View Full Version : CX freight address

2nd Jun 2001, 11:41
Hello to all,

1. what is the CX freight address?
2. How many hours do they need?
3. Do you need to have a 747 rating?
4. Do they take Australian pilots?



xs calf
2nd Jun 2001, 14:25
1. Mr S. Keith Reynolds, Ops. Mgr., Cathay Freighters Division, 6/F, Flt Trg Ctr., Cathay City, 8 Scenic Rd. HK Intl. Apt., Lantau, HK
2. Not sure but looking for enough mil/civil experience to fly as 747 F.O.
3. Rating not reqd. - Sufficient training will be provided to Cathay standard :)
3. Aussies? You comin' the raw prawn, mate? Yes, they sure do!