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Question Supervisor


I just got promoted to Supervisor and was wondering what is the role of a Supervisor in other countries. From what I've heard I believe in many countries Supervisors do not work on frecuency any more, but where I work supervisors only work as such one thid of the days and on frecuency the other two thirds (more or less), so they are still in touch with the real needs of the ATCos, and are, for the moment, not seen as part of "the dark side".

I have seen many English ATCos define themselves as Operational Supervisors o Operational Watch Supervisors and I was wondering if this is what I'm saying. I just don't want to put something in my profile that might be misunderstood.

Don't know how to put it in a few words or may be I will have to explain it since I'm starting to believe Supervisors have quite different roles everywhere.

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-As a current supervisor, located in the U.S., I can tell you that we are no longer counted on to work "on frequency." We do have a requirement to maintain currency (8 hours a month), but that is typically accomplished during low traffic times (early am, late pm). It's not enough time to be "current" but it is to remain familiar.
-Other duties include micromanaging the operation, position assignment, training administration, log-keeping, time-and-attendance duties, performance management, answering the phone (regardless of the source), and many others.
-We are referred to "Front Line Managers", but I understand a change back to "Operational Supervisors" is in the works.
-We are not part of the bargaining unit/union.
Hope this helps.......
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Thanks ATLATC for your reply. As I thougt the supervisor job is not the same everywhere... just to be sure, by "Operational Supervisor" you understand just as I explained, a Supervisor who regularly works on frecuency?. I don't know where I read something that made me think that in UK the called Operational Supervisors to those who don't work any more on frecuency...

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I believe there is a grade in NATS, at the two centers, called Operations Manager which replaced the old grade of Watch Manager as the overall head of a Watch. They are not required to hold a current validation and I believe some of them have never worked as operational controllers, although somebody may correct me on this. Possibly this is where you may have got the idea of non valid. supervisors.
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Thanks for your explanations, I guess I will go for "Operational Supervisor" and briefly explain my role in my profile.

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At TC Swanwick, UK the ATCO2s do the radar. The Group Supervisors, ATCO1s, are the first line of the Watch management,hold a radar validation and have to exercise the privileges of that validation for a minimum of 14 hours per month. Next up is the Deputy Operational Supervisor,ATCO1 with a bit of extra cash, and non-valid on radar.In charge of the room is the Operational Supervisor, SATCO grade non-valid on radar.
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Thanks for the information... then I guess I'll choose "supervisor" and explain my role since the duties are quite different everywhere... here supervisors could be seen as the first row of managent but we are definitely closer to ATCos than to management since we still work on frecency two thirds of out time (and we see ourselves like that).
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