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“Right now one of the number one issues I have with the bill is the formation of the board of directors,” Leocha said. “The airlines cannot control the board of directors — if they have control of the system, then consumers get screwed.”
How Trump privatizing air-traffic control will affect your airfare - MarketWatch

And he's in favour, overall...
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In the existing legislation which is the basis for the new plan, there would be a board made up of 13 seats. Only 4 would be allocated to the major carriers. It's hard to see how the 4 members from the majors would be able to dominate, and sway the rest of the board unless there is a lot of side dealing.

The plan in place in Nav Canada charges GA planes based on weight if under 3 metric tons, and the average fee is around $88-98 USD. Sadly, there is the 'camels nose under the tent'. What is ~$100 today, could easily be $1000 in four years, or $10,000 in ten years. After all the GA community has zero voice in govt so it would be easy prey for overcharging.
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Pretty damn funny!
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Originally Posted by peekay4 View Post
And ATCs in Australia, Germany, New Zealand, and Switzerland are also private / non-government. (Plus the UK NATS is partially private if I'm not mistaken).
Civilian ATC in Australia is performed by Airservices Australia, which is a a 100% government owned corporation. So, corporate - yes, non-government - no.
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...and there will be Trump tower in every airport.
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