View Full Version : Irish Labour Relations Commission: Freeze Wages at Aer Lingus

The Guvnor
29th Nov 2001, 14:58
Aer Lingus employees learned last night of a proposed survival plan for Irelandís national airline, shortly after Servisair in Dublin said it planned to shed 250 more jobs.
Irelandís Labour Relations Commission said a wage freeze should be imposed at Aer Lingus until April 2003 as well as a cut in overtime pay from double-time to time-and-three quarters. About 800 Aer Lingus employees have applied for voluntary redundancy out of a total of 2,026 jobs which the airline says have to be shed. Aer Lingus will decide on the proposals at a board meeting today.

The Labour Relations Commission has recommended that the proposals were accepted.

29th Nov 2001, 15:37
The Labour Relations commission is a mediation service. Its function is to bring sides to middle ground.
A body with no great aviation experience has devised the survival plan.... sack all the managers I say because the LRC are saving the company.
In the future the LRC can hire, fire and write the schedule and probably do a better job than the shower in the HOB.

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