View Full Version : Unusual Diversion By Sri Lankan When British Passenger Slashes Throat.

21st Jan 2002, 03:33
A Sri Lankan Airlines plane en route from Colombo to London has had to make an emergency landing in Turkey when a British passenger slashed his throat mid-flight.

The 49-year-old man was found in a pool of blood in one of the airplane's toilets where he had apparently cut himself with a piece of broken mirror.

The plane made an emergency landing in Istanbul where he was taken to hospital.

The incident is the second mid-air scare in 24 hours.

Yesterday, more than 300 people on a Virgin Atlantic flight from Gatwick to Florida had to land in Iceland after the crew found a bomb threat scrawled on a toilet mirror in what is now regarded as a hoax.

Is this a verbatim copy of a neswspaper or a wire report? If so, please source it ASAP, and provide a link to the original, for copyright reasons. Ta. 6, R and N Moderator

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