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19th Aug 2003, 05:21
WARNING: The Northeast shysters are BACK...!!!!!!!!!!!!

Northeast, NEA, have ended up in South America operating a "Shystar" in cooperation with a Bolivian operator.

Recent ads have appeared on Climbto350 for L1011 mechanics and a cabin crew trainer based out of Bolivia.

IF YOU APPLY TO ANY OF THESE ADS BE SURE TO ASK IF NORTHEAST AIRLINES ARE INVOLVED.....if they are, RUN as fast as you can away from any further entanglement in what will surely be another exercise in airline mismangement. REMEMBER, these shysters still owe thousands of dollars to crew members who flew their sham of a HAjj operation.


You have been warned.

19th Aug 2003, 17:55
Why are these people on the "3D" Swaziland register ????
Nice aircraft,questionable outift.

19th Aug 2003, 20:09
VERY questionable indeed.

20th Aug 2003, 01:57
Yes this is true, have heard the same thing from other sources.
Still have not collected anything from them.
Their must be some way climb to 350 can be contacted to stop running these employment ads, due to non payment of crews.
Another set of crews will not be paid again.

Boss Raptor
20th Aug 2003, 15:10
I know Mr. Poindexter and Mr. Hickle of old and thank god distant past experience.

Isn't it about time you guys got the Feds involved (if you haven't already) as one cock up they can claim they were agents for NEA blah blah blah...to go and repeat the same thing...well I'd let the FBI decide ;)

Otherwise these guys will just do this year after year, different aircraft different company...same story :uhoh:

21st Aug 2003, 21:21
I think the Feds will eventually catch up with these "shysters". Unfortunately, like everything else in government, the wheels turn very slowly.
I feel very sorry for the poor bastards that have no other option but to wotk for these characters (gansters). Believe it or not, there are even reports that some of the guys previously associated with their sham Hajj operation have returned to NorthEast to be abused yet again.
The lowlife owners at NorthEast are NOT to be trusted under any circumstances. They will promise you the moon. The only thing guranteed by any of the owners at NEA is that whatever they tell you is not the truth. After their last attempt at running an airline in which their aircraft was impounded by the Burkina Faso authorities, crews left stranded, detained and forced to find their own way home, I am surprised any mechanic or crew member will have any any association with them whatsoever.
After their sham Hajj operation one of the owners personally telephoned crew members to offer them a one-time "settlement" payment instead of their full salary and per-diem entitlements. This of course turned out to be yet another lie from NorthEast and nothing was ever heard from them again.
Rumor has it that NEA has relocated their "corporate" offices to Fort Lauderdale.
Hopefully there will be a court docket posted in a Broward County Court shortly with NorthEast listed as the defendant.


21st Aug 2003, 21:23
Hi DonkeyDick,
Look at your private box.

23rd Aug 2003, 08:59
They are not the same company. North East Bolivian Airways has been around for over 25 years.

The L-1011 in Africa is still sitting in Burkino Faso.

The management of that aircraft have received extra funding to get it out of there. They are promising to pay the crews that flew the past Hadj what is owed to them.

We shall see what happens next.

23rd Aug 2003, 16:11

They actually are the same people. They are using the Bolivian carrier in a co-op of somekind.

Northeast Bolivian Airlines is a subsidiary of Viva International another part of this group of companies.

Their first aircraft (an L1011 reg 3D-NEG) has arrived in Bolivia.

Boss Raptor
23rd Aug 2003, 17:04
Barnstormers ad;

Same plane, same people, same livery, different AOC maybe but that's about it...

