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Appalling Qantas Decision

Old 19th Dec 2009, 02:20
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Angry Appalling Qantas Decision

This has to be one of Qantas' worst decisions. All PPRUNERs and fellow travellers are encouraged to let Alan Joyce know what they think.

From the Sydney Morning Herald

Qantas queried on taking jobs off disabled workers


December 18, 2009

QANTAS contracted packaging work to cheap prison labour at the expense of a company that employs disabled people.

After a retendering process, Qantas contracted the work — sealing earphones in plastic bags — to the NSW Department of Corrective Services, rather than its long-time contractor, Sunnyfield, which employs disabled people.

"We undertook a review with all our [packaging] services in NSW," said a Qantas spokeswoman. "Sunnyfield was not successful in this process and the work went to Corrective Services."

The Federal Government's parliamentary secretary for disabilities, Bill Shorten, said he had made inquiries with Qantas over the matter.

The Corrections Department was now subcontracting the work back to Sunnyfield.

"I'm satisfied Qantas is doing everything it can for people with disabilities," Mr Shorten said.

News of the about-turn came on the day Mr Shorten met Jetstar over its treatment of disabled passengers, after complaints were publicised.

Paralympian Kurt Fearnley hauled himself on his hands through the terminal rather than use a Jetstar wheelchair that he could not wheel independently and a Melbourne blind couple, Kathryn Beaton and Glen Bracegirdle, were refused a booking to Sydney because of her guide dog.

Yesterday Mr Shorten and the disability discrimination commissioner Graeme Innes met Jetstar's chief executive, Bruce Buchanan, to discuss the airline's disability access practices, a meeting he described as "constructive", with more discussions to come.

The Federal Government outlined its commitment to air travel access for disabled people in its aviation industry blueprint released this week, with a caveat that it "recognises that meeting aviation safety, occupational health and safety and other legislative requirements can hinder the provision of equal access to air services".

The travel saga did not end for Ms Beaton, her guide dog, Prince, and her partner when they eventually made it to Sydney.

While there, she was told to leave a Chinese restaurant after they had just sat down, because the owner said that dogs weren't allowed inside.

She said she handed the restaurateur a Guide Dogs Access Card, which has printed on it the rights of blind people with guide dogs, but the owner handed it back and, in a hostile manner, said they had to leave.

She said the incident left her "incredibly upset".

She has reported the matter to Guide Dogs Victoria and NSW for investigation.
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Old 19th Dec 2009, 02:35
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This has to be one of Qantas' worst decisions.
Turn it up.......

It was up for retendering and the best offer won out. Qantas is a business...not a charity.
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Old 19th Dec 2009, 02:36
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Ever since I can remember, headsets were packaged by female prisoners. I have never heard of them being packaged by disabled workers. I'd say someone is trying to send Qantas on a guilt trip by twisting the truth.
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Old 19th Dec 2009, 03:14
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It was up for retendering and the best offer won out. Qantas is a business...not a charity.
True a business, however there are many businesses in Australia that support the handicapped and disabled by offering them work. It is a shame that the chase for the almighty dollar can make some people blind to the needs of others, or even our community.

We have seen the board display very deep pockets when forking out for a farewell at a function centre, for example Crown casino. Or even a generous farewell package for a "medium term" manager.

Thought we were a sponsor of "don't dis my ability", or is this another case of lip service.
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Qantas is a business...not a charity.
Considering the amount of Govt. money that has gone into it over the years, you'd think we'd get some sort of return?

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Old 19th Dec 2009, 04:30
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Would be happy for Qantas to return to government ownership.....directors from the lib and labour govts of the day, no accountability, no transparency, no need to make any profit, new aircraft paid for by the tax payers.... what could be better..... Public Service Airlines Again!!

Of course the benefits for the public would be incredible.... every sheltered workshop in the country could bid for the work. Maintenance done by the deaf and blind, catering by meals on wheels the list of benefits for the public are enormous
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Old 19th Dec 2009, 04:39
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It is a shame that the chase for the almighty dollar can make some people blind to the needs of others, or even our community.
This is the world we live in it or not. Every business is the same.
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Whats the purpose of the business? To a) provided the service of transporting pax and b) to provide employment, training, and opportunities to people who live in Australia c) create profits that eventually provide employment, training and opportunities to people who live in Australia.Thats my personal take on it. I'm not a businessman so I'm sure some will correct me but Geez wayne....when did businesses stop seeing themselves as an important structural part of the society and sstart seeing themselves as cash generating machines for international shareholders?

