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30th Nov 2001, 01:25
Go increase frequency to 3 daily on NCL-STN from 21st December.
Wideroe take over NCL-SVG from 7th January using DH8-300 a/c once daily except saturday.

Any more news????

1st Dec 2001, 20:38
yeah its true GO to operate 3 daily services mon-fri and twice per day at weekends. lets hope the summer charter schedule gives newcastle a further boost.

I hear another carrier is interested in NCL-ABZ route?

NCL is a great place with heaps of potential, please airlines give us a thought up north!!! :D

speed check
2nd Dec 2001, 16:29
even better news for newcastle. met a guy from there yesterday and i understood him
is this a first ? :) :) :) :) :) :)

2nd Dec 2001, 17:14
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Cmdr Data
2nd Dec 2001, 17:19
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3rd Dec 2001, 01:01

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3rd Dec 2001, 02:49
BRITISH EUROPEAN also have plans!!!!!!!!!

3rd Dec 2001, 12:27
Is that the NCL/LCY thingy then?? Aboot time somebody got off their arses and got that route up and running ;)

4th Dec 2001, 01:07
So newcastles newest airline have plans then! As said on an earlier thread NCL/LCY about time. Speaking to a chief from the airport not so long ago they have certain routes which they are attempting to attract airlines to. NCL to AGP, PMI, BCN, MIL, ZRH, FRA, NCE, JER. These in addition to upping the frequency on flights to SOU, ABZ and CWL. Rumours were last year the now defunct Axon had enquired about starting a scheduled ATH service???? (Who will operate axons summer schedule out of NCL for 2002?)

So any wise birds out there any ideas on future plans bu BE, GO or anyone?


4th Dec 2001, 01:35
BE have route approval for next summer charter flights from various UK bases to Jersey and with immediate effect scheduled flights from NCL to Jersey

Go BE :D

Bono Vox
4th Dec 2001, 14:13
but what about go flying to bfs? yes, no?

4th Dec 2001, 23:24
There's more rumours than anything else at NCL at the minute. GO increasing to three flights Mon-Fri from 21st December and the SVG route continuing are both correct (although I'd also heard that Norwegian Air Shuttle wanted the route for themselves), there's been rumours of a scheduled ATH route for yonks but nobody ever seems to do anything about it. There's loads of Greek students at the local Uni and there were quite a few ATH connections out of NCL especially on the BRU route before SN went under, so there's some sort of demand there for the ATH route, probably twice a week to start with. BE are still looking at LCY, but again nothing has been confirmed. Let's have some action someone! Heavylift are quite regular at the minute though!! :rolleyes:

5th Jan 2002, 13:10
Norweigan Air Shuttle also are doing NCL-SVG on their own, twice daily. I hear Azzura Air, Aero Lloyd and a few others are operating through NCL this summer (according to the airports official website charter timetable).
Anything else...