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7th Aug 2003, 07:03
Was refreshing to see "easyramp" turning round a Ryanair Dublin at LTN today, see we love each other really!:

7th Aug 2003, 07:18
I used to manage Pools & Loans for my disorganization - among other duties. We always went to the utmost to help out anyone (with good credit) if they needed to borrow or buy expendables and rotables - often shipping worldwide as required, AOG. We of course expected the same in return when we needed it and it was usually forthcoming. At our level it was aviation in common rather than bulls%it competition.

7th Aug 2003, 07:30
O'leary's comment in the telegraph yesterday...."Godspeed to Rod, he's doing a great job" (or something along those lines).

7th Aug 2003, 16:19
AJ ... Not sure if you're being quite witty or you have totally missed the irony of the quote.:confused:

The Greaser
7th Aug 2003, 18:43
So thats where 'easyramp' were when we needed them to turn around our aircraft. As usual arrive 10 mins early, leave 10 miutes late.

7th Aug 2003, 19:39

Despite recent events, I interpreted it as a sincere comment. Indeed, I personally believe Rod IS doing a great job, given the circumstances.

7th Aug 2003, 19:55
AJ - whatever you might think of Rod, you may be sure that MoL thinks otherwise!

He intends to overtake BA in the number of passengers carried. That is what he is aiming for and nothing less. When he reaches that - he will be crowing from the roof tops.

However, the reason that he wants to do this is - in so far as I can see - nothing to do with being a good airline. He has simply chosen aviation as the means by which (to paraphrase the man) 'To show the Brits that those old Paddy's can do a thing or two.'

I hope he reaches his goal without trampling on too many people in the process and that, when he achieves his goal, he finds it is sweet. The funny thing about dreams is, they are not always as wonderful in reality.

8th Aug 2003, 08:00
AJ ... Sad b**ger I may seem posting at this time of night, but it's so bleedin 'ot i can't sleep. I have the DT in front of me but cannot be ar$ed to quote in full, but please believe me MOL was taking the Mick!!