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Flying Spaniard
17th Jun 2003, 16:22
I just heard on the radio that there has been a crash/accident with a passanger jet at Groningen Airport, The Netherlands.
Further details unknown but this could have been a flight from Martinair or Onur Air or Air Adriatic Considering they fly out on tuesday morning altough i could be wrong.
anyone got more info on this?
Lets hope that there are no casualties


/edit i just found this on the dutch teletext service it could be any of these flights

for the ones that read Dutch

17th Jun 2003, 16:41
Flying Spaniard, you scared the *** out of me.
According to teletext a jet overran the rwy, no one injurred.

17th Jun 2003, 16:43
The airplane involved was the Onur Air flight to Dalaman.

The teletext report tells that there has been an accident with a passenger jet this morning on Groningen Airport. According to the airport authorities there have been no injuries and all 140 passengers have disembarked the airplane. No clue about the cause yet.

At this moment the news is the the airplane ran off the runway on takeoff.

Flying Spaniard
17th Jun 2003, 16:50
I knew this was going to happen sooner or later.
that runway is unsuitable IMO it is too short for the operations used on (1800M)
there have been proposals for extending the rwy for a long time but the bureucrats and activists always have delayed it somehow.
this time it didn't cause any serious damage and the rwy might even not be the cause for the incident but next time it might be a disaster. politicians should be put in jail!
I have seen a 747 land on this rwy it was scary!!!.

I just heard the aircraft was an MD88 and all passengers are fine some minor injuries.

17th Jun 2003, 19:57
Just expressed my doubts about a 747 landing there, not intending to continue the thread about that.

About 'crash', you're right, maybe I got a little carried away by the topic.

On the official website of the airport it is said that the aircraft didn't get off the ground on take-off and ran for about 50 metres off the runway. No injuries and the aircraft doesn't seem to be very heavily damaged.

18th Jun 2003, 00:45
Witness(es) report 'bangs' during the takeoff run FWIW.
From: http://members.home.nl/pbakema/gae/onur.htm

Doesn't look much like a crash to me :*

18th Jun 2003, 01:11
Did you notice that this forum is called Rumours and News ??:D :D

I dont know how much of a crash it was but he certainly looked as if he needed afterburner to taxi!

18th Jun 2003, 03:38
Flying Spaniard well we landed on 19 today, a tad shorter than 05/23 and we had 4 engines :mad:

Buster the Bear
18th Jun 2003, 04:37
I think you mean 4 hair dryers?