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Elite Skipper
22nd Jan 2002, 17:40
Has anyone heard anything more tangible about the resurrection of Canada 3000 Airlines?

For several weeks now, the national media in Canada has been reporting that there are a number of investors interested in restarting the airline under the old brand name - Canada 3000 Airlines. For those of us that used to work there, this is very encouraging news. However, it would seem the proposed start-up of May 23rd is still a long way off. And not alot of info is coming out.

Alot of the former staff, including Pilots and F/A's are still unemployed. I know many of the forum readers have been in the same position before, so any info from "Over There" or "Over Here" would be appreciated.

I'm itching to get flying again!!

Cheers,. .Elite Skipper <img src="confused.gif" border="0">

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