) And we were not even in a protected barganing period!!!!!!!! (it's only 20 months away)

If JQ want to throw sh#t in everyones face when we are in a barganing period the airline will be brought to its knees!! So i suggest you climb back into the box in 222 Bourke were you came form and whilst you are doing it you can let the management F#$ckwits that share a Grange with every friday know that if they want to continue to piss on us they will get it back in their face tenfold!!!!
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Old 8th Oct 2010, 06:20
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Living in Singapore

Mates there tell me that living in Singapore is pretty cruisy, but...

If you are an Aussie and expect to lead an Aussie standard of living in Singapore, it will cost pretty much what it costs you in, say, a decent part of Sydney. So if you live in Singapore and get paid much lower than Aus rates, you may well not be ahead by making the move.

Some things are cheap and the tax rate's pretty good, but other things (like a decent place to live and cars) are more expensive. Your weekly groceries are about the same. And a pint of a drinkable beer, at most pub-type places, will set you back easily SGD 11-14.

Local food is cheap and there are people who never eat at home, but strangely, they tend to end up carrying a stone or two more than when they arrived.

And make sure you get health cover, as a non-PR or citizen, you're on your own. Same with your pension.

As for any sort of industrial laws if things don't go your way...
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Old 8th Oct 2010, 08:51
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Hi guys,
I would urge you all to consider the deal on the table with Jetstar. The President of AIPA is behind Jetstar Pilots in their efforts to get Qantas salaries. This may happen one day.....not sure when. But in the mean time try not to signup for below par wages and conditions.
Maybe one day AIPA big boss will be a Jetstar Captain.....
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Old 8th Oct 2010, 09:00
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Jetstar Pilots in their efforts to get Qantas salaries.
You have it wrong way round they want qantas pilots to get paid jetstar pay
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Old 8th Oct 2010, 09:24
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Yep, the chickens have certainly come home to roost WRT this mob. The absolute hypocrisy of these guys to now try to have the moral high ground is nothing short of bewildering.
I just wish this outfit would go away. I am sick and tired of having these individuals undermine mine and my colleagues' livelihoods.
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Old 9th Oct 2010, 15:30
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Take a look in the mirror

Jetstar pilots complaining about the the lowering of their terms and conditions by pilots, who,in the hope of bettering their futures, accept contracts in SIN. The very thing the Jetstar pilots commenced doing to airline conditions in Australia in 2004, and have been doing since, when they accepted employment contracts with Jetstar. Stop the self pity and take a reality check. Be grateful you live at home.
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Old 9th Oct 2010, 22:29
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It started well before then at Impulse. These pay-for-training types had no other qualification than the ability to sell out the entire industry.

They get no sympathy.
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Old 10th Oct 2010, 00:41
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Do what the QF pilots did to CX pilots. Dob them into the ATO.

Nasty. But not as nasty as some of the posts here....

No low cost pilot could afford to buy a house in Singapore to meet non-residency requirements whilst their families sponge of the rest of the law abiding, tax paying low cost pilots in Oz.

From today's Age.
Residency questions confuse investors

Max Newnham

August 17, 2010

Whether someone is classed as an Australian resident for tax purposes has a major effect on what they pay tax on and at what rate. By the flood of questions sent in from readers both here and overseas the matter of residency causes many problems. Because of the complexities in this area, and because every case is judged on its own facts, professional advice should be sought to ensure you get the right answers.

Q. I have a three year contract in Doha. I rent an apartment there but still have a house in Kiama which my children live in. I receive no income from this. I pay no income tax on my wages in Doha and transfer money into my bank account to pay the mortgage in Australia. It is also an offset account for the loan that we pay bills out of. My accountant advised that I should be classified as a non-resident as I have a three year contract and rent an apartment in Doha. My wife has taken leave without pay and currently does not work in Doha. Do you think I am a non-resident for tax purposes?

A. The question of Australian tax residency can in some cases be very easy, while in other cases it can be extremely hard. At the heart of deciding tax residency is the intention of the taxpayer. Where this cannot be established clearly the Australian Taxation Office applies various tests to work out what a taxpayer’s real intention is.

One of the tests used is to establish where the taxpayer normally resides. The ATO on its web site gives the Shorter Oxford Dictionary definition of resides as, “to dwell permanently, or for a considerable time, to have one’s settled or usual abode, to live in particular place”.

The ATO in deciding where someone normally resides takes account of where a person’s family, business and employment ties are, and where they organise their financial affairs. Also taken into account is where their permanent place of abode is. In other words where their residence is and where their family sleeps at night.

In your case as you have retained your home in Australia, you have not purchased a new home in Doha and are only renting, your wife has not resigned her employment but only taken leave without pay, you have a finite three year contract that is not a permanent placement, and you maintain a bank account in Australia that you pay bills out of, you would more than likely be classed as an Australian resident for tax purposes by the ATO.
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