AVAILABLE FOR ACMI OR CHARTER • The Flightstar Group, Inc. and Tristar Capital (Nevada) LLC as the owner and lease arrangers are pleased to confirm the immediate availability of our Lockheed L1011-50 Tristar Aircraft (Stage 3, Cat III, 3000 mile range) Mfg S/N 1066, registry 3D-NEC (Registry CP-8844 Pending) new LOPA is configured 300 passenger (32C/272Y). Aircraft is available immediately for A.C.M.I. WET LEASE, SUB-CHARTER or SALE for $1.75MM to include 3 spare engines and spares. Aircraft currently underwent a Heavy Maint Visit, Avionics Upgrades to include 8.33MHZ COMS, MOD 7 TCAS, All Annual Items, New Strip/Paint (White/Yellow Tail) and Complete Updated Interior (Royal & Dark Blues - SEE PHOTOS) Refurbishing at Tucson, AZ. This L1011-50 has a 6 1/2 to 7 hour still air endurance, available with or without flight attendants, for backup, subcharter, govt VIP flights. Aircraft is available subject to Bolivian CAA approval via our AOC affilate (NORTHEAST BOLIVIAN AIRLINES "NBA") and contract for short, medium or long-term wet lease or charter worldwide (except for USA). 24 HOUR CELL IS (305) 505-8806. Contact John Poindexter - THE FLIGHTSTAR GROUP, INC. located Ft. Lauderdale, FL USA • Telephone: 305-476-6000 • Fax: 954-358-5005 • BUSINESS CARD • Posted June 29, 2003 •

23rd Aug 2003, 22:54
Rumour has it that another TriStar pax operator is planning ops to Europe from the Middle East.
They are shopping for 8.33 radios and Mode 7 TCAS now, RVSM/EGPWS done already.
Rather big bucks involved, I believe.

24th Aug 2003, 13:46
To Boss Raptor and JJflyer,

the aircraft that is in Bolivia was originally intended to go with NEA. But due to the fiasco from the past Hadj, the management split,, and the one that split was never really an owner in NEA.

The only "same people" would be 1 person, and he is not the owner of the aircraft,, just an asset manager.

In fact, the L-1011 that is stuck in OUA is not "owned" by NEA either, they are just asset managers as well, or mis-managers as their luck has shown. The owner of that aircraft has coughed up extra funds to raise that Phoenix once again. The greed of the Africans in Burkino Faso has kept this aircraft where it is. Hard cash is the only remedy for this, and this is finally being produced.

So since the 2nd aircraft had a fresh paint job, the NEBA people (Bolivia) decided to keep it as a fresh look for their use. The similiarity in names North East Airlines (NEA) and North East Bolivian Airways, since changed to Airlines (NEBA) is by coincidence. The Bolivian carrier has been around for a long time as a freight hauler.

The odd man out of this lot is trying to stay out and he has nothing to do with NEA.


Boss Raptor
24th Aug 2003, 16:59
Sounds like 'smoke and mirrors' to me but ok if it was so I would say to the owner/new operator;

1. Only an idiot would continue using the 'Northeast' branding and livery after the previous 6 months history/fiasco - just for the sake of the cost of a 'buff and scuff' paintover...

2. Hope they enjoy picking up all the liens that it seems will be attracted to these 2 aircraft for the foreseeable future, remember liability transfers with the aircraft, especially when it just so happens that they are painted in the identical livery to the 'original' NEA!

3. The owner still takes culpable responsibility for his original appointed agents 'asset managers' NEA. and as such should be also paying off all these crews who appear to still be unpaid as well as just 'bailing out' his aircraft alone!

Attach the aircraft, guys...the owner still has liability under international legal guidelines even if NEA were Lessee and the owner were Lessor - as above if NEA were merely the agent 'asset-manager' it's even better still...

24th Aug 2003, 23:38
This is like the Nigerian scandals.
Pay us a little money an we will make you rich.
Any one that flies for NEA again better walk around with a jar of vaseline in their back pocket.
The screwing is coming so you need to be prepared.
Their day is coming, many of us cant wait to run into this individual again out in the system, perhaps during haj.
Till we meet again, cheers

By the way, many of us are in South america too, so if this guy shows up we will know.

