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trapped off
26th Jan 2002, 22:15
Just out of interest, what is the max allowable crosswind for an autoland to be carried out? I once heard 15 knots.

26th Jan 2002, 23:14
AIRBUS A320/321......

Head Wind : 30 kt

Tail Wind : 10 kt

CrossWind : 20 kt

Other types have different 'Demonstrated'limits.

27th Jan 2002, 02:35
Boeing 737-300:


Headwind: 20 kts. .Crosswind: 15 kts. .Tailwind: 10 kts.

CAT II/III-Operation

Headwind: 20 kts. .Crosswind 10 kts. .Tailwind 10 kts

27th Jan 2002, 03:25
757/767: 25 kts X-W (although company limits this to 15 kts in CAT II & CAT III conditions)

All FAR Part 25 aircraft are limited to 10 kts max tailwind, and that is true for the aurtoland as well.

Max groundspeed 165 kts

27th Jan 2002, 04:16
757 with a UK operator (including Cat 2 and 3). .headwind - 25kts. .crosswind - 25kts. .tailwind - 15kts

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27th Jan 2002, 14:40
Avro RJ-100

Headwind - 25kt. .Tailwind - 10kt. .Crosswind - 15kt

On 3 engines, max headwind reduced to 15kt

Captain Airclues
27th Jan 2002, 15:36
BA 747-400

Headwind 25kts

Tailwind 15kts

Crosswind 25kts (10kts in US for Cat 2 and 3).

29th Jan 2002, 10:08
Got told on my training course a few years back that a L1011 got down with a 44kt cross wind in the Falklands.

The guy that told me was the Lockheed chief engineering trainer!

29th Jan 2002, 10:57
Transport Canada won't even consider an AP unless it can do at least 25kt head, 15kt cross & 10kt tail. . .BTW watch out for "tower winds" from airfields in the US Mid-West equipped with Low Level Wind Shear sytems - they give out an average out of the LLWS sensors that can be almost an order of magnitude lower than the IRU shows on the approach. Their sensors are only at about 3m as opposed to the old ICAO 10m tower anemometer.

1st Feb 2002, 23:08
Intereting how we all use different limits for the same thing!

757-200 and 767-300 (UK Charter Operator). .Headwind 25. .Tailwind 15 (767 - 10 kt ac limit). .X Wind 25 kts. .If RVR &lt;150m then 10 kts max x-wind.

I read in the ac manual that the ac (757) was demonstrated to:. .Headwind 34. .Tailwind 25. .X Wind 25


2nd Feb 2002, 04:24
MD11:. .Headwind 25kt. .Crosswind 15kt. .Tailwind 10kt

4th Feb 2002, 08:49
Have used autoland in the TriStar at 35 knots crosswind (aircraft PC)...worked like a charm.. .Ah Lockheed.....

6th Feb 2002, 02:08

15Kts Tail. .40Kts Cross (25Kts in cat II/III) and that's on one engine as well and it works, too!

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7th Feb 2002, 00:03
Md-80 series:

25 KT headwind component. .15 KT Xwind ". .10 KT Tailwind "

Our line further limits Xwind component to 10 KT for CAT II/III ops.

FE Hoppy
7th Feb 2002, 02:54
Litebulbs. .I can neither confirm nor deny your post!!!. .Now would anyone care to talk about aileron saturation?