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3rd Jun 2001, 22:35
OK this is not a B.S. thread.

I want to hear from AA guys only, is it true that one of your Captains had a sex change?

Had a AA guy in the jumpseat and he was talking about him/her. Is it true?

3rd Jun 2001, 23:13
How are you going to blame Singapore Airlines for this?!

Seriously, though, haven't heard about the AA person, but Southwest has a transsexual captain and US Airways a F/O. Heard somewhere that KLM has a few sex change flight attendants as well.

3rd Jun 2001, 23:20
Eastern had a male to female Captain in the 70's or 80's. I'm not clear on the details, but I think she met her demise in a DC-3 after EAL.

Captain Numpty
4th Jun 2001, 01:32
And out of interest......so what if they do?


4th Jun 2001, 02:04
Fair Play to them.

4th Jun 2001, 02:20
Yes, it is true, but don't know any details.

To see before and after pictures of the Southwest captain that had the big operation, he, uh, she posted a page on the net. Don't have the URL handy, but I got the link from JetBlast about 5 - 6 months ago.
Perhaps still there?

Men, this is no drill...

4th Jun 2001, 03:56
>>Eastern had a male to female Captain in the 70's or 80's. I'm not clear on the details, but I think she met her demise in a DC-3 after EAL.<<

Here's more on the Eastern pilot from an online legal document:

"...Ulane became a licensed pilot in 1964, serving in the United States Army from that time until 1968 with a record of combat missions in Vietnam for which Ulane received the Air Medal with eight clusters. Upon discharge in 1968, Ulane began flying for Eastern. With Eastern, Ulane progressed from Second to First Officer, and also served as a flight instructor, logging over 8,000 flight hours.

Ulane was diagnosed a transsexual (3) in 1979. She explains that although embodied as a male, from early childhood she felt like a female. Ulane first sought psychiatric and medical assistance in 1968 while in the military. Later, Ulane began taking female hormones as part of her treatment, and eventually developed breasts from the hormones. In 1980, she underwent "sex reassignment surgery." (4) After the surgery, Illinois issued a revised birth certificate indicating Ulane was female, and the FAA certified her for flight status as a female. Ulane's own physician explained, however, that the operation would not create a biological female in the sense that Ulane would "have a uterus and ovaries and be able to bear babies." Ulane's chromosomes, (5) all concede, are unaffected by the hormones and surgery. Ulane, however, claims that the lack of change in her chromosomes is irrelevant.(6) Eastern was not aware of Ulane's transsexuality, her hormone treatments, or her psychiatric counseling until she attempted to return to work after her reassignment surgery. Eastern knew Ulane only as one of its male pilots..."


dallas dude
4th Jun 2001, 04:28
Towerdog et al,

The pilot was actually an American Eagle Captain who joined AA via the flow-through (supplement W) program.

Currently a First Officer at AA.

Gladiator, don't quite understand your motive, here.

Just thankful I haven't had to make these kinds of "lifechanging" decisions.