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GCAA vs SERCO (middle east)

Hi All,

What's the difference between a GCAA contract and a SERCO contract? I would guess the answer is not nothing otherwise what is the point?
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Ah, le rat is back. Your answer is well drafted and grammatically correct in every sense of the word and you managed to answer the question as well. Good job rat.
Tennis. No real difference. Salaries are similar (33k) per annum. The gcaa guys get an annual bonus = to a months basic salary. Serco has a better gratuity scheme and share options (when it comes around). On the floor we all work together. We wear uniforms and gcaa can wear what they want. Maybe one of the gcaa guys would care to comment.
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As I have said previously, the package financially is near enough to each other to be considered the same. The difference between the 2 is with Serco you arrive and have a furnished flat to live in and your visas and medicals and all that are pretty much served to you on a platter. Once you are settled you can if you choose to, take the accomodation allowance and find your own place. The GCAA guys arrive here and are put up at a hotel, and they pay a lot to stay there, until they can find their feet and find a place to stay. They have to jump through a lot more of the hoops themselves to get visas/medicals whereas with Serco a lot of that is done for you. So to sum up the difference is the the amount of support from HR that you get. Serco HR is not perfect by any means, but according to GCAA guys, it sure beats what you get from GCAA. Cheers
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