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24th Jan 2002, 01:04
What kind of cost index is everyone using these days. Cost index 200, 100??. .Changing on a per flt basis? I think maybe BA/LH?

Then I have to ask, what's the procedure for flying on the OTS NAT, PACOTS, or Flex tracks?

Request the next slowest M.010 below the ECON speed for the fixed mach oceanic portion?. .e.g ECON .843, reqst M.840 for crossing.

Is it really viable to fly at Cost index 000 (MRC) and does ATC actually allow it, especially while flying on the NAT or PAC OTS.

I've seen some go @ M.840 to stretch the range for some long +6000 Nm legs. Probably a viable option if you're on the vacant Polar tracks and no worries of icy fuel..any luck on the NAT or PAC OTS?

Last 2 carriers used CI100 for all flying. Maybe CI50 if rqrd for range/loads.


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Dan Winterland
24th Jan 2002, 01:53
0 and climb 1 to TOC, then 100 for most routes except our longest which is 50. .85 over the pond.

24th Jan 2002, 20:32
CI 250 Econ in controlled/monitored airspace; .85 on the NAT and NOPAC routes and oceanic random tracks.

25th Jan 2002, 13:33
When I was on the fleet until a few months ago, BA used CI=0 in climb then CI=90 in cruise or fixed .85 for NAT work in general.

On the day it would be varied to achieve scheduled arrival times to the point of requesting different speeds over the pond for the NAT track portion of the cruise, or varying the CI elsewhere.