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19th Jul 2001, 12:54
To all German Flight Crews:
I've heard that German Fight Crews are exempt from federal taxes. Is this correct??
Thanks for your Info

19th Jul 2001, 13:16
exempt from federal taxes....

I'm from Austria (You know, the better country next to Germany), but if that WERE true, I would think about moving A BIT WEST to save a lot of money

What exactly did You hear about tax exempt?
Maybe something got mixed up with duty-free sales, which are also over now within the E.U., but certainly no exemption from income tax.

Alpine Flyer
19th Jul 2001, 13:32
There are some countries that exempt flight crews from tax but in Austria and Germany that only applies to (parts) of the per diem payments and is no privilege for pilots but general tax code.

Hey, Germany even taxes the benefit gained from ID passes as a kind of "side income" from your employment. That means you pay tax on money you didn't actually earn but only "saved" because the company gave you a reduced fare standby ride. (I think they pay 10% of the full-fare price in tax)

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itchy kitchin
19th Jul 2001, 13:44
I heard that it was only GulfAir pilots who didn't pay any tax-
"...Captain Piggot and F/O Dodd with you on this flight to..."
Could be wrong though. You know what rumours are like... :confused:

19th Jul 2001, 17:06
German pilots working overseas did not have to pay tax even they reside in Germany. This may work till the German tax people interpret diffrently.

19th Jul 2001, 17:33
Taxes, the bane of man (and gals).
Remember years ago a group of TWA pilots set up residence in the Bahamas to try to avoid US income tax.
This worked for awhile, until they were informed by the IRS to pay up...or....well, you get the picture. Hilton Federal reservations were in the cards.