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20th Jan 2002, 07:09
Curious to know if many pilots have had false cargo smoke warnings on the A319/320, and what circumstances and phases of flight. Thx.

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20th Jan 2002, 13:10
In flight in the 8 years on 320 never however on ground when loading is taking place and exaust fumes from the catering truck or other equipment enters the bay, many times.

21st Jan 2002, 21:35
We've had several false alarms in conjunction with being deiced, probably not a problem in Bahrain. I'm concerned that the alarm will lose validity on the ground....and could end up in a tragedy.

22nd Jan 2002, 14:43
High humidity can also cause the cargo smoke warning to activate on ground...

23rd Jan 2002, 00:02
A year or so ago we had a foriegn operators A320, returned one night with warnings and bottles fired. On opening the holds nil abnormal noted. Despatched under there MEL.

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