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Borghetti Off To Virgin

Old 3rd Mar 2010, 07:10
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Branson must be laughing all the way to the bank.
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Who said you can't make money out of aviation?
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You know, atlast we seem to have a good story about someone who acts with integrity and has found his true level. It is a bonus that he wasnt deemed worthy of those in ivory towers.

We dont need any more of what we have seen recently when boards decide individuals are bigger than the organisation itself.

JB doesnt need to always be popular but PLEASE do something to make us see that times have changed. Even us mere slf want to see something of which we want to be part other than a truly trashed brand that seems to be merely following its own self fulfilling prophesy.

Believe it or not, I was once a true follower but no more after the long and hard lessons.

Brilliant move by RB, BG and all, so give us something to do with our loyalty other than contempt and my guess is they will be there in droves.
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Q: Who said you can't make money out of aviation?
A: Certainly not my ex-wife!

............seriously JB is a good operator and from the few meetings I've had with him I would only wish him the best. He has demonstrated integrity and does back his people.

Look fwd to seeing his stamp on DJ - Definately a loss for us at QF


PS: JB don't be afraid to wear a tie!
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Hope the same thing that happened at QF when AJ got the top job, happens at VB, the Village gets its floors swept of the inept and childish parasites. I bet there are some very sombre and S%^T scared people hiding under the colourful and ergonomic office furniture using the company paper to update their CV's for their old job at Macca's and the Coffee Club.

I am not an overly optimistic person by nature, and the pilot at VB will not see many benefits from this new management except maybe greater job security!

Why would JB want to change any agreement he has with a group of pilots that give him a team that has an EBA which provides great flexibility at mid range salaries if not poor conditions like VA. He would have laughed and rubbed his hands when he discovered that an entire combined yearly salary of a flight deck to LA is paid the equivalent of a single QF Jumbo Skipper!!!!!

Probably the only thing we may see change is a better IT system, and after he has tried to use the VB staff travel system, an updated, truly online based and user friendly website may be implemented. After having used QF's staff travel system, JB will spin out!!!!!!

VB will most likely benefit form the Business market as his knowledge and contacts with the Mahogany set will surely be used.

On the surface QF did not seem to kick up a real fight to keep JB, is this a Trojan Horse that has just been wheeled into the Village compound? Time will tell! A few of the boy's have seen GD paxing on few flights with VB in recent times, is this all too coincidental?

But then again, the mail boy come good has been kicked out of home and "Hell hath no fury, like a executive scorned."
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Funny you say that DD as Rod Wilcock resigned yesterday from GM of Ground Operations.
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A few of the boy's have seen GD paxing on few flights with VB in recent times, is this all too coincidental?
Wouldn't you out of sheer self preservation? Given the warm & fuzzy feelings he engendered between staff & management at his former employer.

JB is a loss to QF & and a big gain to VB. He seemed like one of the few decent blokes on mahogany row.
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A word of caution to VB pilots.

Under JB and Qantas record profits in 2007 was born the Qantas Short haul agreement that has a B scale for new Captains.

Jetconnect was another cancer that was born when JB was manager of QF tech crew.

As a result it is a 12-15 year wait to a 737 command in QF now.

Do not be surprised to see the rise in Pac Blue flying.

This is the guy who got Qantas to sponsor the Scuderia Ferrari F3 team in Sydney so he could get his Ferrari fixed for free.
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and a word of caution to VB cabin crew/ground staff

there has been changes under JB guard.
B contracts for cabin crew
overseas bases for cabin crew
a very messy product domestic & international ( i think there are 7 different business class seats/products out there , old aeroplanes, )
numerous changes to ground crews contracts & conditions
loosing, or as many insiders think deliberatly disposing of many ground handling contracts
and so on..........
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Sweet Revenge ?

I wonder what Qantas thought about John Borghetti succeeding Brett Godfrey at Virgin Blue?
Friday, 5 March 2010
Wouldn’t we all loved to have been a fly on the wall in both Alan Joyce’s office at Qantas’ HQ and when Geoff Dixon heard that his former first lieutenant John Borghetti had secured the top job at their nemesis, and thorn in the flesh, airline Virgin Blue.

I wonder if the words ”traitor”, “turncoat” or even “poacher turned gamekeeper”, passed anyone’s lips?

With Borghetti’s non-compete clause only expiring last November, and rumours that he was off to the Middle East, speculation about him being in the frame for the top DJ job was shrugged off as mere speculation by some. Especially within Qantas.

Others thought that John made the perfect candidate to take Virgin Blue into it next stage of “growing up”. Having said that I did doubt whether they would have the nerve to appoint him!

It is a great credit to Virgin Blue to see total transparency in a process like this, as it is rumoured that there was not a lot of love lost between Godfrey and Borghetti, but clearly the process has won, with best man getting the job.

Qantas has always been recognised as a leader in sales and marketing, with Borghetti having headed up that for a large part of his 36 year career with the flying kangaroo. Now those many years of skills and experience will be fully plugged into Qantas’ biggest competitor.

A great opportunity has presented itself to Borghetti. He will now able to apply some of the things he probably could not have done at Qantas, mainly because the culture was very different to Virgin Blue but also because he had a very dogmatic and strong CEO in Geoff Dixon.

I also think that Borghetti must be very excited at the prospect of running an organisation with an open, non-bureaucratic culture, a place where innovation and dynamism are the name of the game, potentially rather different to the apparent environment of his previous role. Another bonus must be moving to Queensland!

Brett Godfrey says that he looks forward to welcoming Borghetti and introducing him to the business adding, “John has a proven track record in the aviation sector... He comes with enormous knowledge and experience.”

“Importantly, I know he respects the Virgin Blue team and its culture... His understanding and participation in both the low cost and full service segments, has him uniquely placed to lead Virgin Blue in its next stage of development.”

