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NATS Staff leaving

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NATS Staff leaving

Old 27th Jan 2012, 17:26
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Do they still produce a staff newspaper?
If so, how do you receive copies of it?
'Airway', 'Airspace' and 'NATS News' were available at the units and I believe, posted to retired staff who requested them.
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Old 27th Jan 2012, 17:35
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The guys who are leaving are the professionals who made NATS what it is today. The aviation enthusiasts with strength and depth of character, individuality, the courage to stand up for what they believed is best for British ATC, and who thoroughly enjoyed their job. In short, just the type that modern management abhors. That's why there's no mention of them. Management are glad to be rid of them, and simply waiting for the day every controller will be a GM puppet, unquestioningly obeying every corporate diktat.
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Old 27th Jan 2012, 20:52
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Willing GM puppet?

Well, during my 22 years at Heathrow, I consider that I was a willing GM puppet, I unquestioningly obeyed every corporate diktat etc etc..........and it didn't do me any harm.
Happy New Year everyone!!!!
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Old 27th Jan 2012, 21:20
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radarman. times have changed and we are in a different world now. Todays controllers are less beligerent than some of the older guys but thats not always a bad thing.Did you really think things would continue as they were ? I know in my 25 years they have changed massively but never thought it would last forever. It doesnt mean todays guys are weak or wimpish but have to operate in a very different world with very different pressures. you should just be grateful you had the best of times . I would hate to be entering the job now. Its going to be a very different role in the years to come.
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Old 27th Jan 2012, 23:29
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I don't think anyone was implying any criticism of the new generation. I personally take my hat off to them. I think they're just as professional as we ever were, perhaps more, they certainly do a job that I couldn't do anymore !
They probably don't play french cricket or volleyball in the ops room and it's unlikely that a guy called Eric would kick their feet off the chair when they fall asleep in the FIR
I wonder if the Red Baron and North Sea parrot migrated to NERC, the Clacton Belle probably didn't make it. I doubt anyone tries to set fire to the ops room with a spirit powered steam train and there's no strip holders to build bridges out of anymore.
Did anyone do a poll to see whose "Thanks a Million" clock lasted longest? Mine lasted a week.

Tony, to go back to your original point, publishing departures is something that should be asked of the individual concerned. I'm sure there are some who wish to just slip quietly out the door.

I retired in '99 and was actually presented with an engraved tin mug. What really p***ed me off was not being allowed to return to the ops room to say goodbye. So goodbye !

My first post here btw, so hello.
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Old 28th Jan 2012, 08:47
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Jez, I've just sprayed my tea all over Anne's laptop, wait till she sees you again!

Anyway I thought most of your 22 years were done by other people!

HNY Brian
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Old 28th Jan 2012, 09:16
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Recently completed 40 years service with Eurocontrol. Not a single word of acknowledgement by the Organisation. In these modern times managers are totally devoid of even the basic people skills - and loyalty is a dirty word.

A couple of years ago, by contrast, the very first Director of the Maastricht UAC, who is long retired - and whom I have no social contact with whatsoever, called me at home to congratulate me on my 60th birthday! They certainly don't make them like that any more.
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Old 28th Jan 2012, 10:16
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Jez was always a company man, it's just that we were never sure which company.
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Old 28th Jan 2012, 10:39
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> Did anyone do a poll to see whose "Thanks a Million" clock lasted longest? Mine lasted a week.

Mine is still going strong! Mind you, I've had to change the battery ...
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Old 28th Jan 2012, 11:42
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<Anyway I thought most of your 22 years were done by other people!>

That would have been in the interests of aviation safety eh Jez ?JUST JOKING!!!!
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Old 28th Jan 2012, 11:47
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Oh happy days.... Jenks coming in late due to traffic jams and telling plod they couldn't organise, etc, etc..... on their frequency!!!!

IMc coming in drenched and stripping down to his knickers in Approach only to find visitors from the WVS peering down from the gallery with their eyes out on stalks!

AC using the megaphone from the 7th floor balcony to "broadcast" information about landing aircraft to the masses outside T2, much like the roof gardens commentators of old times.....

