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Four Corners

Old 30th Jun 2005, 12:04
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Thumbs up Four Corners

Anyone got any information on the Four corners 4 July 2005?
I hear they are doing some aviation special.
Cheers FM
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Old 30th Jun 2005, 12:08
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ABC journalist posted asking for info re Qantas "issues" on the CC forum several weeks ago.

I thought it was for a radio program??
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Old 30th Jun 2005, 21:33
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I saw a promo on it last night. It's about the Lockhart River accident.
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Old 1st Jul 2005, 03:10
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I would have thought they would wait for the ATSB report. But then again lets not let the facts get in the way of some sensationalist journalism.
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Old 1st Jul 2005, 03:48
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It's true Four Corners have done some sensational journalism over the years.

Let's see, there was the Qld Fitzgerald, the NSW police, SievX, Alpine Offset, Grassby and the Griffith Mafia, Cairns/Morosi, yep the facts do make some sensational journalism.

Right now the race is on between the Regulator/Investigator and Four Corners to get their "facts" before the public.

Now how would our friend Rumsfeld have put it.

"There are facts that we know and there are facts that we don't know, some of those facts we all know we know, but would rather all the others who do not, not know those facts we all know we know.
Of the facts that we don't "know" we do not, neither would we want the others to "know" before we can put structures in place to show that we really did "know" all the time and were already taking steps make sure nobody "knew"."

The ATSB report will deal with the actual event, maybe Four Corners will shed some light on why it may have been inevitable and who has dirty hands on it.

They have a sensational pedigree in these matters. It's a part of our sensational democratic process, be thankful it is.
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Old 1st Jul 2005, 04:21
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Unlike their commercial counterparts that have gone down the road of ratings driven news, presented by blonde bimbos that all look and sound the same with their monolog voices, the ABC still in my opinion has credibility in most of their news programs and presentation, especially 4 Corners. Sixty minutes doesnít even rate as far as I concerned when it comes to hard hitting factual journalism. Some of the best and most respected journalist (yes there is some) on the ABC started at commercial stations but went to the ABC after the commercial stations started selling their soles to the devil and decided to have a fresh new look with young inexperienced bimbo faces with, as far as Iím concerned no credibility.
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Old 1st Jul 2005, 11:21
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If you read the Lockhart River accident thread about, you will find I posted the following:

ABC TV - Four Corners

8.30 pm Monday, July 4, 2005.

Repeated 11.00 pm Wednesday, July 6, 2005.

Don't miss it! I'm told there will be some interesting revelations!

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Old 1st Jul 2005, 13:21
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Ran into "Capt'n Snooze" and his lovely wife a couple of weeks ago, they tipped me off about it then (ie: they know what to be said and by whom)

Word is that there are some beans to be spilled and cats to be released from bags.

"If Neville Wran was still Premier he'd NEVER let a Liberal goverment or a Transport Minister like Anderson get away with the sh!t they've been up to", Snoozey said.

Can't wait
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Old 2nd Jul 2005, 03:14
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Just a thought, but if the 4C program is going to point anywhere about this incident at this early stage of the investigation then CASA would surely be in the frame. Any thoughts, or has anyone heard about immediate senior CASA staff travel plans to put their finger in the leaking dike?
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Old 2nd Jul 2005, 03:32
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Maybe someone has just stumbled onto the reason Mr Anderson resigned so out-of-the-blue?
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Old 2nd Jul 2005, 20:34
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Very intuitive.

Perm FO.

As stated, "Four Corners" can and will stand on it's record.

Being a non commercial media organistaion, and the clinical way it goes about it's investigations,
and the attendant checks and balances within it's hierarchy,
it must be conceded that it is a reliable and trustworthy news outlet.

Frank Burden.

If CASA has been portrayed as failing in it's role with Safety, so be it.

CASA's culture has degenerated into that of an arrogant enforcer, working against the industry,

and appears to have abandoned the less attractive role of a mutual safety mentor committed to working with the industry.

Bruce Byron's rhetoric fails to be heard by the recalcitrant and / or rogue element endemic to the present day CASA.

It must be frustrating for Byron to be so continuously ignored by his subordinates,
but having been compensated so far in salary and benefits to the tune of over a million dollars,
does it really concern him?

He can talk the talk, does he really need to walk the walk as well?
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Old 2nd Jul 2005, 22:34
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Yeessss!! There may be a few fires to put out in CASA Tuesday morning!
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Old 3rd Jul 2005, 09:06
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Do not confuse our national aviation regulatory authority with anything to do with aviation safety.

They are regulators pure and simple. They most certainly are NOT an authority on safe civil aviation. They are only interested in 'compliance' and that does not necessarily mean 'safe'

Regulators worldwide have tried to regulate us into being safe, just look at the effectiveness of the road rules, in particular, speed limits, they really work, don't they?

Similarly, the national aviation regulatory authority is hamstrung by its own enabling legislation. Ken Cannane from AMROBA has highlighted this in a backhanded way in the GA Forum under "Stop the facade and cut the costs"


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Old 3rd Jul 2005, 10:15
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If the revelations are true, then the man at CASA whose job it is too think up new names for the department will definately be busy on Tues. ( we haven't had a change in years )
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Old 3rd Jul 2005, 11:56
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Frank Burden. From my information, I believe Four Corners do not intend preempting the ATSB investigation, rather shine a torch in a few closets that haven't seen the light of day for some time.

If you don't think CASA have some responsibility with respect to the Lockhart River accident, watch the ABC Four Corners on Monday night. Indeed, you may be interested in what aircraft operated the service since the accident.......

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Old 4th Jul 2005, 02:02
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Sorry, but Four Corners has lost all credibility with me on aviation issues after the report they did on Nomad. After speaking to some of the people who were interviewed for that programme it was obvious they had a pre-concieved agenda and were only looking for "facts" that fitted it.
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Old 4th Jul 2005, 04:25
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Anybody else gonna be watching "Sienfield" @ 8:30 tonite??
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Old 4th Jul 2005, 04:28
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whatever credibility issues impact 4 Corners, they pale into insignifance when compared to the others, ACA , TT and 60-nano seconds. Be thankful that lot don't get a chance to report.

can you even imagine Ray-Cardboard-Cutout-Martin even attempting to report anything serious ?

He's doing an exclusive with Rose "Digger" Porteous, and that will be some award winning television - in an amusing, cringeworthy, indignant and painful sort of way I hasten to add.......
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Old 4th Jul 2005, 07:57
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I believe Rose has just written a book titled How To Make One Hundred Million Dollars With Only One C#nt Working For You"
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Old 4th Jul 2005, 09:48
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A summary of the program.
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