This week must now be very a sweet one for Borghetti though, one might even call it “revenge”, with his taking over the helm of Virgin Blue also being announced just after the much smaller carrier reported a bigger profit than Qantas!

So Borghetti, sincerest congratulations to you and while Godfrey has left some very big shoes to fill, I have no doubt you are the man to fill them.

Industry Insider Commentary and Opinion by John Alwyn-Jones, e-Travel Blackboard correspondent

Source = e-Travel Blackboard: J.A.J
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Qantas has always been recognised as a leader in sales and marketing
Yeah, like rolling out "I still call Australia home" again and again and again.

Absolute geniuses!
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With a new leader and the 10th anniversary of the airline this year I think we will see some big changes at Virgin Blue.

There will be an increase in regional flying with a turboprop added to claw away at the dominance Qantaslink has in the market. Regional flying has always been big money for Qantas and JB knows this and he will want a share of it.

The E-jets will start new markets and perhaps return to some old ones (Alice Springs and the ISA). You may also find the E-jets operating the ½ hour flights on the golden triangle as at the moment Virgin only operate every hour and only a few flight on the ½ hour in some peaks.

A new uniform for all staff, 10 years with the same style uniform is way to long.

Proper business class added and changes to economy.
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Just watched the Business program on the ABC and interested by JBs comment regarding a 3-year performance 'bet' with SIR RB...

VB will certainly be in for a shake-up - hopefully it's a positive one...

Smile and wave boys,

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Yeah, like rolling out "I still call Australia home" again and again and again.
Crew sourced and based overseas, aircraft maintained overseas, Irish CEO....

Yeah, about as Australian as the Doner Kebab mate.
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The etiquette at VB is so ingrained it can't be changed. Just look at their adds.
New cabin crew start on 30k, premium experience straight out of Mcdowels.
Proper business class?No they announced a three class economy product instead.
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The developments with DJ's products are always interesting. A couple of times a good idea seems to have had been implemented in ways which surprise me and don't seem to pick up on the lessons others have learnt.

AirNZ has reduced 737 and A320 seat pitch in both planes and reversed it the second time on the 737 back to a min of 30 inches. The lesson learnt seems to be don't drop below 30" and to sell the benefits of space plus while treating the basic economy seat of 30" as standard.

With the 738 I suspect there is room/scope to reduce the seat pitch of some rows down to 30", especially if they reduce the pitch of the blue zone (exit rows), as AirNZ did in the back half of the A320 economy when they went to 142 seat in economy. However AirNZ was a lot quieter about it than DJ are (having tried the layout at Freedon Air first). Actually DJ seems louder about the fact they are reducing seat pitch than I recall them advertising the extra seat pitch they have been offering above the competition.

To me the message should have been communicated as part of an overall product revamp and rebranding where it was sold as our most loyal customers and those on higher fare tickets get the better seats which have an extra 2 inches leg room, access to lounge, priority ... etc. All our other economy seats are industry standard (ie 30 inches) but we offer frequent flyer points, modern planes and a good choice of buy on board food etc.
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John, get rid of the beige uniforms ASAP, the colour may match RB's dyed hair but will never come back this century. Get new CC that have never said "do you want fries with that". The low fares won't last for ever so try and attract the more average traveller with a more mature style in the cabin. New livery wouldn't go astray rather than looking like a can of flyspray with wings.
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CJ agree with what your saying, I sent you a PM a week or so ago I would be interested to hear your reply.

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CJ no we dont want that
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As reported in Airline Transport World last week . . . looks like non-stop flights to London and New York are being considered (see bold/italics below – my emphasis).

Borghetti to lead long-haul era at Virgin Blue

Wednesday March 3, 2010
Airline Transport World
By Geoffrey Thomas

In a clear sign that it is moving its product offering up-market, Virgin Blue yesterday confirmed widespread speculation and appointed former Qantas Executive GM John Borghetti, 54, to take the reins from retiring founder and CEO Brett Godfrey.

Borghetti, who will take over in May, would not discuss his plans when asked by ATWOnline, but it is widely believed he will endorse a plan to buy 777-200LRs for the group's V Australia subsidiary in order to launch non-stop Perth-London Heathrow and Sydney-New York JFK service. LHR-SYD also is a possibility (ATWOnline, Nov. 6, 2009).

Qantas examined the concept in 2005 but decided against it since the aircraft would have been a new model in its fleet. V Australia, however, is a 777-300ER operator, has six options to exercise and could take delivery of a -200LR next year.

One analyst told this website that the ultra-long-range concept would be a "perfect fit" for Borghetti and Virgin Blue. "Non-stops are what Australian business traffic wants and Qantas will not be able to match V Australia. It will give them a clear point of difference going forward," the Sydney-based analyst said.

Virgin Group Chairman Richard Branson, who is Blue's largest shareholder, has told ATWOnline that he has "serious interest" in operating non-stop between LHR and Perth and that the service almost certainly would be a joint V Australia/Virgin Atlantic Airways flight.

At Qantas, Borghetti developed one of the world's best domestic economy products and it is expected that he will reshape Blue's domestic offering with an upgraded and dedicated premium economy aimed at the corporate market as the airline strives to capture more high-yield traffic. He resigned from QF last May (ATWOnline, April 8, 2009).

According to Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation Chairman Peter Harbison, "Yield management is an art and [Borghetti] is an artist. Borghetti is a positive for Virgin Blue."

Godfrey told this website last week that the airline will start taking delivery of 50 737NGs next year. Aircraft will feature three economy cabins--premium economy, economy and economy lite. The latter option will feature less legroom and is designed to compete with budget carriers (ATWOnline, Nov. 6, 2009).

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