10th Sep 2003, 21:36
TRISTAR CAPITAL (Nevada) LLC purchases 35%, finances and leases Lockheed L1011 Tristar 300 Passenger Aircraft to NORTHEAST BOLIVIAN AIRLINES SA ("NEBA") commencing charter flights from Latin America to the Caribbean and other points by October 1st.
NORTHEAST BOLIVIAN AIRLINES SA ("NEBA") is a Bolivian Charter Airline that will soon to take off from Cochabamba, Bolivia to provide charter services to other airlines, tour operators, cruise lines, sports teams, UN or military troop transportation and quite possibly VIP, head of state or music tours and similar productions. NEBA has taken delivery of its first of (3) Lockheed L1011 Tristar wide-body aircraft with 300 seats in a two (2) class configuration for worldwide charters, sub-service contracts, VIP flights and wet-lease programs leased from and financed by TRISTAR CAPITAL (Nevada) LLC of Carson City, Nevada USA. Bolivia was chosen as a viable investment target due to its political stabilization, the fact that Bolivia is an FAA Categroy 1 Country with very stringent certifcation and safety standards and in part due to low labor and facilites cost structure, due to high number of high quality well trained and experienced airline management, techncial personnel and flight crews. In addition Bolivia has a stratigic location in the center of South America that make it feasable to pick up charter or wet-lease programs from airlines and tour operators neighboring MERCOSUR countries.



TRISTAR CAPITAL (Nevada) LLC as owner/lessor and The Flightstar Group, Inc. of Florida as aircraft manager are pleased to confirm it has funded and delivered its first of three Lockheed L1011 passenger aircraft to NEBA or NORTHEAST BOLVIAN AIRLINES SA (NEBA) f/k/a Northeast Bolivian Airways Ltda.

Mr. John Poindexter, the managing member of Tristar Capital LLC and a Director-Board Member of NEBA confirms the first fully refurbished and custom painted Lockheed L1011-50 Tristar aircraft powered by ROLLS ROYCE RB211 engines is Stage 3 noise compliant as well as CAT 3 auto-land certified. The L1011-50 aircraft, formerly operated by TWA and refurbished by Hamilton Aerospace Technologies was delivered by TRISTAR CAPITAL LLC and flown non-stop 8.5 hours from Tucson, Arizona to Cochabamba, Bolivia arriving on the evening of July 12th.

Our L1011 aircraft is undergoing Bolivian DGAC (CAA) certification, reregistration to Bolivia, inspections and is being used for NEBA flight attendant and techical crew training.

TRISTAR CAPITAL (Nevada) LLC has completed the acquistion and purchase of 35% of Northeast Bolivian Airlines, SA and will sit on the board of directors. Tristar Captial LLC is also providing NEBA with an interim line of credit for tooling, equipment and working capital sufficent to take care of crew training, airline recertification and upgrading of the airline from a smaller 33 year old family owned airline operator to a truely ¨World Class Wide Body Charter Operation".

Northeast Bolivian Airlines SA currently has about 25 employees (about 50 full time employees are planned in the next quarter). There are 4 L1011 technical and airline business planning consultants on board or under contract from TRISTAR CAPITAL LLC that are working diligently to recertify the airline by October 1st, 2003.

Northeast Bolivian Airlines SA (NEBA) is planning to add 2 more Lockheed L1011´s in an identical configuration of 300 seats (28 business class and 272 economy) within the next 3 to 6 months. In addition NEBA is negotiating with a major European aircraft lessor for 3 Dornier 328 new generation 32 passenger regional aircraft to work as an EXPRESS affiliate of an established Bolivian airline.

In addition NEBA has entered into a letter of intent to acquire 2 Boeing 727-100C Cargo Stage III aircraft from FLIGHTSTAR CAPITAL (Nevada) LLC for startup of regional and intra South America cargo opertions or even hauling its own freight from Paraguay, Ecuador and Bolivia.

Northeast Bolivian Airlines SA and TRISTAR CAPITAL LLC may be seeking additional expansion capital or access to credit facilites or lease-financing of newer generation jet aircraft after it is fully operational, fully recertified and flying on contracts.

NEBA or NORTHEAST BOLIVIAN AIRLINES SA has a website with photos and information that is up and running.

Contact Information
John Poindexter
Tristar Capital (nevada) Llc
USA 1-305-476-6000

B Sousa
10th Sep 2003, 21:49
Good Luck
Interesting to see folks who hang it out in the world of business. Avaition is certainly one of the toughest to keep things going.
Nice website with Cuba on tha map, so I can only assume all those FEDs will be watching a U.S. company doing business there.
I think as soon as Fidel gets planted, Cuba will be one hotbed of business; avaition and otherwise. Those who have a head start will be doing well.
Again....Good Luck. it means more room at Mohave or Kingman...

p.s. Why would someone from Bolivia, with an Office in Florida use Nevada to register a Corporation??......Odor Check??