View Full Version : Ryanair MAN-Bournmouth serive?

Luke Mc
22nd Jan 2002, 01:09
Hello. .Heared that RYR is operating a twice daily Manchester-Bourneth serive frim the spring. . .Is this correct?. .Luke

22nd Jan 2002, 01:17
Hillo Loke, I hov hard this raemer as woll.

Sky Blue
22nd Jan 2002, 02:22
Yet another thoughtless route thought up by Ryan Air management, just how do they manage to operate these routes at profit? or will they or are they currently operating simalair routes at profit!

I don 't think so..

Any way at least I see from the web site they are still employing more Pilots.


22nd Jan 2002, 02:50
I have not heard the rumour but ...

Having been fairly regularly on SOU-MAN with BRAL at 250+ return each time, I could see where the market would be for this - after all the 0830 from SOU-MAN (BAe ATP) is invariably full, as is the return in the evening.

Knowing what some companies are like (mine included), they would jump at the chance of putting people on a low cost airline - after all, its only 40mins or so and who really wants a C**p breakfast etc etc

Would be interested to hear some more ?