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I'm sorry, if there had already been similar topic, but i haven't found it. I'm currently learning English phraseology in communications with ATC. Today I've discovered new word, which meaning isn't entirely clear for me - backtrack. I know this means to taxi along a runway. But let's imagine ATC wants me to backtrack RWY 09 (e.g.). Do I have to enter the runway and turn onto heading 090, taxi to the end of RWY 09 and turn around onto RWY 27 or vice versa? I know this may be silly question, but I'd appreciate your answer.

Thanks in advance
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It's vice versa. If you were backtracking R/W09, you would be heading 270 degrees.
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Backtaxi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Thank you very much for replies
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The issue is still not clear for me. Is there an official (written down in documents) way to request it correctly?

For ex., if I landed on RWY 27 what do I need to report to the ATC?
- Request backtrack rwy 27
- Request backtrack rwy 9 (because I already turned 180 degrees and now it's rwy 9 from my perspective?)

Personally, I think the best way to request it would be:
- Request backtrack from the end of rwy 27 (even though it's slightly longer, but eliminates any ambiguity)
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You're over thinking it. Keep it simple. Forget the reciprocal, there is only one runway - they should reference the runway in use.

It makes sense if you think about why you're using the word 'backtrack'..
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As rudestuff says, It makes sense if you think about why you're using the word 'backtrack'.

Backtrack is normally used to refer to taxying on the runway in the opposite direction to the landing/take-off direction - don't worry about headings. And I would not expect to use the term on a runway that is not in use.
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