View Full Version : my travel go-around at Palma..twice

4th Aug 2003, 22:23
i saw My travel go-around at Palma this morning (09:45Z)due to traffic on the runway. Nothing new in that, except that it was the second approach the first a go-around also, anyone know what the first go-around was for?

Also i wonder what the fuel state was on landing as it took about 15 mins to get around for the second go and another 10 for the third!!

4th Aug 2003, 23:58
Traffic on the runway. Not sure what's going on with PMI ATC at the moment. A few weeks back I got vectored on to 24L (ATIS giving it as landing runway, radiating/coding "IPAL"), but it didn't "look right" as we got closer. When I queried if it was in fact 24L in use, I was hastily revectored to 24R with an apology! 24L was closed and covered in vehicles. WIP was not NOTAM'd.

It was only because it was dark and CAVOK that the big picture was obvious....if we had been IMC we would have happliy descened on the glide to a dark runway covered in vehicles.

20 mins after landing the ATIS was STILL giving 24L as landing runway until this was pointed out to them rather bluntly by myself! :mad: An EZY had the same problems as me about 10 min after I landed.

ASR'd - procedures not robust enough for such a hugely busy airport. Some don't learn from others....SIA Taiwan..........

763 jock
5th Aug 2003, 06:08
Probably tanking gas into PMI so not a problem. :ok:

5th Aug 2003, 08:59
Go around was probably due to Spanish sequencing. Did you check if there was an Iberia to close behind you?:ok:

5th Aug 2003, 15:38
Nah…it was a Binta just airborne out of MAH and was obviously number one for 24L :D

5th Aug 2003, 20:22

Did you file an official complaint to the Spanish ATC? If you didn't you're keeping the system in place. Giving a shout to a ground controller will probably relief some of your anger but doesn't really solve the basic problem. I often hear people complain about a specific procedure but as long as a written complaint doesn't land on the desks of the people in charge it will not change.

5th Aug 2003, 20:54

Yes, I filed an ASR which will be processed by the company Flight Safety Department who will in turn pass the details to CAA / Spanish ATC for their attention.

The most immediate action I could take was to get the ATIS corrected to prevent a re-occurance, and to make it clear to ATC why I was so concerned about the situation that they had allowed to develop. You can only do so much.

A4 :)

5th Aug 2003, 22:59
That makes you a true professional. Let's now hope they'll make sure such a thing will never happen again. I'll board your plane any time.

Wee Weasley Welshman
6th Aug 2003, 00:14
PMI ATC seem to have been trying to ape Gatwick recently. Without the requisite skill. :(

I don't enjoy land afters issued over the top of the talking radalt.... Grrr, no need.