Ready to be shot down.......pffftt
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Last edited by help me jebus; 21st Jan 2018 at 02:34.
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Yes Qantas is both a business and increasingly, a poor corporate citizen.

Shame really but there you go.

Middle management, [who make these types of decisions] have over the years been stacked with corporate sociopaths bereft of anything approaching morality, humanity, principle or compassion.

No ?
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Old 19th Dec 2009, 05:38
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Framer the objective of any business is to essentially make a product or produce a service that someone wants.... the objective of the owners of a business is to make a profit.

Now if a business can conduct itself in an ethical way i think that's also laudable, but in fairness when doing things ethically adds to cost most consumers dont give a rats ass and go for the cheaper product.

Qantas for example generally does a lot of ethical procurement and activity but the public dont make their decisions to fly on that basis, they make it on schedule, price, service and safety.

I love the comments in the media from punters who say things like " i will never travel with Qantas again" because what?? the business that was doing one outsourced piece of work is not being done by another group of societies retarded in another "institution""????

Oh puuuleeease give me a break. Those making the comments have probably never travelled on Qantas anyways and wouldnt make a decision based on ethics in their lives... if they are so ethical have a look at all the made in china things around their homes....amongst the worlds greatest abusers of human rights
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Blackbandit and Santo.bill I have re-read your posts several times and find them highly offensive even though I still can't work out what would motivate somebody to think those thoughts let alone share them with an open forum. This entire story and thread is a sad indictment on Qantas as well as society, if what I read here is representative of such. I would ask the moderator to have a look at what has been written here and ban those posters who are discriminating against those with a disability. You all only think of those with a congenital disability, and forgot about those with an acquired injury from car accidents, household accidents etc. It is another case of 'there but for the grace of God go I'.

As an addend I should declare I have a vested interest here as I am the parent of one such 'retard' that you all refer to with such empathy here.
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After reading his post above I note Santo.bill is trying to run away and not pay child support in another thread.

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Both cretins Santos Bill and Black Bandit have been permanently banned.

Their antics aren't needed here.

And a word of warning to anyone who wishes to vilify those less fortunate than us: DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK OF A LIFETIME BAN DOWN TO YOUR IP ADDRESS!!

One bloody angry TID
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There are many companies which go quietly about their business and, on the side, make various contributions, in various ways, to activities and organisations which do good works within the community.

The earlier comment about the value of being a good corporate citizen is a valid observation.
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So QANTAS should have picked Sunnyfield because they have disabled people working for them rather then the correctional facility because they do not?
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The problem is, again, we don't know all the details.

While an airline like Qantas should, where possible support the Australian community and those less fortunate, at what cost is it expected to do this?

I certainly don't know details, but what is the cost differential? How did it transpire? For example, did the existing contract holder fulfill the contract efficiently, or was there supply problems? How about the price? Did the incumbant's price triple when negotiating the new contract, making them prohibitively expensive? While Qantas should do what it can, it can't be expected to do it completely at the expense of business practice, especially given the fact that the public want cheaper and cheaper flights. Its pretty rich of the public to bag out Qantas for using cheaper labour then complain about how expensive their fares are.

While we certainly have a right to be cautious and skeptical of some decisions (and we've all seen some of the terrible management decisions), but its a bit harsh to put all of the blame on Qantas without knowing even the basics of the negotiations!

The Comments of Mr Shorten, after discussing this decision, should give some view - "I'm satisfied Qantas is doing everything it can for people with disabilities".
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This is the world we live in it or not. Every business is the same.
Obviously this was a job for the disabled people, not a business, so no doubt they only charged peanuts for the work, what has changed that have made them more expensive?

I'd be interested to know the real story. More likely the "disabled workshop" have been privatised and the new owners want to make profits out of the disabled workers endeavours, rather than providing them something to do. This may be the REAL story!
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I think the point everyone is missing is the gross unfairness of any company trying to tender against a Govt organization which for all intents and purposes uses slaves. I'm sure Sunnyfield has to pay wages plus all the other costs associated with having a business. If the prisoners were costed out @ $50,000 per year I doubt they'd win the contract. If a Govt body wants to win against private enterprise Govt will always win because they don't care how much taxpayers money they lose.
Don't call any illegal strikes. You may find yourself jailed and then tendered out @ $1.50 a day competing against regular contracted pilots.
I repeat - It's unfair for Governments to tender against private enterprise if the real cost of the Govt tender is being subsidised by the taxpayer.
Cheers R.A
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Good to see everyone jumping on the media speculation bandwagon with only minimal information. I bet you all love to watch "a current affair"!
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