Presumably this sort of thing doesn't happen now?
Old 28th Jan 2012, 14:47
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Presumably this sort of thing doesn't happen now?
So many things no longer happen in NATS. It is an animal which has changed beyond all recognition in the past ten years. I reckon it started with the Robber/Red Barron.

Frankly all I want is my lump sum monthly pension and the luxury of throwing the alarm clock out of the window at 0455
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Old 28th Jan 2012, 23:02
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" I reckon it started with the Robber/Red Barron."

I think it started with NATS. I don't remember any organizational whinges when it was CAA.
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Old 28th Jan 2012, 23:38
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I retired last year,after 45 years with NATS, (at SATCC, LATCC, `GP, `PF, and Scottish). On my last day, our GM (Pauline) came for a chat in the ops room.
Some managers know how to look after their staff.
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Old 28th Jan 2012, 23:51
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45 years working for NATS!. Congrats for working for so many years and for the same company.
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Old 29th Jan 2012, 00:09
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Having myself attended a few recent LL leaving-do's, I have noticed (with great pleasure ) that the biggest smiles were worn by those who had already cast off the work shackles, whatever their individual reasons were for leaving.

I also note that I have yet to meet anybody within this group who has admitted to any regrets about their departure from the Company, apart from the loss of the regular at-work comradeship. It may be scary for those leaving the Company for any reason other than reaching normal retirement, but believe me, life does go on after NATS!

The lack of Mgmt attendees at these gatherings was unsurprising but did make for a more enjoyable atmosphere down t'pub! (and probably saved a few 'targets' from some well-aimed and honest home truths from certain quarters! )
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Old 29th Jan 2012, 11:14
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I think it started with NATS.
I disagree.....I have only worked in NATS and NATS when it was a joint CAA/MOD organisation. I feel strongly that the change set in when the train people pitched up....I was only surprised that they didn't make us clock in!!
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Old 29th Jan 2012, 12:02
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I don't know what "train people " means so I'm going to be more specific about what I mean.

"Originally a function within the UK's CAA (Civil Aviation Authority), NATS (National Air Traffic Services) became a separate entity in 1996. When the UK Government part-privatised NATS in 2001, NATS was granted a licence by the Secretary of State for Transport to provide services in en route and oceanic airspace."

From my perspective that was the start. The separation and preparation for privatization was IMO and the opinion of many of us at the time, what led to changes which to us were unacceptable.

IMO it caused a rush of piglets to the trough and the stilettos came out of the closet. It led certain watch managers to pursue their own advancement at the expense of running their watches and from that moment the staff ceased to be people and became commodities.

So for me it began slightly prior to 96.

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Old 29th Jan 2012, 12:02
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NATS Staff leaving

Gentlemen, an interesting thread but what a familiar tale.
When I started work over 30 years ago for a Government organisation I had a “boss” who cared – if you’d been off sick he was anxious that you hadn’t returned to work too early and if you had family problems (e.g. sick parents) he was willing to let you have time off.

Today a different story altogether. The department has a myriad of “ticky box” policies that they are so proud of and give the mandarins that warm feel good feeling. Managers profess that “our staff are our most important and valuable asset but what shameful deceit that is. A colleague who had been in the service 46 years retired in November having held a senior position. During his last twelve months he had a total of three weeks off when his wife suddenly died and subsequently his 90 year old father. During those 12 months he also had several days off through sickness and to reward him for his service the management threatened to invoke the competence procedure for cumulative absences!!!

At present we can’t even take our annual leave entitlement because staffing numbers have been cut to the bone.

So gentlemen you aren’t alone in feeling unwanted, uncared for and for being nothing more than an “employee number”. And for heavens sake don’t die at your desk since that may be a disciplinary issue!!
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Old 29th Jan 2012, 14:14
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Gnatspee...when Barron arrived he arrived from Alstom......he brought a lot of his cronies with him......he brought a lot of techniques to "modernise" and make the "business" more efficient. I believe he made NATS into a totally different beast......and that has continued (not all for the good)

Alstom make trains.
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