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Instructor Pay Rates

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Instructor Pay Rates

Old 14th Jul 2005, 21:02
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Devil Instructor Pay Rates

What is it worth to a company or to an individual to be an ATC Instructor ?

Would you draw comparisons to instructional jobs in the airlines ?

Do you feel overpaid or underpaid for any instruction that you do?

How much extra do you get or feel you should get for training ?
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Old 15th Jul 2005, 12:27
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I ask the questions because as I see it the rewards are minimal and the risks high.

If you work for NATS (for example) - you get an extra paypoint (unless you are top of the scale) and a 'bonus' (non-pensionable)of about 400 per quarter (before tax).

I reckon this equates to about 3000 per annum before tax if you are not top of the scale, and 1600 per annum before tax if you are.

So, for an ATCO of 10 yrs experience, you get about 1000 a year (80 a month) after tax.

Is this REALLY the going rate for all that experience and for putting your licence at risk in live traffic ?

Anyone know what the extra rates are in the airline industry for Line Trainers ?
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Old 15th Jul 2005, 13:37
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No - outside NATS and extra 500/yr or thereabaouts is all you can expect as an OJTI.

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Old 15th Jul 2005, 14:52
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extra pay for OJTI-what a novel concept!
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Old 15th Jul 2005, 15:59
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In Canada its a premium of $8.50/hour. Hourly rates are between $39 and $53 so its about 15-20% more. New contract pending, so it might change.
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Old 15th Jul 2005, 18:01
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At Maastricht it is around 180 Euros ( 120GBP) per month before tax - definitely not worth it! That's why I have recently stopped training and don't get the payment - (working) life is a hell of a lot simpler now
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Old 15th Jul 2005, 20:38
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Poland is quite unusual as for OJT: one needs to have 6 years experience as an ATCO to become an OJTI, base salary is larger by about 20% and also I get extra 0.5% for every hour supervised.

That sounds like some deal to me
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Old 15th Jul 2005, 21:42
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Six years experience? If only..............
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Old 16th Jul 2005, 01:56
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OJTI - 10% of salary extra while performing the function.

ATC Instructor (an extra endorsement to work in our ATC College or training sections in the 2 large centres) - not paid anything extra unless performing OJTI duties either online or in the simulator.

Not really worth the hassle, but it's better than nothing.
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Old 16th Jul 2005, 07:38
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Which is exactly what we get- nothing. All part of the experience. And you can expect a constant stream of trainees, too.
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Old 16th Jul 2005, 19:35
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coach benefits

hi folks...coaching a newbie I get the equivalent of two hotdogs an hour...hey... I make my day with this!!!
No, Im joking...I would teach this girls and boys also without extra pay...cause who should do it instead?
who can,do.
who cant,teach.
who cant teach,manage.
unfortunately we have only enough staff belonging to the 3rd part of the foreknown.
have fun blue21
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Old 16th Jul 2005, 21:15
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Blue21,with respect, I submit that you don't know what the *** * you are talking about.

"who can,do.
who cant,teach.
who cant teach,manage."

I spent 25 years working traffic to learn how to become a good teacher of ATC. I worked in busy facilities. I took my lumps. Then, I had to learn how to impart the knowledge I'd gleaned to eager - and not so eager - young minds.

The little ditty above does disservice to some really outstanding instructors and - yes - managers, who have used their experience to help make ours a better profession.
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Old 18th Jul 2005, 22:39
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Agreed. Some of us instruct because we've been asked to do the job.

I'm an ATC instructor and OJTI because I was asked to do the job. I think I do a reasonable job at it as my success rate with trainees getting ATC endorsements is 100%. ( No, I'm not also checking them!)

I also like to think I do a pretty good job just being a controller. My check reports indicate this as well. Although Tobzalp will tell you that he'd rather work with a lucky controller than a good controller.
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