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Qantas blocks PPrune access

Old 25th Jul 2007, 00:27
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Ever worked in a company that has put out suggestions boxes Crank? Internet forums can be used in the same way. Judging by your pre conceived idea that PPRuNe is just an avenue for "flames and criticism", you probably wouldn't be able to sort out what could be used constructively anyway.

Yes, there certainly are many here that like to post rubbish and have an axe to grind but, I for one have had my pre conceived ideas changed by other posters and their opinions. Very early on, I had a "run in" with someone who was very passionate about a subject and, after the "handbags at 40 paces" were done with, I actually learned a great deal & now get on quite well with that individual. Get past the vitriol & actually think about some of the things you are reading

Anyway, I guess you'd be a perfect candidate for airline management in Oz if you cant.
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Old 30th Jul 2007, 14:21
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Contrary to your suggestion I had no pre-conceived notion, simply formed a view after reading many of the threads. Yes I've worked in companies with suggestion boxes, and have even been responsible for commissioning anonymous staff surveys. These are very beneficial, but also fundamentally different from this site.

Yes there is some material here that's interesting and could be beneficial. My point is more that it seems an unhelpful use of time to consider it likely that management will troll through these forums to discover the odd pearl of wisdom. Conduct the exercise iI mentioned, deleting these types of abuse from the threads, and yes you are probably right there is some valid feedback here.

Calling managers dogs or scum, or some other derogatory reference is of no use at all. That is, if you actually want to influence or change or heaven forbid, improve something.
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Old 31st Jul 2007, 06:34
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Dogs and Scum

I'm curious Crank, what terms of endearment do you think management use to describe their employees?
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Old 31st Jul 2007, 07:25
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The Reverend
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The Australian
Adam Cresswell, Health editor | July 31, 2007
MENTAL illness touches the lives of almost every Australian, according to a report that reveals the condition affects 85 per cent of the population either directly or through the suffering of a friend or relative.
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Old 31st Jul 2007, 08:03
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Calling managers dogs or scum, or some other derogatory reference is of no use at all. That is, if you actually want to influence or change or heaven forbid, improve something. opposed to managers treating employees like dogs or scum? You think people feel this way about managment for the sake of it?
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Old 31st Jul 2007, 23:38
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Just a small point. A Pilot in charge of a multi crewed aircraft is a Manager... just as much as the person in charge of flight operations or ramp agents or the ticket office!!
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