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What does this indicate on a METAR?

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What does this indicate on a METAR?

Old 12th Feb 2011, 11:05
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What does this indicate on a METAR?

Don't quite know which section to post this, but here goes

Have never seen this before... what does 29519095

OAKB 120750Z 11004KT 1600 -SN BR SCT008 BKN015 OVC030 01/01 Q1016 29519095 NOSIG RMK YLO YLO

Goes to OAKB 121150Z 31005KT 1600 -SN BR SCT004 BKN015 OVC025 00/00 Q1013 112///93 NOSIG RMK YLO YLO
what does 112///93 indicate?

YLO YLO is the military code for cloud base and visibility... the fact that these digits appear before the RMK makes me think it's not military related. Any idea...
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Old 12th Feb 2011, 11:29
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Old 12th Feb 2011, 11:29
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Looks more like runway state codes due to the snow. Does this airfield have runways 11 and 29 perhaps?
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Old 12th Feb 2011, 12:10
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Aye, it's a snowtam.

Decodes as...

RW 29
Wet Snow
10% or less of runway covered
90mm depth
Braking Action good

RW 11
Wet/Water patches
Braking action medium
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Old 12th Feb 2011, 12:19
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Unable to stop myself being a pedant, it's actually a MOTNE group.

Here's a good decode.
Old 12th Feb 2011, 16:50
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If you have an ipod etc there is a very good App called Snowtamlite which decodes the figures for you. (assumming you are allowed to use multi media devices in your ops room )

Spitoon I think MOTNE is w.f.u.

SI CAP 493 Mats pt1 13/12/10 uses the phrase Runway State Reports / Runway State Groups ( formally known as MOTNE ).



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Old 12th Feb 2011, 17:50
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Why do they keep changing everything?????

Thanks for the update Ayr
Old 12th Feb 2011, 18:00
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Well spotted.
Of course way back, ATCOs would probably have had their own copies of MATS Pt.1 and would have all known this, (from the hand-incorporated personal amendment), resulting in a cascade of correct answers.
It took me a while to dig the information out from the CAA website.
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Old 12th Feb 2011, 18:02
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MOTNE=Met Office Teleprinter Network.......was phased out with the Stevenson Rocket!!
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Old 12th Feb 2011, 18:05
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Sorry, but you're not quite there.
MOTNE = Meteorological Operational Telecommunications Network Europe.
P.S. Apologies, but at the risk of being sadly pedantic the locomotive was actually called 'Stephenson's Rocket'.

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Old 12th Feb 2011, 22:49
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Goodness knows why in the 21st century important information about runway state is given in some sort of code. Madness. Why should I have to 'decode' it?
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Old 13th Feb 2011, 07:12
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Well I guess it could be done in plain language....but I'd have trouble with the Chinese ones.
Old 13th Feb 2011, 09:37
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The decode actually reads

Get out of the Mother Country, migrate to the Antipodes where you can experience floods, cyclones and bushfires. Much, much nicer.
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Old 13th Feb 2011, 09:57
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MOTNE=Met Office Teleprinter Network
Actually, Met. Operational Teleprinter Network Europe

A Nerd
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Old 16th Feb 2011, 15:40
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Im filling MOTNE during the winter, because its decoded in ATIS. Dont need to read that stuff to every plane, they can listen it on ATIS.
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