View Full Version : cityjet to take FLYBE route

29th Jul 2003, 23:34
rumour in Paris that Flybe are happy for Cityjet to take their CDG-NCL route wef, Oct.
Seems like the Flybe boys want out !

30th Jul 2003, 08:28
Looks like another base closure then !
Wouldn't like to think that this was another rollover for EJ then.

SOU next, when the novelty wears off and they realise that the Runway really is a tadge toooo small and they then decide to move base yet again.

Although a little birdy did tell me that there was a 500 meter extension planned...mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

"Derry! naah we'll never close Derry !!"

Opend and closed 3 times if my memory serves me well .

Or was that BLK ?????????

30th Jul 2003, 15:48
Runway extension at SOU?

Yes I'd like that A LOT.... can't see it though. Railway lines (lots of them) at one end, and the M27 at the other... I suppose some sort of "bridge" is possible, but a tad expensive.

Rgds BEX

30th Jul 2003, 17:21
Unfortunately that's my opinion too, I wait with bated breath.

Unfortunately that's my opion too, I wait with bated breath.

30th Jul 2003, 18:46
echo echo

echo echo ;)

30th Jul 2003, 19:42

I think you are thinking of LGW

1st Aug 2003, 02:24
That would be the M23