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2nd Jun 2001, 17:40
This may not be the right forum but here goes anyway. Have just read a marvellous book published in 1957 called "Woman Pilot" by Jackie Moggridge (South African born). She held a private licence before the war and joined the WRAF's in 1939 as a radar operator. She then transferred to the Ferry Service and flew Hudsons, Mossies, Typhoons, Spitfires,Lancasters and you name it. After the war she ferried Spitfires from Israel to Burma.

Best book I have read for years and very witty too. My guess is she would be about 82 if she is still around. She and her husband Reg Moggridge lived two miles from Taunton circa 1945.

Anyone heard if she is still alive and whereabouts?

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