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7th Jul 2003, 22:05
any one have anymore info on the CIU MD 11 disabled in CWB-SBCT indications are a landing in precipitation and that the aircraft has left the runway and is stuck in the mud

8th Jul 2003, 05:13
in fact, it was a DC10, CIU flight 4855 - OB1749 www.airliners.net/open.file/362293/M/
Wide body + night landing + high Vapp + heavy rain + poor visibility + gust wind + slippery and short runway = ... .
In short, some preliminar report: 4 on board, no injuries, runway 15 LOC antenna damaged, nose gear collapsed, damage on one engine. The airplane stopped only 1000ft after runway end...

By the way, there's a squall line over Curitiba yesterday, and several big cells, heavy rain and hailstone reports during late afternoon in the area ...

Some video and photos can be found on www.screenair.kit.net (in Portuguese).


8th Jul 2003, 09:34
And this morning's tv news showed people slogging across a road that was over a foot deep in hailstones the size of small olives.

8th Jul 2003, 15:41
hi bokomoko thanks vm for the information,however the screenair link does not work,is this the correct page QRY

9th Jul 2003, 12:08
The runway is only 2200 metres and it ran off the end of RWY33 which is a VOR approach with 8-degree offset ...... ILS is on RWY15 but approach lights not working recently.

10th Jul 2003, 02:09
thanks for all who replied,a trusty mate supplied some pictures which wernt detremental only focused on the event, you could possibly scratch 1 hull there and for what its worth.maybe freight dogs should discuss the culture of going where nobody else goes

well done the crew.. at least no major disaster occured

12th Jul 2003, 19:05
...... but lots of others go there ..... what is perhaps more relevant is that the Brazilian authorities changed the VOR approach from 339 (offset) to 331 (the runway direction) but this was two days after the accident ....

12th Jul 2003, 21:09
The Cielos MD-11 is owned and operated by Gemini. I used to fly it. I believe Cielos does own a DC-10.