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26th Jan 2002, 23:50
Just out of curiosity, what are most common failures that pilots encouter? pitot blockage, electrical failure, hydrolic failure, airconditioning failure, radio failure etc etc.. .Thanks. .jon Gibbs

27th Jan 2002, 07:33
Apart from brain failure :) .... I would have to say blown lighbulbs.

You'd really have to go into specific aircraft here. A modern glass cockpit is obviously not going to have too many problems with things like noisy gyros.

On an airliner, most of the stuff in the logbooks relates to lighting, IFE, galley stuff... but where "real" stuff is concerned, I'd say pneumatics/aircon.

Rgds.. .Q.

Al Weaver
27th Jan 2002, 08:26
Failure to communicate

27th Jan 2002, 09:33
Sometimes...failure of pay to arrive on time. . .A few years ago when working for a well known south asian carrier, telephoned the bank and was told "no deposit". Seems the company had sent the fellow in charge of expat payroll on leave with no replacment. Called the company and requested cash NOW...and was promptly sent a sack of (DM) cash with many apologies....payroll was never late again. <img src="eek.gif" border="0">

28th Jan 2002, 06:35
I could be wrong, but anecdotal evidence tells me that incapacitation of one sort or another is the most common emergency. They're difficult to fly on your own!!

basil fawlty
30th Jan 2002, 02:36
In my experience.....(no particular order!)

As maintenance engineer-. .1. Seeping hydraulic leaks (at least a couple on any aircraft if you look hard enough!). .2. Broken bonding leads. .3. Chaffing pipework (often a result of perished "p" clip rubber). .4. Corroded panel screws that require to be drilled out. .5. Damaged tyre tread

As a flight engineer-. .Electrical problems mainly. GCB's that keep tripping out, CSD disconnects, transducer problems eg loss of an EPR indication, various lights. etc.etc....

Capt Pit Bull
30th Jan 2002, 03:40
Actual failures, as opposed to temporary glitches that reset succesfully. Personally, I'd say pneumatic systems. Bleeds, Packs, all that jazz.


Golden Rivet
31st Jan 2002, 23:01
Any system on the A320 series !

Ford Airlane
2nd Feb 2002, 06:51

followed by...


oh, and the acars printer paper jamming...

Golden Rivet
2nd Feb 2002, 15:07
If only the flight crew could follow the picture the side of the printer !

2nd Feb 2002, 22:07
Golden Rivit Rivit Riv(splat). .I thought YOU of all people would have mentioned a corroded shear deck <img src="tongue.gif" border="0"> <img src="tongue.gif" border="0"> <img src="tongue.gif" border="0"> . .Brgds. .Doc

3rd Feb 2002, 02:09
I was always told that shear deck corrosion could be prevented by regular application of small amounts of propwash. Has that changed in modern times?

Golden Rivet
3rd Feb 2002, 18:03
Hey Doc - Do I know You or does my reputation proceed me ?

Prop-wash ????????????????


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3rd Feb 2002, 22:19
Goldie,. .I was going to wind you up with meaningless wague hints to my identity, but no, we donīt know eachother, I think, but we did have a banter over on the engineers section, about JAR66 I think.. .Brgds. .Doc

5th Feb 2002, 07:16
"If only the flight crew could follow the picture the side of the printer ! "

ROFL.... I guess they don't teach the flight crews this sort of stuff in the simulators? :) I could have retired from engineering long ago if I had been given a dollar/pound every time I had to refeed an incorrectly fed printer (There are no pics on the sides of our printers).

The worrying thing is, though, the printer paper check was recently removed from our daily checklists... We're expecting a sudden rash of printer failures <img src="wink.gif" border="0">

Cheers.. .Q.